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Best Classes in ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition,’ Ranked | The Mary Sue

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Age : Inquisition is beloved, plain và simple. The third installment in BioWare’s high-fantasy, action-adventure RPG series Dragon Age gives the player the chance bự build a character who will act as Inquisitor lớn save the continent of Thedas. A massive, magical hole has appeared in the sky, và only you can close it using the power you’ve somehow acquired và can’t remember gaining. Like any Dragon Age game, you can choose your character’s race, class, và background, each of which will give you slightly different dialogue options, advantages & disadvantages, quests, và even romance options. Available armor & weapons will also be determined by class, & combat will feel completely different depending on what you choose.

To help you sort it all out, here are the best classes in Dragon Age : Inquisition, ranked.

3. Warrior

Iron Bull in Dragon Age: Inquisition(BioWare) The warrior class in Dragon Age : Inquisition is pretty clunky. Two-handed weapons make you move a lot slower than your buổi tiệc nhỏ members, và sword-and-shield mechanics are okay, but still not great. When building your character, you’ll choose one or the other, và there are few opportunities Khủng change your mind during gameplay. If you want Khủng play a tank và send your các buổi party members into battle lớn vì the close hits so sánh you can stay where you are, dealing major damage while staying on your feet, even if everyone else is lao dốc, then the warrior class might be a good choice — but beware the tốc độ issue. You might be better served bringing Cassandra Stavrou or Iron Bull with you as a regular buổi tiệc ngọt thành viên. For players, warriors have three specializations in Dragon Age : Inquisition. Champions use their armor, weapons, & vigilance lớn shrug off attacks và protect their allies, serving primarily as defenders. Reavers thrive on bloodshed in battle & get increasingly brutal as their enemies go xuống dốc, especially if they’ve taken hits themselves ( similar mập Barbarians in Dungeons và Dragons ). Templars specialize in fighting mages và demons, which makes them particularly effective against magic as they strive mập protect their allies on the field.

2. Mage

Vivienne in Dragon Age: Inquisition(BioWare) Mages are stationary in Dragon Age : Inquisition, so sánh it pays béo employ the tactical maps feature & place your các buổi party members exactly where you want them in battle, whether your Inquisitor is a mage or you have a mage NPC ( Dorian, Vivienne, or Solas ) in your tiệc nhỏ. This class hits faster than warriors, but mages are better for range attacks than close-up combat, và it’s easy Khủng get stuck in the middle of a spell while you’re being rushed by an enemy. For players, mages have three specializations in Dragon Age : Inquisition. Knight-Enchanters summon blades from the Fade lớn adorn their magical staffs, & they specialize in protection. Rift Mages similarly draw power from the Fade, but they use actual matter from the realm in their attacks or twist the Veil into a weapon mập destroy their enemies. Necromancers scare their enemies half bự death ( literally ) và summon spirits phệ assist them in battle, in addition lớn causing explosions when adversaries die in order mập damage others in proximity.

1. Rogue

Varric in Dragon Age: Inquisition(BioWare) Rogues are by far the best class in Dragon Age : Inquisition. There are two types : dual-wield rogues, who work with daggers, & archer rogues, who work with bows và arrows. The former are better for close-range attacks và the latter are better for range attacks, but both khuyến mãi rapid, repeat damage. The two NPC rogues in Inquisition are Varric & Sera, both of whom bring chất lượng dialogue & skills lớn the tiệc nhỏ — but players who choose the rogue class can move quickly và freely in battle, which is its own kind of fun. Like the other two classes in Dragon Age : Inquisition, rogues have three specialization options for players. Artificers use traps & more lớn turn the tides of battle in their favor, while assassins are quick và deadly, flitting & out of the shadows và even dealing indirect death blows when they’re safe somewhere else. Tempests use alchemy phệ cloak themselves in frost or flame và vì elemental damage bự enemies as they wade directly into battle. ( featured image : BioWare )

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