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Average life expectancy by country

Life expectancy for men and women

A male child born in the United States today will live to be 74.5 years old on average. This puts the male citizens of the US in 46th place in this ranking. On average, US women are 5.7 years older, reaching an age of 80.2. The world average age of death is a few years lower at 69.8 years for men and 74.9 years for women. Within the

Birth rate and death rate are given in births/deaths per 1,000 inhabitants within one year. The table shows the official data from the year 2020. In some minor cases, no data for this year are known, so previously published data were used.

Development of life expectancy worldwide

In the years 1960 to 2020, life expectancy has increased perceptibly worldwide. Starting at 50.7 years, it increased for men by 19.1 years to 69.8 years. For women, life expectancy increased by 20.3 years from 54.6 up to an average of 74.9 years since 1960.

Development of life expectancy worldwide

Differentiation by region

Life expectancy in Africa Male Female
Northern Africa 68.46 72.98
Central Africa 57.80 61.85
Western Africa 56.07 58.04
Southern Africa 61.65 67.49
Eastern Africa 61.34 66.50
Life expectancy in America Male Female
Caribbean 69.22 75.53
South America 70.70 77.42
Central America 67.26 74.85
North America 75.04 80.58
Life expectancy in Asia Male Female
South Asia 68.22 71.88
Western Asia 70.77 76.10
Southeast Asia 69.05 74.58
East Asia 75.90 81.68
Central Asia 67.23 73.35
Life expectancy in Australia Male Female
Australia/New Zealand 81.05 85.07
Life expectancy in Europe Male Female
Western Europe 79.04 84.10
Southern Europe 78.75 83.85
Northern Europe 78.99 83.21
Eastern Europe 68.35 77.55
Life expectancy in Oceania Male Female
Polynesia 74.11 79.98
Melanesia 64.36 69.50
Micronesia 68.05 74.97

What is life expectancy?

Life expectancy indicates the expected age that is estimated for a human being at the time of birth. This number of years is determined mainly from the current mortality rates. However, since these data only take into account the past, additional estimates are included to determine the future age due to external influences. These can be environmental factors as well as developments in health care. The average life expectancy is therefore not a measured value, but a prognosis for the future.

As the life expentancy steadily increases in most countries, the currect average age of death is bit lower than the expected. Depending on the country, it is between two and five years lower.

Above all, life expectancy is a result of the living conditions of a person or a population group. Essential factors are medical care, balanced nutrition and drinking water supply. These factors are influenced significantly by political factors, which is why life expectancy often derives from a country’s standard of living.

The difference between men and women

Life expectancy In the vast majority of countries, women are four to eight years older than men. According to many scientists, this is not a purely biological difference. Instead it is also attributed to different behaviors. According to this view, men are less careful about their bodies than women. In fact, smokers and alcohol consumers are more common among men. Also, physical stress with simultaneous aversions to medical treatment and health precautions are responsible for this. Indeed, there is also an additional genetic reason for women’s longer lives.

Influence of the mortality rate of children

A significant impact on life expectancy is the mortality rate of children. Both in the Middle Ages, as well as in the developing countries today, the death rate of children at birth or in the first few years of life is disproportionately high. These factors are already included in the average life expectancy. If one subtracts the proportion of children already deceased after the first years of living, the “average” is maintained, but the life expectancy of the rest increases.

* Dependent territories

The following countries are not sovereign states, but dependent territories or areas of other states:

  • Bermuda: self-governing territory of the UK
  • Hong Kong: special administrative region of China
  • Macao: special administrative region of China
  • Puerto Rico: unincorporated territory of the US

Further information on the definition of a country can be found in our article,

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