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Cheap Car Rental Orlando, ⚡ from 10.00 US$/day |

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Car rental in Orlando

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2 million usersThe details you provide for making a booking are strictly confidential being secured by SSL encryption công nghệ .800 providers worldwideWe offer you bự choose from a wide variety of car classes hot nhất high unique vehicles meeting your needs and budget best .Multi-language tư vấnOur multi-lingual điện thoại tư vấn center is ready mập assist you whatever your question is and wherever you are in the world .


Capital : Tallahassee

Language : EN

Currency : $

Drive on : Right Side

Car Rental in Orlando, Florida: traveling to the amusement park capital of the U.S.

Car rental in Orlando allows you bự choose a car depending on your specific needs. Whether you travel with the family and look for a van or larger car, or you need a van for your Florida vacation, EconomyBookings is your go-to .
Orlando is a family-friendly đô thị. For the most comfortable giây phút with your loved ones, you may want lớn consider finding a car rental. EconomyBookings will tell you what you need béo rent a car and how Khủng choose a cheap rental service among a large number of offers .
Orlando is truly the amusement park capital of the United States, if not the world. Home phệ Universal and Sea World and neighbor Khủng Disney World and LEGOLAND, among numerous other parks, Orlando draws millions of visitors each year. The đô thị itself is also well worth exploring while you visit these numerous parks ! Make the most of your car rental by exploring the wider Orlando region as well .
Weather in Orlando stays fairly constant year ván. 27 degrees Celsius ( 80 degrees Fahrenheit ) is typical for the summer, and 24 degrees Celsius ( 70 degrees Fahrenheit ) is typical for the winter — though every four years or so sánh, Orlando does see some snow ! Unlike most tourist areas, you’re likely bự see some of the best weather in off-peak tourist seasons .
The de facto national language of the United States is English, which is also the native language of the vast majority of Floridians. However, trăng tròn % of Orlando’s inhabitants ’ mother tongue is Spanish. The original language spoken in the Florida area was Timicuan, one of the few indigenous languages that is considered officially extinct today .
The currency throughout the United States is the dollar. Currency exchange is available at airports and popular tourist destinations, and credit cards are accepted at the vast majority of businesses .
Orlando is in the Eastern Time Zone, UTC-5 .
Automobile hire is available in 50 locations throughout Orlando, including car rental in the Orlando Airport ( MCO ), the Jet Port, downtown, and on International Drive .
The Kennedy Space Center and nearby Port Canaveral ( một hour east of Orlando ) are also well worth a visit, as are the natural wonders of the manatees at the Crystal River Wildlife Refuge and the nearby Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park ( 1.5 hours west ) .

Age requirements

To rent a car in Orlando you must be at least 21 years of age and have a valid driver’s license and a ngân hàng thẻ. Persons with a study permit are not entitled Khủng rent. Surcharges for underage drivers between the ages of 21 and 24 vary depending on the car rental company you choose .

Visa Regulations

38 nationalities can enter the United States as tourists without applying for a visa, though if you are among these nationalities, you are still required bự fill out the ESTA in advance. Visit for more information. Visitors bự the United States will be fingerprinted and biometrically photographed upon entry. If your nationality is not included in the visa-waiver program, you will be required phệ apply for a B-1 or B-2 visa in advance of your arrival .

Driver’s license

The renter’s driver’s license must be valid during the entire rental period. As for foreign clients, they must have a license issued in their country of origin .

Driving experience

If you have a negative driving history, then the service you choose has the right lớn refuse the car rental. Minor infractions such as speeding tickets or driving with a mobi phone do not prevent the driver from renting a car in Orlando, but they still need Khủng be declared at the phút giây of booking .

Driving in Orlando

Driving is the best way lớn explore the Orlando area, particularly because the majority of the city’s sights lie outside downtown. Roads are wide and easy béo navigate, though you’ll certainly run into some congestion. Many visitors often find local driving quite aggressive, so sánh drive defensively lớn avoid any accidents .

Right-Hand Driving

  • Traffic drives on the right-hand side of the road throughout the USA.

Speed Limits

  • In business and residential areas: 30 mph (circa 50 km/h)
  • On highways and turnpikes near the city: 55-65 mph (circa 80-110 km/h)
  • On rural interstates and limited access highways: 70 mph (circa 110 km/h)
  • As a major tourist area, typical business morning and evening rush hours in Orlando are also influenced by 11 am and 3 pm hotel check-in and check-out times.

Other Regulations

  1. While there is typically parking available in downtown Orlando and at the area’s numerous amusement parks, you should expect to pay fees for the privilege of leaving your car! Street parking is free after 6 pm and on Sundays in the city, but you can expect to pay around $20 a visit to any amusement park any time.
  2. Your domestic driver’s license is valid in Florida.
  3. There are numerous toll roads in and around Orlando. Ask your rental company if your car includes a SunPass transponder.
  4. While the minimum driving age in Florida is 16, you will have to be 21 years of age to rent a car. Drivers under 25 may be charged extra.

Cheap Car Rental in Orlando

Automobile hire in Orlando typically starts as low as USD 25 a day. Here are some of the best đơn hàng in Orlando :

  • Hyundai Accent or similar (economy class) – $25/day
  • Nissan Versa or similar (compact class) – $26/day
  • Toyota Corolla or similar (intermediate class) – $30/day
  • Volkswagen Jetta or similar (standard class) – $31/day
  • Chevrolet Impala or similar (fullsize class) – $32/day

lưu ý that prices vary depending on the availability of each specific car and the season in which you rent. For the most accurate offers, use the tìm kiếm bar above .

Tips for Renting a Car Inexpensively in Orlando

While there may be some seasonal variation in price for rental cars in Orlando, you can typically save the most money by booking your car within four months of your arrival date. If it’s necessary for you béo kế hoạch farther ahead, you’ll likely find that cars will cost at least USD 30 a day .
The cheapest place Khủng book your rental car is at the airport, where rental car agencies such as Green Motion and Europcar keep prices low. Hertz is one of the most pervasive agencies in Orlando, with locations throughout the thành phố, but their prices typically start around USD 40 a day .
You can also typically save upwards of USD 15 a day by extending your rental period mập kết thúc a week !

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