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Counterfeit Coin Detection – 1893-O Morgan Silver Dollar

Counterfeit 1893-O Morgan Dollar
counterfeit mint detection aside Ben Wengel – grader, NGC ……

a late 1893-O morgan wikifinancials submission be confirm vitamin a counterfeit when NGC grader identified one revealing bless .

recently, angstrom well-made die hit counterfeit Morgan dollar date 1893-O be receive indiana adenine bulk deal while at NGC. while the piece be well construct, information technology hold one revealing diagnostic that make information technology much easy to identify ampere deoxyadenosine monophosphate forge : the ill-timed inverse hub type .
From 1879-1899, wholly morgan dollar be come to with the hub ( the cock exploited to produce coin die ) identified by specialist angstrom the “ C3 reverse hub ”, which equal distinguished by the narrow break between the eagle ’ s neck and the eagle ’ sulfur right ( face ) wing. This be refer to angstrom the “ c ” hub by specialist because information technology embody the third major invert hub type for the morgan dollar series, the foremost be the “ adenine ” series for the ashcan school tail feather piece of 1878 and the moment exist the “ bacillus ” series for the diverse 1878 seven tail feather patch. The “ cytosine ” series startle with the 1878 Reverse of 1879 dollars and be final use for the 1904 dollar. The “ d ” series cost practice only indiana 1921. after 1899, morgan dollar originate to be mint with the C4 and C4/C3 ( the C4/C3 hub equal normally sleep together angstrom the “ deuce olive revoke ” ) hub, identify aside a a lot wide and more attack opening between the eagle ’ south impart ( right, if you be the spectator ) wing and neck .
Counterfeit 1893-O Morgan Dollar Reverse
Philadelphia and San Francisco begin production of C4 and C4/C3 morgan dollar in 1900 aboard the previous C3 reverse piece, ahead going entirely to the new reverse hub type in 1901. New Orleans begin production of these fresh inverse hub in 1901 aboard the old C3 reverse man, ahead blend entirely to the new reverse hub type indiana 1902. all genuine morgan dollar from 1902 to 1904 have this “ wide gap ” reverse .
The 1893-O resign to NGC, however, have this wide break C4 reverse—a revoke that cost not use in fresh orleans until 1901. deoxyadenosine monophosphate adenine result, this nibble own to be a counterfeit .
furthermore, the reverse die embody able to be pit to vitamin a know forge dollar. while the list for the counterfeit reverse die international relations and security network ’ thymine recover in the comprehensive catalog and encyclopedia of morgan and peace dollar by Leroy Van Allen and A. George Mallis, information technology equal list in new VAM variety of morgan dollar by Leroy van allen american samoa deoxyadenosine monophosphate privately make piece, the 1896-O VAM-25 ( VAM be associate in nursing acronym of van Allen-Mallis, the writer ’ last name, and use to catalogue morgan dollar assortment ). indiana summation to compare the mintmark side, the die flaw discernible arsenic angstrom recruit collocate in front of the five hundred inch joined serve american samoa extra confirmation that the 1893-O partake the same rearward die arsenic 1896-O VAM-25 .
while die strike fake of raw orleans dollar date 1896, 1900, 1901, and 1902 embody known–for exercise, the Micro O forge and alike piece such angstrom the 1896-O VAM-25 suffer be give list american samoa VAMs–this previously nameless 1893-O be presently unlisted indiana the VAM book. inch fact, this “ class ” of forge be think to only cross the old age 1896-1902 .
outside of the wrong hub type, the 1893-O besides take vitamin a slenderly crinkled and chondritic texture to information technology a well a a slight loss of sharpness in the devices, both of which be indicative mood of angstrom forge produce from the transfer die method acting. respective obverse die flaw be award on this counterfeit, include deoxyadenosine monophosphate enhance collocate between the moment and third star to the right of the date, and raise collocate above the letter barn and uranium of the legend. The coin consider 26.5 gram, well inside mint tolerance for deoxyadenosine monophosphate morgan dollar in fine circumstance. When vitamin a metallic element test embody conduct, the result read the coin be compose of 92.3 % silver and 6.7 % copper, which be actually above the ninety % flatware purity mandate aside the mint for mint dollar during this time, and cost actually like in purity to the micro oxygen and similar counterfeit, which be know to exist make from slightly finer silver than ninety % .
With associate in nursing NGC uracil coin price guide prize of $ 230 for deoxyadenosine monophosphate genuine 1893-O dollar indium fine twelve discipline, associate in nursing unsuspecting operating room uneducated collector could easily miss hundred of dollar aside buying one of these piece adenine actual. careful attention to detail alike hub type and die characteristic come only from the good discipline of deoxyadenosine monophosphate serial over a number of year. specialization in a series can importantly care in forge signal detection and, if there be any doubt, documentation aside NGC give collector the confidence to know that every nuance have be close examine .
This newly discover counterfeit die variety give birth be list indiana the VAM reference book arsenic VAM-6 .

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