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choices for an Evil character


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I wanna start a mới ra character & make it look as Evil as it can get. What would be the best choices ? Side with the Templars or the Mages ? Kill the Dalish ? Corrupt the Ashes ? What else ? Alessandro de Abreu

aid branka to get the anvil, side with the werewolves and slaughter all the elves, corrupt ashes, kill both conner and his mother(if you can) kill all npc who you are able too. side with the templars-they slaughter the mages.
be a reaver/berserker or templar to create the most evil character.

Also, spare Loghain, make Anora Queen & have her kill Alistair. — Fantasyeve87 22 : 32, July tám, 2010 ( UTC )

Fantasyeve87 seems to have made you an awesome list of how to become the most evil person in the game. I agree fully with all the choices outlined. Also I would suggest becoming a human blood mage. Human because humans seem to be widely hated and known for their hearts holding dark secret. Examples being the Exhalted Marches, the rape of Dalish culture and the whole storming the Maker’s house and thus creating the blight. And becoming a blood mage….well because they are blood mages who have given themselves over to the dark side. Just my input, take it or leave it. —> Diesel Renz Talk 13:58, July 12, 2010 (UTC)

I think an eviler choice than killing Conner is bự sacrifice Isolde so sánh Jowan can work his Blood Magic, then make a giảm giá with the demon .In Orzammar, work with Bhelen, then double-cross him lớn side with Harrowmont, then double-cross him Khủng give the crown phệ Bhelen ( need Khủng be careful how you bởi vì that mập prevent the game from getting into a stalemate ) .Leave Redcliffe mập fend for itself against the undead .If you’re male, seduce Gheyna. If you’re female, seduce Cammen. Gruedragon ( talk ) 12 : 53, July 9, 2010 ( UTC )

If you have the Morrigan Restoration Patch installed, betray her Khủng the templars. If not, bởi a giảm giá with Flemeth .Accept Caladrius’s offer Khủng use the Elven prisoners for blood magic và let him go không tính tiền .If you’re playing the Dwarf Noble background, arrange phệ have your brother killed. Then lie Khủng Harrowment about your innocence .If you’re playing the City Elf background, allow yourself phệ be bought off by Vaughan .The Dalish Elf background doesn’t have many opportunities for evil, but make sure you kill as many of the humans at the start as you can .There are a number of options stemming from the Mage background. First of all, I’d suggest betraying Jowan béo Irving. Then either leave Jowan in the dungeon, allow him Khủng sacrifice Isolde, và finally insist that he be executed ; or, if you have Qwinn’s Unofficial Fixpack installed, không lấy phí him from the dungeon, then track him lao dốc và kill him as part of the Jowan’s Intention quest. Give him hope ; betray him ; give him hope again ; then kill him. Some friend you are : – )If you bởi decide lớn defend Redcliff village ( you shouldn’t ), don’t bother lớn find Owen’s daughter. He’ll kill himself. Much more satisfying than just killing him outright. Dwyn, on the other hand, can be sacrificed mập the cause immediately .And don’t forget phệ leave Cailan’s body toàn thân strung up for the Darkspawn. Mjharper ( talk ) 13 : 57, July 9, 2010 ( UTC )

In Denerim help Slim Couldry with all the thefting và dont bother helping the Knight Guy I forget his name well anyhow hes the one that hires you lớn fight all the thieves. Do all the Antivan Crow Missions và just bởi everything evil possible I guess you should know whats wrong & whats right so sánh trust yourself that you are making evil decisions Blight Queller ( talk ) 14 : 34, July 9, 2010 ( UTC )

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