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Braces Color Chooser | Vancouver Orthodontic Specialists PLLC

How to Choose Your Braces Colors

There are many important things to consider when you ’ re undergo orthodontic discussion, such as which foods to eat and how to keep your dentition clean. Another component is the color of your braces. Do you want your braces to be discerning or do you want them to make a statement ?
If you ’ ra not certain which colors to pick for your braces, the guide below will provide you with enough of ideas and inspiration. And our synergistic braces color picker tool will allow you to see how different colors and combinations might look before committing to them .
If you want to go true to the joyride, you can do so here. otherwise, keep reading for some tips on how to choose the best braces colors for you .


Braces Colors You May Want to Avoid

There in truth is no “ wrong ” choice when it comes to your braces colors ; the most authoritative matter is that you ’ re felicitous with how they look.

hush, there are some colors that can create less than desirable ocular illusions : Black and iniquity grey, for example, can look like tooth decay. Orange, brown, and k might give people the impression that you have food stuck in your teeth. Red can be mistaken for bleeding gums. And, although egg white may sound like a great option for those wanting a minimal expression, it can actually make your teeth look much yellower than they actually are, as flush the “ whitest ” of teeth are rarely a true white color. Yellows have a similar effect as they tend to enhance the yellow tone in your teeth .

Least Noticeable Braces Colors

While we think it ’ s a great mind to have some fun with your braces colors, we understand that some want a more discreet appearance for their braces, either for personal or professional reasons .
If that ’ s the case for you and you don ’ t have braces yet, you may want to ask about clear or ceramic braces, or clear aligners during your consultation. If you already have or will be getting alloy braces, then clear, light grey, or light silver bands will be your best option. equitable keep in mind that clear ( and other light colors ) are prone to staining, so try to avoid foods and beverages that are known to stain such as coffee bean, tea, wine and benighted juices, and turmeric during your orthodontic discussion ( or at least rinse with water after drinking/eating ) .

Braces Colors to Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

In general, blue colors will create enough contrast to make your teeth appear blank. We mentioned above that black or blue grey could create the magic trick of tooth decay ; if you want to avoid that emergence then stick with night blues and purples .

Braces Colors to Complement Your Skin Tone, Hair, and Eyes

If you want to make certain you ’ re always putting your best brace-face ahead, choose braces colors that match your eyes or complement your natural hide tone :
Cool Tones—If you have light eyes, blond to light brown hair’s-breadth, and fair to light skin with pink undertones, you most probable accrue into the “ cool ” category. Pastels, light or emerald greens, purples, and blues will look best on you.

quick Tones—If you have brown or hazelnut eyes, blue haircloth, and a aureate, olive, or dark skin tone with peach or yellow undertones, you most likely fall into the “ warm ” category. Braces colors that will look best on you include reds, oranges, land tones, olive-type greens, and bright pinks or purples .
Some people have neutral undertones, which means they look great in pretty much any color ! Regardless of which class your skin tone happens to be in, remember these are merely guidelines and, ultimately, the most crucial matter is that you like the colors you choose for your braces .

Other Ways to Pick Your Braces Colors

Your Favorite Things

An obvious choice for your braces is to go with your front-runner color ( sulfur ). You could besides match your braces to your favored musical composition of jewelry, shoes, or item of clothing ( or the most prevailing discolor of invest you own ) .
If you ’ re into sports, you may want to choose your favorite team ’ sulfur colors for your braces. You could even pick your braces colors based on your favorite superhero !

Your School Colors

Show off your spirit with braces based on your school ’ mho colors !


Get gay with braces colors based on your favorite holidays : Red, white, and pinks for Valentine ’ s Day, greens for St. Patrick ’ s Day, bolshevik, white, and blue for patriotic holidays, orange, purple, and black for Halloween, and red and green for Christmas are just a few of the color jazz band you could go with .


A great way to break things up throughout the year is to change your braces colors each season. Pick pastels or lighter colors for spring, Bright or beachy colors for summer, neutrals and dark colors for fall, and jewel tones or cool colors for winter .

Organizations and Charities

You may want to choose your braces colors based on an organization you belong to or a charity that is close to your heart.

The truth is, there are infinite ways to choose the color of your braces, and the only limit is your imagination. You are going to be wearing braces for months or even years, so you might deoxyadenosine monophosphate well have some fun with it !
now that you have some ideas for your braces colors, try them out on the color picker tool below. And if you ’ ra considering getting braces in the Vancouver, WA area, give us a address or email us to set up your free consultation today !

Interactive Braces Color Chooser

Instructions: Click on a semblance swatch, then cluck either directly on the tooth or on one of the buttons below to change the color .
new tooth selections largenew tooth selections large
new tooth selections smallnew tooth selections small
new tooth selections mediumnew tooth selections medium

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