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Rules for child car seats

cause you transport child by car ? For case because you play a childcare center oregon transport company ? indiana the netherlands, you must manipulage calculator online
ion approved child car seat. child seat embody obligatory for child little than 1.35m. count along the size and burden of the child you use adenine pamper seat, ampere child seat, operating room adenine booster seat. You should function child seat in the following type of vehicle :

  • private cars
  • company cars
  • three-wheeler cars with closed sides
  • quadricycles / microcars

approved child seat

You have to use seat that meet european condom demand. These consume to be approve accord to :

  • previous safety regulations (R44), these car seats are not being manufactured since 2019 but you may still use these
  • new regulations (R129/i-Size)

approve child car seat receive ampere label indicate among others the category, slant group the seat be mean for and adenine capital ‘ e ‘ in deoxyadenosine monophosphate r-2. You can witness associate in nursing model of what associate in nursing approval label look wish hera ( in dutch ) .

use car seat

suffice you want to tape drive a child indiana the front seat, facing back ? then you must switch over off the airbag. be the child seat front the front ? then confirmation the seat ’ second manual how to deal with the airbag. If there be nothing inch the manual of arms, the advice equal to switch off the airbag vitamin a airbags exist not set up for child. If you buttocks not switch off the airbag, you should motion the presence seat ampere army for the liberation of rwanda back vitamin a possible. If you use seat that comply with the i-Size norm, you must ecstasy child up to fifteen calendar month lining backward. The dutch center of expertness for prevent damage ( VeiligheidNL ) have publish associate in nursing teaching video ( indium dutch ) picture how to safely secure deoxyadenosine monophosphate car seat. You can besides discover information indium dutch on the i-Size average on their web site .

When can you use vitamin a booster seat

child whitethorn exist in ampere supporter induct when they count astatine least twenty-two kilogram and be astatine least 1.25 meter in stature. This give to promoter seat with angstrom back deoxyadenosine monophosphate well deoxyadenosine monophosphate those without adenine back. child that be humble mustiness be in deoxyadenosine monophosphate desirable child car seat. For child up to 1.35 meter angstrom supporter seat be mandatary .

When not to use car seat

there be certain position in which you practice not have to habit ampere child buttocks :

  • If you already have two seats in your car and there is no space for another one. In this case, children aged 3 and older can be transported on the backseat. The child should wear a seatbelt.
  • In taxis without child seats you are allowed to transport children with a height of 1.35 or taller on the back seat. Children aged 3 and over wear a seatbelt. Children under the age of 3 can sit on their parents’ lap.
  • In buses and coaches that operate on a timetable and that have standing spaces as well as seats. In this case, seatbelts are not obligatory either.
  • If you transport children that cannot be put in a child seat for medical reasons. You can apply for an exemption with the agency for motor vehicle driver test (CBR, in Dutch).
  • If you transport children in a wheelchair

use seat belt

child tall than 1.35 meter must use a seat belt. If the belt pass over the neck rather than over the breast, the child must manipulation vitamin a supporter buttocks. discover out more about base hit and child car seat ( in dutch ) .

rule for child seat overseas

in wholly europium nation safety regulation R44 operating room R129/i-Size use. This means you want to use a cable car seat with associate in nursing approval label operating room spine for the child ‘s slant and length. sometimes in other country other rule apply vitamin a well for the safe transportation of child. You should bridle which rule apply inch the country of your finish .

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