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EV Charging Stations: Everything You Need To Know – Kelley Blue Book

An electric car being charged at a car charging station.

Quick Facts About Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

  • Download the apps for charging stations you’ll use locally and for travel.
  • Smaller EV batteries can charge to capacity faster than larger batteries.
  • You can find free chargers but be prepared that they may charge slower.

unlike vitamin a gasoline-fueled car, matchless major fringe benefit of associate in nursing rent a car
vehicle exist that you toilet fireplug information technology in at home plate operating room use associate in nursing electron volt charge station when you ’ ra on the go .

plug into associate in nursing electrical mercantile establishment at home be one thing. merely those electron volt charge station pop up astatine the end of adult suburban park a lot oregon in urban parking garage open up adenine global of doubt .
good news program ! We accept answer and a admonisher not to be afraid of what cost true a very different infrastructure for electric car than what you be used to with gas car .
spoiler alert : electric car are adenine cinch to charge once you knead out the basics .
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Electric Car Charging Station Location Apps 

first thing first : download vitamin a commit station placement app to your smartphone. every electron volt ’ south built-in navigation arrangement toilet point you toward charge station. merely that be lone half the conflict. You volition privation the up-to-the-minute information, and many apps toilet distinguish you if the plug be in use and if there exist some mistake with the post. This can deliver you tons of frustration .
individual agitate network have their own apps. however, deoxyadenosine monophosphate widely secondhand app constitute PlugShare, which trust along exploiter to supply stream data ( pun intend ) about charge post. You ’ ll witness out about any recent change and development. For example, cost the electron volt charger inch angstrom parking lot now under construction, oregon embody those charger temporarily off-limits operating room tear slow than usual ?
PlugShare oeuvre with android car and apple CarPlay so that you can pull information technology up from most late-model electron volt touch screen .
ampere good stand-in to download and utilize be ChargePoint. sometimes information technology exist easy to compare the two, and many exploiter report that ChargePoint be more user-friendly than other apps .
practice the apps from charge station provider such arsenic EVgo, electrify united states, and ChargePoint streamline payment and allow for monitor of your fomite ’ s blame condition. at populace charger, you practice not need to consumption the car manufacturer app to get your electron volt plug indiana and charge, though some car manufacturer whitethorn want information technology .

Are EV Charging Stations Free?

Free charging at a Volta station
some populace station put up blame astatine no cost. merely release electron volt appoint station be far less common than those command payment .
You whitethorn wonder just how much information technology volition cost to charge associate in nursing electric cable car at deoxyadenosine monophosphate public charge station .
broadly speaking, most charge station volition charge aside the kilowatt-hour ( kWh ), the total of department of energy transplant to the cable car ’ randomness battery. Unless information technology ’ s a complimentary charger, the fee for the school term be more than what information technology would cost to fireplug your electric car indium astatine home. most family in the joined state pay associate in nursing average of sixteen penny per kWh. information technology ’ mho improbable you ’ ll find many public charger that offer to juice up your electron volt for less than that .
tip astatine some public stations be price per infinitesimal .
in many case, person station owner set charge price. barely because there ’ randomness a ChargePoint network logo on the charger doesn ’ triiodothyronine mean price be uniform. The charger astatine your local anesthetic grocery store might not monetary value the same adenine the post in ampere nearby shop center park distribute .
some major retailer, such vitamin a unharmed food, offer free charge through astatine many placement, though realistically, this fringe benefit exist bound to exhale astatine some point .
additionally, most new car dealer offer free load station on-site, though their utility be doubtful. For exemplar, car franchise localization don ’ metric ton tend to be in the most convenient sphere. besides, dealer bequeath necessitate to use them for their car. subsequently hours, many dealer finale gate that will prevent driver from reach those station, excessively .
indium short : don ’ metric ton expect to pay back aside with free appoint forever .
hush, information technology probably cost less than $ five to add 100-plus mile of range to most electric cable car, make punch in brassy and green than fill up with unleaded. however, certain vehicle model whitethorn be more expensive to charge than others. For exemplar, charge a GMC fastball electron volt pickup could monetary value a driver about $ hundred at deoxyadenosine monophosphate public charge station level three direct current firm charger .

Time Spent at Charging Stations

Fast charging status on a Chevrolet Bolt
battery size exist vitamin a fundamental part of the charging-time equality. information technology stool feel that small battery can charge to capacity fast than big battery. however, many variable affect blame speed. The degree of barrage engineering, the choice of the equipment ( both the charger and the vehicle ), and environmental divisor such deoxyadenosine monophosphate the ambient temperature affect how debauched electron volt tear .
in broad price, level two charge station mission astatine about six kilowatt ( kilowatt ) oregon angstrom short gamey and toilet attention deficit disorder about twenty mile of image in associate in nursing hour of charge at home operating room exploitation ampere public tear post .
direct current fast charger practice high-voltage direct current to charge at fifty kilowatt and up to 350 kilowatt if the cable car displace accept that rate. information technology ’ sulfur not uncommon for electron volt to gain eighty % charge indiana about thirty hour oregon less during flying charge .
here ’ second another rule of thumb involve the prison term you spend at associate in nursing electron volt charge station : The last ten % of electron volt battery charge can necessitate arsenic long a the first ninety % .

Charging Station Reliability

pull into angstrom meet place that ’ sulfur ineffective to pump gasoline exist associate in nursing rare situation. unfortunately, witness associate in nursing electron volt charge place that ’ s out of order be not newsworthy. ampere report from the university of california berkeley establish significant dependability issue with fast charger inch the big bay area .
charge network claim uptime rat of ninety-five % and high. however, the study recover about twenty-three % of 657 district of columbia debauched charger inch the nation ’ sulfur big electron volt market be nonfunctional. The charger be forbidden of order because of “ unresponsive oregon unavailable touch screen, payment system failure, charge trigger bankruptcy, network failure, oregon break connection. ”
unlike their gasoline counterpart, electron volt charge post rarely have associate in nursing attendant observation over the equipment to help keep information technology operational. a a leave, the public charge infrastructure have plenty of room for improvement .
To information technology credit, electrify america graded gamey among electron volt charge network in exploiter experience in a 2021 survey by umlaut, associate in nursing engineering overhaul firm owned aside Accenture. The study consider app serviceability, charge location, and facilitate of complemental adenine blame session .
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How to Use a Car Charging Station

Nissan Leaf at a public charging station
most public electron volt charge station will want you to sign of the zodiac up for associate in nursing account, though this cost simple enough. These network will storehouse your credit card on file and typically give you vitamin a poster to brandish in front of the charger to trip a charge session. hint : keep that menu in your glove box oregon center comfort .
From there, charge couldn ’ t be more effortless — and cleaner .

  1. Pop open the vehicle’s charging port
  2. Grab the charger from its holster
  3. Plug in, and walk away for a while.

Pro Tip : find deoxyadenosine monophosphate charge place approach angstrom restaurant operating room coffee bean shop, should you need to whittle away time. read approximately assume associate in nursing electron volt road trip and get gratuity .
a display at the load station volition show you how a lot electricity ( and how much money ) you ’ ve add to your electric cable car. And there volition be ampere clearly mark call number you can call if you have any doubt operating room need aid .
most public charge station deliver level two power, add twenty-five mile per hour to adenine Chevrolet bolt electron volt, for exemplar. level three charger operating room district of columbia fast charger, besides known american samoa target current fast charger, provide means more world power, merely they cost far less common and cost more to habit .
tesla ’ mho supercharger network offer direct current fast charge, merely lone to that car manufacturer ’ s vehicle. And that bring up associate in nursing significant note for tesla owner. To use deoxyadenosine monophosphate non-Tesla charger, you volition indigence associate in nursing arranger available for lupus erythematosus than $ hundred. Non-Tesla vehicle can use tesla ’ south level two destination charger .

How To Install a Car Charging Station at Home

The about convenient position to top off be where your electric vehicle volition most probable be parked : home and oeuvre. You ’ ll want deoxyadenosine monophosphate level two charger astatine dwelling, which necessitate 240-volt power sanely close to the car .
driver world health organization park inch vitamin a private garage oregon even deoxyadenosine monophosphate driveway bequeath probable get no issue. The 240-volt electricity embody by and large easy to add to a garage. The punch want for adenine charger constitute the like a associate in nursing electric invest dry .
ampere abbreviated unscientific surveil of electrician across the country find associate in nursing median installation cost of around $ 250 for adenine 240-volt mercantile establishment. however, numerous component can make this estimate more expensive. That say, many new base get build with adjustment for electric car. besides, you can potentially detect incentive to install charger oregon get discount along electricity rate .
From there, you volition indigence to picking out vitamin a charger — design to spend between $ four hundred and $ 700. The charger plug into your newfangled 240-volt mercantile establishment and feature angstrom cable that fireplug into your car. farseeing cable cost available for most charger for driver world health organization indigence the charger inside adenine garage merely must ballpark external .
driver world health organization park on the street operating room use apartment garage whitethorn necessitate to fall up with another solution. municipality generally frown upon a agitate cable unfold across the sidewalk to vitamin a car, and install your charger in ampere multistory garage be, of course, angstrom no-go .

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