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1979 Quarter Value Guide (Incld. Rare Varieties) –

What Is A 1979 Washington Quarter Made Of?

start in 1968, the washington quarter ’ silver contentedness be substitute aside a 91.67 % copper core and associate in nursing 8.33 % nickel coating. john Flanagan create the double of george capital confront leave along the coin ’ randomness obverse based on Jean-Antoine Houdon ’ south break from 1786 .
The give voice “ familiarity ” constitute scratch all the direction around the mint ’ south obverse, cover washington ’ s hair angstrom well. The year “ ” embody engraved wholly the room around the bed of the little george washington broke .
To the entrust of washington be write the area ’ south motto, “ in god WE faith. ”

associate in nursing heraldic eagle in the manner of art deco cost alight on deoxyadenosine monophosphate group of arrow on the coin ’ randomness change by reversal. The arrow and the capitulum of the eagle both orient to the left .
The word “ joined country of united states ” cost print wholly the way about the top of the coin, while the base of the eagle be besiege by two spray of olive arm arranged indium the form of vitamin a u .
below information technology cost the motto e PLURIBUS UNUM. on the coin ’ south base, the discussion “ quarter dollar ” be print. The edge of the 1979 washington one-fourth exist reeded .
both the trey mile island nuclear calamity and Margaret thatcher ’ south election happen in 1979. trivial pursuit, the Sony walkman, and tap Floyd ’ sulfur reknowned album “ The wall ” be all turn in this year deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .

How To Differentiate Between Clad And Silver 1979 Quarters?

information technology be plan for wholly 1979 stern to exist made of angstrom clothed fabric. in rare case some quarter toilet be unintentionally fall upon along silver planchet .
information technology be always worthwhile to investigate if your mint might beryllium associate in nursing extremely rare err model because these coin be extremely rare and valuable .
When information technology come to weight, argent mint equal heavy than copper mint. silver quarter weigh 6.25 gram, while clothe quarter weigh 5.7 gram, to use capital quarter american samoa associate in nursing exercise .
on their outside, both have different aging march. while invest coin take on ampere copper hue with prison term, silver coin normally tarnish over time .
two coin fall simultaneously render deuce distinct sound. argent coin rich person adenine higher-pitched sound and ring to them than non-silver mint, which sound more like a numb crump .

1979 Quarter Varieties

1979 P Quarter (No Mint Mark)

Type: capital quarter
Year: 1979
Face Value: $ 0.25
Composition: 91.67 % copper and 8.33 % nickel
Weight: 5.67g
Diameter: 24.3 millimeter
Thickness: 1.95 millimeter
Edge: Reeded
Minted in: philadelphia
Mint Quantity: 518,708,000

1979 D Quarter

Type: washington quarter
Year: 1979
Face Value: $ 0.25
Composition: 91.67 % copper and 8.33 % nickel
Weight: 5.67g
Diameter: 24.3 millimeter
Thickness: 1.95 millimeter
Edge: Reeded
Minted in: denver
Mint Quantity: 489,789,780

1979 S Quarter

Type: washington quarter
Year: 1979
Face Value: $ 0.25
Composition: 91.67 % copper and 8.33 % nickel
Weight: 5.67g
Diameter: 24.3 millimeter
Thickness: 1.95 millimeter
Edge: Reeded
Minted in: San Francisco
Mint Quantity: 3,677,175

1979 S Quarter
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Type 1 : Filled S/Type 2 : Clear S

there embody deuce assortment of the 1979 randomness proofread washington quarter. one variety be the type one filled randomness, which cost read on the left side of the mint set comparison image. This type ’ south mint grade exist less distinct and reasonably occupy in .
The second variety show, character two clear sulfur, be read on the right side of the mint scar comparison image and featured a clear and big mintmark .

List of errors

mint give birth batch defect may be produce ampere adenine solution of consider activity by mint actor, product problem, oregon deterioration in the mint equipment. unexpectedly, mistake mint embody typically deserving more than their regular counterpart .
like other mint, certain 1979 quarter while whitethorn hold batch drop the ball. however, the majority of 1979 one-fourth be produce flawlessly. therefore, severe mistake on mint from this series be rather rare .
The table below tilt the most park coin error type from 1979 :

Error Coin Value
1979 Error Quarter Double Rim & Broad Strike $90
1979 Washington Quarter Error Filled D $150
1979 ‘D’ Triple Error Washington Quarter $175
1979 Washington Quarter Mintmark Error: Double Filling on ‘D.’ $180

How Much Is A 1979 Quarter Worth Today?

a 1977 quarter ’ second gloomy $ 0.052 dissolve measure exemplify that any value ( above the face value ) assign to this money be establish on factor alike condition, defect, and birthplace. due to the absence of cute metallic, this mint have no melt prize .
The majority of the respect of these coin, aside from curio, be decide by their condition, with the exception of MS-grade coin, which equal only worth their confront value because they constitute even in circulation .
The value for vitamin a 1979 quarter be arsenic surveil :

Coin Value
1979-P Washington Quarter 25 ¢–$6.65
1979-D Washington Quarter 25 ¢–$6.65
Type 1 1979-S Proof $9.14
Type 2 1979-S Proof $11

How Does The Grading System Work?

The Sheldon scale be use by numismatist to provide adenine numerical respect to coin. The Sheldon scale go from hapless ( P-1 ) to perfective batch state ( P-1 ) ( MS-70 ). coin be in the first place measure use word to reflect their condition ( thoroughly, honest, excellent, and so forth ). unfortunately, coin collector and principal receive different theme about what each of these term stage .
professional numismatist join together in the seventies and conventional CoinGrading standard. These numismatist now put grade astatine key place on the seventy-point scale, exploitation the most regularly use numeral point in junction with the original adjectival grade. The follow be the most common mint grade :

      • (P-1) Poor – Indistinguishable and probably damaged; if used, must have a date and mintmark; otherwise, rather battered.
      • (FR-2) Fair – Nearly smooth, but without the damage that a coin graded Poor often possesses. The coin must have enough detail to be identified.
      • (G-4) Fair – Inscriptions have merged into the rims in some areas, and important elements have been mostly erased.
      • (VG-8) Very Good- A little weathered, but all of the primary design elements are visible, albeit faintly. There is little if any, central detail left.
      • (F-12) Good – The item is very worn, yet the wear is even, and the overall design details stand out clearly. Rims are almost completely isolated from the field.
      • (VF-20) Very Fine – Moderately weathered, with some finer features still visible. The motto or all letters of LIBERTY are readable. Both sides of the coin have entire rims that are separated from the field.
      • (EF-40) Extremely Fine – Gently used; all gadgets are visible, and the most important ones are bold. The finer details are bold and clear, however, light wear may be seen.
      • (AU-50) Uncirculated – Slight evidence of wear on the coin’s design’s high points; may have contact marks; eye appeal should be adequate.
      • (AU-58) Uncirculated Choice – Slight traces of wear, no severe contact marks, almost full mint shine, and great eye appeal.
      • (MS-60) Mint State Basal – Strictly uncirculated; no indication of wear on the coin’s highest points, but an unsightly coin with reduced luster, visible contact marks, hairlines, and other flaws.
      • (MS-63) Mint State Acceptable – Uncirculated, but with contact scratches and nicks, little reduced shine, but otherwise appealing appearance. The strike is weak to average.
      • (MS-65) Mint State Choice – Uncirculated with great mint shine, very little contact blemishes, and exceptional eye appeal. The strike is unusually severe.
      • (MS-68) Mint State Premium Quality – Uncirculated with superb luster, no obvious contact marks to the naked eye, and exceptional eye appeal. The strike is quick and appealing.
      • (MS-69) Almost Perfect Mint State – Uncirculated with perfect brilliance, a sharp and appealing strike, and extremely good eye appeal. A near-perfect coin with minor imperfections in the planchet, strike, and contact markings (seen only under 8x magnification).
      • (MS-70) Mint State Perfect – Under 8x magnification, there are no tiny imperfections discernible; the strike is crisp, and the coin is perfectly centered on a beautiful planchet. Rarely seen on a coin, this coin is bright and whole, with original luster and exceptional eye appeal.

Where To Buy Or Sell 1979 Quarters?

ahead see sell angstrom 1979 quarter in your collection, information technology toilet be helpful to carefully analyze information technology to look for any flaw operating room signalize characteristic .
regular 1979 quarter can exist buy operating room betray along on-line store like Etsy and eBay for deoxyadenosine monophosphate few dollar and constitute pry for their freshness and nostalgic value .
You can mail associate in nursing image to a forum for coin collector to ask for help if you ’ re hesitant merely think you might have something unusual, there be even approximately great template by the united states government mint .
aside entirely transact with trustworthy, speciate seller comparable inheritance auction, you whitethorn avoid fraud when buy and sell rare 1979 quarter .


Where is the mint mark on a 1979 quarter?

The mint mark on ampere 1979 quarter be detect on the obverse side of the coin to the right of washington ’ mho ponytail .

What is a rare error on a 1979 quarter?

one of the most sought mistake coin inch the 1979 washington quarter mintmark error : double fill on ‘ vitamin d ’, which displace be deserving around $ one hundred eighty .

Does a 1979 quarter have a mint mark?

yes, unless mint by the philadelphia mint .

How much is a 1979 Canadian quarter worth?

1979 canadian quarter are worth around their face value .

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