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So, i was reading some stuff about the cut-content about Champions of The Just, with the Envyana situation & people making parallels bự rape. I understant why they would want béo take that away from the game ( even though i don’t agree with this decision ), but, at the same thời gian, i find it a bad decision. Let’s go back mập Origins. Origins was a true dark fantasy setting : the world was bleak & morality was Đen & grey most of the thời gian. You could find yourself agreeing with the human villains, & the Blight was a destructive force of corruption in the khung of the darkspawn. In Origins, we had the Deep Roads, a very disturbing part of the game. As soon as we found Hespith, we could tell something was wrong with her, & then she started singing. It wasn’t open for interpretation, it wasn’t something you could only draw parallels phệ : she described the rape và torture of woman by the hands of the darkspawn, & their corruption into broodmothers. It was a brutal và disturbing discovery, but they didn’t shy away from it : no, they showed us the horror và despair the darkspawn would bring, và that strengthened our resolve Khủng stop the Blight. We also had the Desire Demon ( another thing i missed in Inquisition. Of course they are oversexualized ( is that right ? Oversexualized ? Not my native langusocial security calculator by age
, sorry ), they are DESIRE DEMONS, for pete sake. It’s not meant béo be good, it’s meant bự be offensive và at the same giây phút good, that’s what demons bởi vì ) in the Mages Tower, that mind controlled a Templar lớn make him think it was his wife. A very similar sự kiện Khủng the Envyana stuff. You could kill the demon & the man, you could try phệ break the hold of the demon upon the man or you could leave it be. In Origins, you could be truly evil. Your Warden could be called a Nominal Hero, because he ( và you, by proxy ) could bởi some very nasty things, life defiling the Sacred Ashes .Do you guys understand where i’m going with this ? Origins ( và on a lesser extent, II ) were truly dark fantasy, where Inquisition feels lượt thích your standard medieval fantasy at times. In Origins ( & II, at some points ), they did not shy away from doind thing that could be called offensive by some, but it was made VERY clear that this was wrong. The villains ( well, except the Archdemon, but, you know, Old dragon quái vật god of supreme evil ) were humans you could understand, even relate bự, where Corypheus, a very interesting character in II, ws turned into a moustache-twirling villain in the main quest, only receiving SOME characterization in the forms of some side-quests notes .It appears phệ me the series is shying away from doing the truly dark things that were part of the reason Origins was such a mới nhất adventure only because they fear the nội dung might be offensive mập some. The villains are getting less complex, the world is getting softer và the only plots that i feel are getting developed are the Elves và the mages ” I’m oppressed ” stuff. I mean, Inquisition felt lighter than Baldur’s Gate và Neverwinter Nights at points. ( IMO )

So, what bởi vì you guys think ? Just remembering, what i just said was my opinion, but if you have any points that go against it, i would be happy bự hear it .

Also, sorry about bad english. It’s not my primary languague .

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