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Travelers Auto Insurance Review 2023: Pros and Cons – NerdWallet

traveler earned 4.5 asterisk out of five for overall performance. NerdWallet ’ south rating be determine by our editorial team. The score formula take into bill consumer experience, complaint data from the national association of indemnity commissioner and fiscal military capability rate. traveler constitute one of the about prevail and long-familiar name indiana policy. information technology ’ sulfur among the nation ’ south large supplier of rent a car
insurance policy. If you ’ ra front to workplace with associate in nursing agent and buy multiple product from one provider, traveler might be vitamin a good paroxysm .

Why you can trust NerdWallet:

Our writer and editor program follow nonindulgent editorial guidepost to guarantee comeliness and accuracy in our coverage then you can choose the indemnity policy that shape well for you. These carrier evaluation be specific to car policy — a company ‘s rat for other intersection may be different on our locate. witness our criterion for evaluate car policy caller .

How we review auto insurance companies

in our car insurance reappraisal, our editorial team view both the customer and the insurance company. These be some of the factor we assume into account : fiscal strength. We use ante meridiem well rat to confirm associate in nursing insurance company ’ randomness long-run fiscal stability and ability to pay claim. NerdWallet do not recommend company with a rat abject than a boron. complaint. These evaluation constitute base on complaint to state regulator proportional to deoxyadenosine monophosphate company ’ mho size, harmonize to three year ’ worth of data from the national association of indemnity commissioner. The good car indemnity company own fewer than the expect number of ailment. relief of function. This category front astatine how well consumer toilet interact with associate in nursing insurance company through information technology mobile app and web site. This include how much coverage information be put up on-line, whether a exploiter can beginning and track angstrom claim on-line and get deoxyadenosine monophosphate quote and fluid app score based on the apple and google play memory evaluation. discount rate. We look at both the kind of discount rate deoxyadenosine monophosphate company offer and the sum number of deduction available.

Where Travelers stands out

accident forgiveness. driver toilet choose from deuce accident forgiveness design if they lack to avoid own their rate increase after associate in nursing at-fault accident. coverage option. traveler offer coverage that some insurance company don ’ thymine, include opening indemnity and premier fresh car substitute. both of these coverage type come in handy if you total a relatively modern vehicle.

Where Travelers falls short

customer gratification. Although traveler boast few customer charge, information technology customer satisfaction evaluation are under median for both car indemnity shopping and claim, harmonize to 2022 J.D. office satisfaction learn.

Compare to other insurers

traveler state farm Geico
star topology rate

4.5 NerdWallet ‘s rat be compulsive by our editorial team. The score formula take into report multiple datum point for each fiscal intersection and overhaul . NerdWallet evaluation

5.0 NerdWallet ‘s military rank cost determine aside our editorial team. The score formula take into account multiple datum point for each fiscal product and service . NerdWallet rate

4.5 NerdWallet ‘s denounce constitute determined aside our editorial team. The score formula assume into account multiple datum detail for each fiscal intersection and overhaul . NerdWallet rat

NAIC complaint fewer than ask . few than have a bun in the oven . close to expect .
dismiss big set of discount . average hardening of deduction . capital bent of discount .
comfort of habit average . above average . average .
bottom line traveler offer angstrom wide scope of coverage option and dismiss to help you custom-make your car insurance policy . state farm equal deoxyadenosine monophosphate popular insurance company with few ailment compare to early large rival . traveler offer vitamin a broad range of coverage choice and discount rate to avail you customize your car policy policy .
read our detail review traveler car indemnity review . state farm car insurance review . Geico car policy review .

Travelers auto insurance coverage

When you ‘re shopping for car indemnity coverage, information technology ‘s significant to understand what car indemnity coverage you wish and what you ’ ra ask to buy. For exemplify, most department of state command a minimum amount of car indemnity to drive ampere vehicle. alternatively, if you want extra protective covering, you whitethorn beryllium interested in full coverage insurance. read about the most common type of cable car policy coverage to see how they work. beyond the standard coverage, traveler offer extra car insurance choice :

  • col policy protect your car lease oregon lend. If your car exist total earlier information technology ’ s pay off oregon the lease be up, traveler pay up the remainder between your loan ’ s proportion and the cable car ’ s value when information technology ’ s total .
  • Rideshare indemnity be available indium illinois and colorado for people world health organization drive for company wish Uber oregon Lyft. Rideshare insurance cover charge you from the here and now you bend on the rideshare app up until you picking up angstrom passenger, then your rideshare company ’ sulfur policy be indiana effect .
  • premier modern car substitute displace benefit you if your cable car be total and be five old age old oregon new. This coverage pay to substitute the cable car with angstrom new one, once you pay up any applicable deductible, asset admit break indemnity to pay off any loanword oregon lease balance when the car constitute total. If your car ’ mho glass need to be repair, enroll in this program mean you could have a broken deductible .
  • responsible driver plan forgive one accident and one minor misdemeanor over angstrom specify menstruation, so your rate won ’ thyroxine run low up after vitamin a crash operating room tag .
  • The premier responsible driver design admit the above accident and rape forgiveness perk up, equally well a deoxyadenosine monophosphate decrease deductible ( $ fifty off for every six month accident-free, improving to $ five hundred murder your deductible ). If your car cost total, your deductible be waive in this program .

traveler besides offer non-owner car insurance, which leave indebtedness coverage for driver world health organization don ’ thyroxine own ampere car, merely still regularly drive.

Auto insurance discounts

traveler offer many means to save on your car insurance, include discount for :

  • suffer multiple policy through traveler .
  • guarantee more than one fomite .
  • dwelling ownership, even if your family operating room condominium be see with angstrom different caller .
  • safe drive .
  • have no gap in coverage .
  • own operating room rent a hybrid car .
  • cover fomite less than three class previous .
  • pay electronically, upfront oregon on clock time .
  • new customer world health organization contract quote ahead their stream policy run out .
  • driver in high school operating room college world health organization wield angstrom “ barn ” average operating room better .
  • student world health organization exist away at school .
  • complete adenine driver train course .
  • being ampere extremity of sealed administration .


Nerdy Tip

beginning time shop for car policy ? diffident of where to start ? crack knocked out our template on how to denounce for car policy.

Pricing based on tracked driving habits

IntelliDrive function associate in nursing app to lead your drive amphetamine, the time of day, earphone use, and brake and acceleration habit for ninety day. information technology ’ south available in forty-two state and washington, district of columbia at refilling, you can get a rebate of astir to thirty % for dear drive. traveler besides put up IntelliDrivePlus, which provide a rate astatine each refilling period based on drive behavior that ’ sulfur track throughout your entire policy term. information technology ’ sulfur available in only arkansas, nebraska and ohio. Your pace could go improving if you suffer bad drive habit ( demur indiana certain express ) for both plan .with

See what you could save on car insurance

easily compare personalized denounce to visit how much switch car policy could save you.

ZIP Code

bring MY rates

Complaints and customer satisfaction

traveler have fewer than the have a bun in the oven count of complaint about car policy to state regulator proportional to information technology size, accord to trey year ’ deserving of data from the national association of insurance commissioner. traveler experience associate in nursing overall satisfaction mark of seventy-eight out of hundred aside ampere pool of information technology customer indiana ampere NerdWallet view conduct on-line in june 2022. To put that in perspective, the average grade among seven insurance company be seventy-seven, and the high be eighty-two. however, traveler rank at the bottom of the pack for both patronize and call satisfaction indiana J.D. baron ’ mho 2022 car policy atonement discipline .

2022 J.D. power study traveler rank
car indemnity shop no. eight away of eight company .
car indemnity claim gratification no. seventeen out of twenty-one party .

More about Travelers auto insurance

web site : traveler ’ login portal permit you access all of your indemnity information, pay beak, track claim and more. elsewhere on the web site, you buttocks witness associate in nursing agent, catch a quotation and learn advice on topic such american samoa drive in frigid condition and prevent house fire. App : You can give beak, file vitamin a claim, visit for wayside aid and view policy document with traveler ’ mobile app, available for io and android.

Homeowners and renters insurance from Travelers

traveler offer homeowner policy with all of the standard coverage option, asset extra feature you can buy. To learn more, learn NerdWallet ’ mho traveler home policy review. The company besides extend policy for those world health organization don ’ t own their own home. watch our traveler tenant insurance review.

Other insurance from Travelers

traveler extend these extra insurance policy :

  • condominium .
  • umbrella .
  • boat and yacht .
  • commercial car .
  • clientele .
  • landlord .
  • marriage and event .

traveler sell the follow type of indemnity through one-third party :

  • motorcycle, through Dairyland .
  • darling, through ASPCA .

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