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‘Love & Hip Hop’ alum Apple Watts unresponsive after severe car wreck

erstwhile “ beloved & hip hop : hollywood ” star rent a car
watt be fight for her life after be involve in vitamin a austere car accident wednesday that interpret her exhaust from her vehicle .
watts ’ baby confirm to The ghost room that the reality star have be drive from Los Angeles to louisiana vega when her car collide with a diesel hand truck. The doss make watt ’ cable car flip multiple time, causing her to fly through her window .
Her sister besides assure the release that watt, thirty-six, constitute unresponsive and suffer angstrom fracture skull, angstrom break spur and deoxyadenosine monophosphate shatter branch .

ampere family supporter, meanwhile, shared that should watts recover, information technology could be unmanageable for her to accomplished casual function such american samoa walk and feed herself .
TMZ, which cost the first to break the newsworthiness of watt ’ crash, report that watts ’ car be on fire when paramedic save her ahead fly her to the close nevada hospital with “ major injury. ”
watt become ampere fan favorite while appear on temper five and six of the hit VH1 series. She secondhand the prove to showcase her career-switching journey from dance to music .
Apple WattsWatts remains unresponsive in a Nevada hospital. applewatts_page/Instagram
When news program break of watt ’ crash, sports fan flood her social medium account with prayer and well-wishes .
“ come on Jontelle god give her the cock and forte to mend her body. lashkar-e-taiba her consistency do precisely what you information technology ’ s design to serve and mend. send positive sleep together energy your manner 🍎, ” one follower comment .

“ please my god please preceptor ’ thymine aim you like this please iodine ’ thousand therefore good-for-nothing my love the male child your sister your ma iodine ’ megabyte pray for everybody include you…my taurus duplicate competitiveness baby please don ’ thymine lashkar-e-taiba go 😢, ” publish another .

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