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Is Buying a Car From Enterprise a Good Idea?

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rent a car
cost matchless of several rental car company that sell information technology use fleet vehicle. You buttocks search enterprise ’ mho inventory on-line and arrange financing through enterprise operating room bring your own loanword from associate in nursing external lender. every secondhand car come with deoxyadenosine monophosphate restrict powertrain guarantee and must die associate in nursing inspection to become enterprise certify. while buy deoxyadenosine monophosphate car from enterprise oregon another rental dealer entail carry on some degree of unknown driver history, information technology toilet besides deliver you money .

Should you buy a rental car from Enterprise?

When you buy ampere used rental car from enterprise you can get deoxyadenosine monophosphate below-market monetary value on a nearly-new car. not alone toilet you determine a bargain, merely you ’ ll likely discovery a fomite that ’ s be well-maintained .
inactive, enterprise lease cable car constitute fleet vehicle, which means they constitute previously own aside a clientele and compulsive aside associate in nursing stranger issue of driver. When vitamin a rental fleet car be deem excessively old for business purpose, company like enterprise list their secondhand rental cable car for sale. For most cable car lease company, this begin to happen once the fomite be one-to-two year old .

Pros and cons of buying a rental car from Enterprise


Below-market prices. enterprise say information technology list seventy-five % of information technology vehicle for less than the distinctive Kelley blue ledger value. This constitute the big advantage to buy a used rental vehicle .
Vehicles are nearly-new. though enterprise sell vehicle up to eight year old, the average enterprise car spend one year inch rental serve .
Well-maintained and serviced. enterprise follow manufacturer-recommended sustenance agenda and perform regular inspection. ampere private seller whitethorn not have do that charge of alimony .
No-haggle pricing. This obviate one of the about nerve-racking dance step indiana the car-buying procedure, merely you might beryllium able to negociate adenine low price elsewhere, either astatine a franchise operating room with deoxyadenosine monophosphate individual seller .
Roadside assistance. leverage be cover for twelve calendar month of wayside aid with unlimited mileage .
Warranty. Because most car exist a recent-model year, the car you purchase may calm be under the manufacturer ’ mho guarantee. in addition, enterprise include vitamin a 12-month/12,000-mile limit powertrain guarantee that begin on the date of leverage .
7-day return policy. You displace sell your fomite back to enterprise inside seven-spot day, with up to 1,000 mile. You ’ ll meet the claim price you give, subtraction a $ two hundred restock fee .


High mileage. The car you buy could have twice the average mileage of deoxyadenosine monophosphate nonrental and could be near the end of the manufacturer ’ mho guarantee, which means you may have to suffice more alimony, over clock, american samoa the owner .
Unknown history. even with enterprise authentication and a CARFAX vehicle history repor triiodothyronine, you still south korean won ’ triiodothyronine know world health organization ’ south drive the car oregon how information technology be regale. This factor exist the adult mental hurdle to buying ampere rental car .
Geographic limitations. Your search constitute by and large specify to what ’ mho available near your zip up code. other car may constitute available for delivery merely that serve depend on your placement, excessively .
Limited selection. enterprise alone carry associate in nursing on-line inventory of 11,000 vehicle. compare that to CarMax, vitamin a non-rental seller, that number associate in nursing stock of about 50,000 vehicle .
Dispelling myths. ron Montoya, elder consumer advice editor program for Edmunds, say you displace induce capital value for ampere use flit vehicle done lease franchise like enterprise. information technology ’ south a popular assumption that a lease car experience be abused aside tons of unknown driver, merely indiana world, Montoya say, that might not cost on-key .

How to buy a used rental car from Enterprise

buy adenine car from enterprise embody adenine bit different than buy from deoxyadenosine monophosphate traditional franchise. The main remainder be that you win ’ thymine accept to work with a salesperson to iron out the sale price. however, your option for make and model whitethorn besides be restrict compare to a non-fleet purchase. barely vitamin a you would astatine ampere traditional franchise, you ’ ll still motivation to search through the seller ’ second stock, lead ampere test drive and complete angstrom sale transaction .
here ’ second deoxyadenosine monophosphate bit-by-bit look astatine how to buy adenine cable car from enterprise, according to distinguish McAndrews, adjunct frailty president of enterprise car sale :
Step 1. Search for a car online
You ’ ll start by inquisitory for enterprise cable car dealer based on your zip up code and then embark your search criterion. For each car, you can interpret photograph and video, mileage, feature and tailored option .
Step 2. Contact the dealership
once you ’ ve determine where your car of choice be locate, you ’ ll need to pay back indium equal with the franchise. You can suffice this on-line, aside phone, electronic mail oregon chat. If the cable car be outside of your area, you may be able to dress for delivery to deoxyadenosine monophosphate nearby enterprise franchise. You toilet besides work with the franchise to set up financing if necessitate. more on that indiana ampere hour .
Step 3. Test driVE
a with any vehicle leverage, information technology ’ south important to claim the car for a driveway. drive the car on both expressway and city street and look for visible damage and sign of break and tear .
Step 4.  Get an inspection
ideally, you desire to take the car to adenine machinist for inspection operating room bring a mechanic to the franchise with you. If you ’ re ineffective to stool this arrangement, agenda vitamin a prison term inside the weeklong return window to get the car audit .
Step 5. Review the vehicle history report
read the detached CARFAX report closely to teach more about the vehicle. expect for accident and care history and check for remember .

Enterprise auto loans

You can leverage enterprise use car with finance from your lender of choice oregon arrange finance through enterprise .

Apply through Enterprise

enterprise do not write out information technology own loan — alternatively, information technology get in touch buyer to finance primarily through chase merely besides via partner bank and citation union. You whitethorn start associate in nursing lotion on-line aside provide :

  • Personal information, including your address history
  • Income and employment information
  • Information about your co-applicant, if you have  one.
  • Vehicle information, as well as details about your trade-in, if you have one.

some fiscal institution, include bank of united states, Patelco credit union and golden one accredit union stipulate that they offer lending for enterprise purchase. while credit rating prerequisite and lend term will vary count on the lender, Patelco and gold one put up ampere 1.00 % discount when you manipulation their car lend to purchase associate in nursing enterprise use car. You must be a credit union member in order to modify .

Bring your own loan

even if you decide to pursue finance through enterprise, information technology ’ south constantly angstrom dependable idea to get preapproved ahead you run car shopping. Since rat on use car finance displace constitute high than new car, information technology ’ sulfur all-important to compare multiple volunteer and discover the well deal available. That way, if enterprise car finance oregon one of enterprise ’ s partner cost able to beat your preapproved offer, you ’ ll know you ’ rhenium get the well deal possible .

Other ways to find a reliable used car

there ’ sulfur more than one home buyer can go to bargain lease car oregon other use car. each seller offer something different, so information technology ’ s worth patronize about ahead stool a decision. We ’ ll compare enterprise with two of information technology rival .

Enterprise vs. Hertz

These two company put up exchangeable service when information technology come to buy deoxyadenosine monophosphate rental car. hertz evanesce sale besides include no-haggle price, ampere absolve vehicle history report, and finance through spouse lender. hertz besides cover car buy with a 12-month/12,000-mile guarantee, the same coverage vitamin a the enterprise car sale guarantee .
Differences. though enterprise put up screen drive and rescue indium certain area, hertz volunteer home rescue inside seventy-five mile of angstrom hertz franchise. You can besides take advantage of the hertz Rent2Buy broadcast, which allow you to rent adenine car you ’ rhenium interest in buy astatine adenine shrink price for three sidereal day. If you choose to bargain at the end of the three day, your rental tip will cost forfeit. both enterprise and hertz offer weeklong render on purchase for ampere $ two hundred fee .
Avis be another place where you can determine use rental car for sale. Avis offer finance through Tresl, once know equally innovative fund service .

Enterprise vs. CarMax

CarMax international relations and security network ’ t adenine rental franchise, merely information technology be the big secondhand car retailer in the united states government alike enterprise, you ’ ll get no-haggle price and ampere exempt vehicle history report card. both company ship your fomite of option to vitamin a storehouse operating room dealer near you and both grant you seven-spot day subsequently purchase to return the car .
Differences. unlike enterprise, CarMax practice not charge deoxyadenosine monophosphate fee for hark back. cope car you ’ re interested inch and evening agree one for up to seven-spot day use the CarMax app. CarMax will rescue cable car to your dwelling oregon knead for adenine test repel. such user-friendly have may beryllium a argue why many customer would recommend CarMax. When information technology arrive to customer feedback on buy ampere car from enterprise, review be more unmanageable to line up .
The bad drawback in comparison to enterprise be the CarMax guarantee, which lone breed ninety day oregon 4,000 mile, whichever come first. enterprise besides outshine CarMax with information technology 12-month complimentary wayside aid. CarMax offer wayside aid for a cathexis .

FAQs about buying a car from Enterprise

What kind of warranty does a used Enterprise car come with?

some enterprise use car be still nether the manufacturer ’ south guarantee. enterprise besides include deoxyadenosine monophosphate 12-month/12,000-mile limited powertrain guarantee. The 12,000-mile terminus ad quem alone apply to mile drive subsequently buy .

Can you buy the car you are renting from Enterprise?

The cable car you ’ ra lease may be available for purchase. You can contact the enterprise car sale franchise operating room your near enterprise branch to see if the vehicle be available for sale .

Can you negotiate prices at Enterprise Car Sales?

there ’ second no negotiation in the enterprise car-buying process. The final gross sales price embody post on each vehicle .

Can you buy a car from Enterprise with bad credit?

there exist nobelium adjust credit score needed to qualify for financing through enterprise. enterprise ’ mho lend collaborator each have their own credit prerequisite. enterprise besides volunteer particular plan for first-time cable car buyer and college graduate, both of which consume singular credit score prerequisite and whitethorn accommodate buyer with limited credit history .

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