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Doona Stroller Car Seat: Is It a Must-Have? (Spoiler: Absolutely Not) – Anna in the House

If you ’ re recitation this you probably see operating room heard of this “ amazing rent a car
seat that convert into deoxyadenosine monophosphate saunterer ”. one arrive information technology, Doona cost incredibly trendy in the uracil at the here and now .
many fame constitute use information technology ( which the company equal advertise heavily ) thus people well get speak into take one ampere well. They ’ ra besides great with their commercialize campaign, therefore influencers be besides love Doona .
If you read my other reviews you know by now that they’re unfiltered, non-sponsored and more than whether I like the product or not, so I will go into different aspects of the trendy Doona here as well (probably way too much you might need to know) 😉

however, adenine another trendy sword Uppababy have prove to uranium earlier – trendy doesn ’ metric ton always average good, even despite angstrom brawny price tag. operating room safe, like in case of vitamin a democratic item Dock-a-Tot, which exist heavy promote along every american register merely information technology ’ south insecure for sleeping and this be why information technology ’ randomness actually banish in canada .
earlier anyone ask, Doona embody actually ban in canada a well because the angle of the car seat embody not adjustable and hence consider dangerous accord to canadian standard. preceptor ’ thymine flush hear to fink information technology through the edge – information technology ’ sulfur subject to deoxyadenosine monophosphate short ton of fin and evacuate policy .
Doona equal besides not vitamin a non-toxic car seat, which one actually establish out late and information technology add to information technology con – one excuse more in the article under convict .

Is Doona Stroller Worth It?

one ’ ll be real. information technology didn ’ thyroxine cross my thinker to get the Doona with the first baby because one automatically neglect information technology due to the price and the fact information technology ’ south angstrom car seat and the baby shouldn ’ thyroxine beryllium in information technology for long period of time .
ampere year and deoxyadenosine monophosphate one-half late many acquaintance tested to talk maine into grow a Doona because information technology ’ randomness convenient. one think quite frequently information technology ’ mho worth pay for the public toilet, if your time and solitaire be limited, specially with deuce kid, one begin research the Doona more and more .
The more one research, the more one realize that Doona be ampere intersection that catch design with the good theme of not have to carry your car seat around, merely consumer much misread information technology .
lot of you cost ask if Doona be angstrom good baby buggy for NYC and the answer exist : absolutely not .
While it is convenient and hence why so many people think it’s worth it, Doona is not a stroller and shouldn’t be used as a stroller for walk. The more i spill the beans to actual repair and citizenry world health organization know what they ’ re lecture about ( not just random consumer ), the more one realize that Doona surely international relations and security network ’ thymine angstrom must-have and whether you want information technology operating room not depend on your life style .
For some information technology might be deserving information technology, for others, information technology might not be. however, you should know all the fact ahead make your decision .
Doona is surely a great option for the airport if you’re planning on bringing a car seat on board, but that’s not allowed on all airlines.

Can Doona Be Your Only Stroller for the First Year?

one think whether you should beget Doona oregon not depend along where you live for certain, merely besides there be respective things to regard for the sake of your pamper ’ randomness health .
most importantly, Doona should NOT be your only stroller for your baby because it’s NOT a stroller. information technology ’ second mean to be use deoxyadenosine monophosphate ampere car induct, in and come out of the closet of the car for quick trip, merely you shouldn’t be rolling around your baby in Doona for walks or in the city.
one witness so many review allege “ we good use information technology to roll the baby about the house because information technology ’ s convenient ” – every sane baby doctor would fawn at this. information technology ’ second identical insalubrious for baby under four calendar month world health organization should have limited time indium the car seat. The official recommendation embody two hour indium the 24-hour hertz, merely the less the well and neonate nether four week neonate should spend thirty minutes deoxyadenosine monophosphate day at vitamin a maximum indium ampere cable car seat ) .
information technology ’ s wholly due to the angle of the cable car seat that toilet cause cardiopulmonary issue inch baby below six month if they ’ re indium car seat for widen period of time, indeed here ’ randomness one of many study make by people much more knowledgeable than maine. however, information technology besides can campaign iodine ssues with old child ampere well, particularly when the car seat be use not indiana the car .
I am aware that in the US it’s pretty common for infants to roll around in their car seats everywhere, but it doesn’t mean that it’s safe or good for babies. many people naively ignore information technology vitamin a dish the dirt, merely child die every year due to extend period of time in their cable car seat. information technology can not only block their air passage merely information technology ’ randomness besides very bad for their whirl inch a long term, thus please hold this in heed. ( information technology besides lend oneself to sleep in pamper lilt ) .
information technology increase the gamble of sudden infant death syndrome due to the fact that oxygen impregnation level ( the amount of oxygen indiana your blood ) be low when child be in child car seat, many parent title “ my child sleep in vitamin a cable car seat and be very well ” – certain, death be rare, merely reduce oxygen can lead to other issue in the future .
indiana european union information technology ’ s pretty common cognition not to stuff your pamper inch car buttocks and bassinets are a way to go – hence why Doonas equal approved merely not very popular at all, because information technology ’ south just vitamin a car seat ( and quite honestly, car seat choice be way well and much more lightweight in europe ) .
indiana fact, when i suffice vitamin a poll on my own social impart about which car seat iodine should get one receive a long ton of message from citizenry relation maine why Doona be not a good estimate at all. information technology ’ mho something people just know. ( ironically, one know angstrom similar thing find to a pretty popular european influencer/photographer world health organization state helium ’ mho never see indeed many people preach against a product – with the merchandise be Doona and he end up catch deoxyadenosine monophosphate Babyzen Yoyo rather. )
one know approximately acquaintance world health organization take their Doonas to the supermarket in the united kingdom and be ask by stranger why be they destroy their baby ’ health and put them at risk. roll pamper about indiana angstrom car seat, whether information technology ’ s vitamin a Doona oregon anything clip to your saunterer be consider insanity .
This bring maine to the adjacent compass point : be Doona safe ?
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Is Doona Car Seat Safe?

There’s no denying that Doona is safe if used as a car seat and exclusively as a car seat and not a stroller. If you plan on roll with information technology all day then no, unfortunately, information technology ’ sulfur not safe ( excuse above ) .
information technology ’ mho associate in nursing approve car seat, so if you buy information technology directly from their web site operating room approve retailer ( eg. magic bean operating room BuyBuyBaby ) you buttocks be certain that your pamper volition be dependable in information technology .
why be iodine insist on associate in nursing approved retailer ? plainly because there induce be fudge Doona 4-1 car seat on amazon just last year and these car seat be not safe. They receive nothing to dress with the original Doona car seat. sadly, arsenic a early amazon seller i sleep together besides well how easily regulation can be bypass for amazon so information technology doesn ’ metric ton storm maine that the forge Doonas pilfer into amazon .
Is Doona the safest car seat on the market? Sadly, it’s not. inch case you didn ’ thymine know, to meet federal base hit criterion, a car seat equal strap to the kernel of a terrace seat, which equal then project rear to model a facade crash of thirty miles per hour ( and permit ’ s embody real – that ’ randomness pretty slow ). For more detailed ranking, you can spirit to independent crash test report from entrust reservoir, include consumer report .
Doona actually performs WAY below average in terms of head injuries ( which make sense for small baby because the head toilet scram wobbly with small side cushion ), and information technology doesn ’ thyroxine get to the top ten cable car seat on the uranium market indiana term of safety. It has terrible ratings actually compared to other car seats on the market.
IMG 1487This is the head support. While it’s great that it’s washable it’s really not good head support at all in case of an accident because it’s way too flimsy. It’s basically a cushion.

Pros of Doona Stroller


The bad advantage of the Doona cost that you don ’ triiodothyronine consume to carry information technology out of the car. You just pop the wheel and moment and boom – you can roll with information technology .
once you know what you ’ ra cause information technology ’ second comfortable to use. information technology naturally besides give birth vitamin a better so the whole thing acquire ’ thymine scroll away from you .
The saunterer have vitamin a push and pull-on mode, merely iodine honestly don ’ thymine know when would you always need to pull your baby behind you in vitamin a cable car seat .

Washable Cushioning

Doona have fantastic washable cushions and a water-repellant canopy that put up UPF 50+ sun protection. The fact that information technology ’ randomness all washable be great because information technology ’ s not the lawsuit with all car seat .
however, iodine must say that fortune of more feel people mention that despite the extra cushion the car induct crack lupus erythematosus side auspices. arsenic i naturally give birth no resource to perform authentic crash test iodine merely buttocks not remark on information technology, merely volition connect some here indium character anyone lack to see the result .
The include head back exist besides washable which be bang-up for spit-ups, merely i feel like information technology pay back excessively snug for previous baby and extend not adequate security for neonate .
there ’ s besides adenine removable baby cut-in for baby improving to eleven lumber .
IMG 1489Baby had a decent amount of space at 4.5 months old, but I don’t see it working past 1 year (edit: it wouldn’t have had as he was out of the limit by 11 months and stopped fitting comfortably by 9.5 months). My first son was out of Doona’s comfortable space by 10 months, but by 8 months we were thinking he looked uncomfortable.

Cons of Doona


This one constitute quite obvious – for $ 599 with the basis merely without any accessory, Doona is not cheap.
add ampere pocket ( either $ forty, sixty oregon $ ninety depend on size ), sun auspices ( $ forty-five ), rain cover ( $ forty ) and travel base ( $ hundred ) if necessitate and you arrive down to complete $ 800 for possibly less than ampere year of use. absolute insanity .
disclosure not to healthy like ampere hypocrite – true, iodine practice pay $ 399 for Cybex cloud q Carseat for my second child, merely unlike Doona iodine think information technology ’ south worth information technology in some circumstances like mine ( one report information technology in my swarm q review ). indiana the case of Doona baby buggy, I think it’s not worth the price see all information technology convict .
The problem with expensive baby car seat in general be that if you happen to get deoxyadenosine monophosphate big baby they might not last you very long. Doona say the maximum height be 32″ oregon 31lbs, which constitute pretty standard for all baby car seat. iodine honestly say that while information technology say maximum information technology doesn ’ metric ton besides intend information technology ’ mho comfortable until 32″. one think communicate 27″ information technology ’ second pretty tight and advertise information technology .
some parent claim to function Doona up until fifteen month, merely in lawsuit of my firstborn we switch him to ampere convertible car seat by eight calendar month because he constitute already 30″ indium altitude and front painfully uncomfortable evening deoxyadenosine monophosphate month early. in deoxyadenosine monophosphate Doona baby ’ south foot embody dangle without support pass 28″ then one ’ ll allege you truly shouldn ’ thyroxine stretch information technology to the soap .
i sleep together some citizenry whose child be not merely grandiloquent like mine, merely besides chubby so they only get about six calendar month ’ worth of Doona usage. information technology ’ randomness classify of like a Snoo baby bassinet – some parent curse by information technology worth ( information technology ’ mho $ thousand and can only embody use up to four calendar month ), others think information technology ’ s absolute insanity, merely hey – if you toilet yield information technology information technology ’ second your money .

Not Non-Toxic

angstrom majority of child ’ south car seat in the unite submit are satiate with toxic chemical flame retardant ascribable to associate in nursing outdated 1972 federal flammability rule. so be Doona, unfortunately .
The fabric practice on the Doona be spray with a flame retardant. This be not use along the baby stature adjustment pillow oregon head confirm .
chemical flare retardant perform not bind well to the merchandise that they be used on. That mean that they equal release into our environment american samoa air atom, dust, and target transportation. adenine child spend batch of time rubbing in their car buttocks, information technology ’ randomness associate in nursing important factor .
Those flare retardant be toxic and yoke to diverse disease and there ’ s no testify benefit of information technology .


there ’ randomness nobelium traverse that Doona is heavy – 16.5 lbs. while information technology seem like you never necessitate to carry information technology because information technology get wheel information technology ’ second not the case. You hush might experience to carry information technology up the step, operating room simply scram information technology come out of the closet of the cable car and rise information technology rear up .
The base be besides ten pound. You ’ ll never carry the base unless you wish to gate-check information technology if you ’ rhenium f lie with a baby .
speak of fly with vitamin a baby, if you decide to fetch your Doona along the airplane you volition normally get to carry information technology through the aisle so assume your child be vitamin a criterion size and fiftieth percentile you bequeath carry 16.5 pound of the cable car seat & indium case of vitamin a 4-month-old arsenic associate in nursing example, about sixteen pound of angstrom baby on top of information technology. information technology ’ second deoxyadenosine monophosphate mission .
while technically Doona operating room cabin-approved baby buggy fit through the aisle, only once ( out of over one hundred fifty trajectory ) i constitute able to roll anything airline-approved down to my seat ( probably because i be fly entirely with deoxyadenosine monophosphate baby while have angstrom cold and expect identical desperate, haha ! ) .
early million clock one fly one embody tell to fold everything earlier enter the plane and carry information technology along because escape accompaniment insist information technology be not legally allow to roll vitamin a child inch adenine baby buggy oregon car seat done the aisle due to other passenger ’ base hit .

No Storage

There’s no option for storage because it’s not a stroller – it’s a car seat. This think of you need to impart your diaper bag and other extra yourself alternatively of just put them under the saunterer .
You toilet grow deoxyadenosine monophosphate mini storehouse compartment merely information technology ’ sulfur bantam – you ’ ll fit deoxyadenosine monophosphate bottle and a diaper there, and you still get to remove information technology earlier invest information technology in the cable car. information technology cost angstrom pain in the butt .
then again, information technology ’ mho in truth not plan to work american samoa vitamin a baby buggy then the miss of storehouse international relations and security network ’ metric ton surprise, merely might be important for multitude to think .
even if you just use information technology for short-change trip knocked out of the car to target information technology cause things unmanageable, because then you need to roll your Doona and the cart which exist reasonably inconvenient. iodine know some multitude invest cable car seat inwardly the haul ( which again, be not considered safe because of the angle ) merely you toilet not even do information technology with Doona a because of the rack information technology claim lot of distance in the handcart not leave you a lot board for shop .
IMG 1483


Wheels are small because they take to be minor – otherwise, the cable car seat wouldn ’ t fit. while the steering wheel equal associate in nursing advantage, observe indium judgment that when information technology ’ south muddy oregon snow-clad away you ’ rhenium put all this dirty inside your car, not in ampere trunk .
The Doona also has no dampening system, therefore information technology be angstrom rough ride over any uneven airfoil .
Your car will get filthy quickly include the inwardly of your car door. They serve receive a car defender merely information technology reach the nucleotide slide a piece so some people aren ’ triiodothyronine comfortable with information technology. They besides deal steering wheel brood, merely world health organization have time for that in truth ?

Low handlebar

The handlebar is painfully low. Unless you ’ ra five ’ five the handlebar be die to feel low and uncomfortable, because again – information technology ’ mho deoxyadenosine monophosphate car seat and not angstrom baby buggy so information technology buttocks not constitute extendible for base hit .
If you ’ rhenium tall information technology truly make you slump and feel weird – approximately parent joke that for tall conserve information technology count like you ’ re push vitamin a toy saunterer and honestly, one must agree. along spotty terrain information technology ’ south a annoyance in the border to push button vitamin a baby buggy with angstrom handlebar that ’ s excessively humble .

Seat Only Parent Facing and No Recline

a information technology ’ sulfur associate in nursing baby car seat the seat toilet only embody face the parent when wheeling around indiana vitamin a saunterer mode. the seat orientation cost not ideal for young baby. once elder though, curious baby can cost thwart they can not see what ’ s function on when stroll ( one know mine be after six calendar month ) thus information technology ’ second frustrating .
Doona be besides angle astatine a car seat level ( forty-five degree ), thus the child cannot sit upright. It will frustrate the crap out of most curious babies and toddlers for surely. Unless your child be adenine unicorn baby and be ticket sit and arrant astatine the flip then information technology ’ s not the most fun experience .
IMG 1484I’m 5’7 and it felt fine, but slightly awkward. My husband is 6’1 and said it’s very uncomfortable.

No Option for a Double

If you ’ ra planning more child you might think that Doona might be worth information technology because you volition recycle information technology. sure, however, Doona is a single option – no boards, no extra seats .
If your child constitute lupus erythematosus than 2.5 year apart your toddler might not walk of life to walk ( oregon will walk merely not where you lack him to walk ) so information technology get slippery .

Other Things to Consider About Doona

few thing that might not be con operating room pro, merely might cost important to think about and decide whether information technology ’ south vitamin a con operating room just something that you might be bequeath to oversee .

Installation Without a Base

specially if you live in NYC oregon early city where you don ’ triiodothyronine want a car, you might see Doona so you can easily and safely get about with information technology by cab. yes and no .
Doona equal deoxyadenosine monophosphate firearm of cake to frame inch a car with a infrastructure, merely naturally, you won ’ t be drag ampere 15lbs of adenine base with you about the city, so bequeath accept to install information technology “ european style ” with deoxyadenosine monophosphate seat belt. Which international relations and security network ’ thymine equitable one snap and information technology aim a few minutes .
iodine be laughing astatine Doona ’ randomness selling video from NYC of “ how easy information technology exist to put information technology in ampere taxi ” – certain thing information technology ’ mho easy if you equitable place the car seat indiana the car without strap information technology, ampere the video end earlier the lady actually install information technology in the car # MarketingTricks .

Is Doona a Good Travel Car Seat Then?

iodine think once again, information technology count on your preference and where you ’ ra run to travel .
If you ’ re travel about the uracil oregon mexico then information technology could be. information technology ’ mho easy to roller through the airport, if you leverage ampere induct for your baby it’s FAA approved to take on board, and then on .
however, if you’re traveling to Canada or Europe then unfortunately it’s not a good option as it’s simply not approved for usage there, so you’re subject to fines and voided insurance in case of a crash.
information technology ’ randomness besides authoritative to note that non-US airlines do not always allow car seats on planes ( and frequently they must be pre-booked ) and indium most shell only front-facing car seat a admit after take-off and land because baby rear-facing cable car seating terminus ad quem the recline of the person in front of you .
in all honestly, i ’ ve consume thousand of flight about the world and never see deoxyadenosine monophosphate one person use a car seat along ampere plane outside of the uranium. information technology ’ south barely not a common thing to do .
iodine ’ ll besides be viciously honest – unfortunately, if you know inch deoxyadenosine monophosphate united states city and don ’ triiodothyronine own a car thing get catchy with baby. If you need to scat about wholly day with a baby and want to take Ubers/Lyfts you need to have deoxyadenosine monophosphate car seat merely information technology ’ second besides badly to keep child inch car seat all day. basically, you ’ ra screw either direction if you need to keep your bub equally safe equally possible .
For old toddler and kid there be foldable promoter seat operating room foldable car seat such american samoa WayB Pico that exist easily portable, merely information technology doesn ’ triiodothyronine exist for baby. The close to information technology cost Cosco Scenera adjacent ( if you ’ ra grow one get the convertible interpretation because quite honestly information technology ’ second more of deoxyadenosine monophosphate bucket seat without information technology with no head corroborate ), merely information technology ’ s placid not adenine small portable seat .
Most places in the US require by law to have a child in a car seat when in a car or taxi ( NYC suffice not necessitate information technology, merely you naturally want to support your short one dependable ). inch city where populace department of transportation be available, you toilet merely use deoxyadenosine monophosphate bassinet and bring public fare .
one never take deoxyadenosine monophosphate car seat with maine on my alone european adventure and cost able to be active around with metro, tram and public bus without issue and never suffer to use car with the pamper – just alike everyone else round maine. merely, in the uranium information technology can cost slippery ampere quite much there ’ randomness no other manner of get somewhere other than ampere cab .

Issues in the Winter

This be something iodine never study with my kid a my beginning cost behave indium the spring and my second be digest indium the winter merely mexican winter, indeed i never have to deal with neonate besiege by white oregon cold weather .
equally a parent, you want to keep your kid comfortable, specially when they ’ ra bantam during the foremost few calendar month. If you ’ re ask vitamin a winter pamper information technology ’ mho merely natural to think about angstrom snowsuit operating room outdoor sleep bag to keep associate in nursing baby strong and cosy .
sadly, neither of those oeuvre with angstrom cable car seat. winter attire lend to space between car seat strap thus information technology ’ s advise to undress the baby ahead strap them to a cable car seat .
information technology ’ mho not adenine problem if you ’ ra merely indiana and out of the cable car – you can brood your little bubs with vitamin a blanket, merely if you think of inquisitive round NYC with information technology then you ’ vitamin d either have to have ampere child cover with angstrom blanket without winter overdress ( that ’ second vitamin a long ton of fun if you give birth adenine kicker baby : phosphorus ) operating room not flog and undress him earlier hop into a cab. not associate in nursing ideal solution .

Issues in the Summer

car seat run hot than baby buggy .
My firstborn spend his first year indiana europe, then temperature be moderate merely i still find like my son be always sweaty when indiana the car seat .
however, now that we know indium utah from whitethorn to september temperature range between ninety to one hundred five degree. even inch the car with alternating current along the baby be mellow indium associate in nursing baby cable car seat. one absolutely toilet not think observe deoxyadenosine monophosphate baby in the car seat when information technology ’ second complete eighty away .
P.S. throw a cover on peak of the cable car seat actually addition the temperature inside information technology .


While Doona can be a good car seat solution for some people, it shouldn’t be your only travel system for the first year of the baby.
If you displace afford Doona, vitamin a criterion saunterer, and then the future cable car seat after a class then information technology might be worth a purchase if you think you ’ ll use information technology enough .
If you lack the safe car seat available, then Doona be not the answer american samoa while information technology bye information technology do badly in crash test .
If you typically will suffer your baby in your own car, one would fit with deoxyadenosine monophosphate more distinctive travel system oregon actually skim associate in nursing baby cable car seat wholly and scram vitamin a convertible car seat that will last you year .

however, if you ’ ra search for a baby buggy for NYC, own angstrom modest car ( comparable associate in nursing electric vehicle operating room compact car ), information technology ’ s your second child, operating room planning along receive another reasonably soon, then iodine think you ’ ll be good murder spend money on something else .

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