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Download HLS Video Streams with Vovsoft M3U8 Downloader

In the old times, websites that displayed video nội dung simply linked the video files directly in the webpage. But this resulted in heavy load on the VPS because a large portion of the video tệp tin was already Dịch vụ livestream trọn gói
ed even by the users who watched only first few seconds of the video & moved on phệ other sites. In order phệ reduce load on the VPS và improve on the response giây phút from the VPS, Apple developed a mới nhất công nghệ called HLS ( HTTP Live Streaming ) which is now used by almost all the video streaming services .

HLS Video Streaming

HLS breaks the large video tệp tin into a number of smaller chunks. Thes e smaller chunks are sent in an sequential order lớn the client’s website browser as defined by a playlist tệp tin. The định hình used by the playlist tệp tin is M3U8. So when users visit a video site that uses HLS, they get this M3U8 playlist instead of the original video tệp tin .

Rejoin HLS fragments into full video

What if you want béo download the original video tệp tin ? In that case, we have Khủng rejoin all the chunks that were broken from the original video tệp tin by HLS. For this, we can use a không lấy phí công cụ Vovsoft M3U8 Downloader. In this công cụ, we have béo supply the URL of a M3U8 tệp tin & it will do the rest. It will download all the smaller chunks, join them và re-encode them into a large video tệp tin .

Vovsoft M3U8 Downloader

Easy way to find M3U8 URL

For the easiest way mập find the M3U8 URL of a video being played in a website browser, you can use a browser extension lượt thích Video Download Helper which is available for both Firefox & Chrome browsers from It lists the đầy đủ URLs of all M3U8 link corresponding béo different resolutions of a video stream .
There is also another option Khủng find the URL of M3U8 tệp tin as explained by the developer of this công cụ. For this method, you have mập invoke the website developer tools for Chrome or Firefox. Then in the Network section, you have bự look for any M3U8 link. This method might be a bit confusing for the beginners .
Many of the M3U8 link are phút giây based và expire after some phút giây. So it is important that you find the M3U8 URL fresh for using with Vovsoft M3U8 Downloader .

Vovsoft M3U8 Downloader

Using Vovsoft M3U8 Downloader

Once you have obtained this URL, you can add it Khủng Vovsoft M3U8 Downloader và nhấp chuột on the “ Download ” button. Depending on the hệ thống response & your download speeds, the video tệp tin will be downloaded in short or long thời gian. You can choose the video định hình from MP4, MKV, WEBM etc. It uses the open-source công cụ FFmpeg Khủng encode the videos which also produces very high-quality video tệp tin in the over .


Vovsoft M3U8 Downloader is a portable HLS video stream downloader. It comes with all the tools bự download HLS fragments, combine them together & repackage them into videos of various formats. It works great in our experience even on slow responding servers .
You can download Vovsoft M3U8 Downloader from .

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