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10+ Legit Ways To Get Free Steam Games (Ultimate 2023 Guide!)

Video games, or the beautiful activity that allows us đăng ký jun88
escape the real world và become whatever or whoever we want to be .
There’s no denying that playing đoạn phim games is extremely fun. Pus, it’s even possible to make money playing Clip games if you stream on Twitch, start a YouTube channel, or get a bit creative .
However, a đoạn Clip game hobby can also be extremely expensive .

If you’re a teenager, chances are, you might struggle to get the flashiest mới nhất đoạn phim game on the market unless your parents help pay for it. I know that struggle because I was there too .

Thankfully, if you’re a serious gaming fan, you’re in luck. It’s actually possible to cut down on video game costs by using a platform called Steam.

Steam, a downloadable gaming platform, allows gamers all end the world to browse and shop for games in a central marketplace. Steam also lets you play games for free & save money, if you get a bit creative .
In this article, I’m discussing how you can earn free Steam games & to save money when mua sắm for your next đoạn phim game .

The Best Ways To Get Free Steam Games

If you’re wondering how to get Steam games for free và cut lao dốc on your đoạn phim game spending, you’re in luck !
Here are 12 legit ways you can earn free Steam games & codes to hopefully save you money the next thời gian you purchase a game, or to even get Steam games for free !

1. Mistplay

Mistplay is a “loyalty program for gamers” that’s one of the most popular apps that pays you for playing games.

You receive rewards in the form of gift cards once you earn enough Mistplay points. One of the gift card options available on Mistplay is for Steam.

Mistplay app

By playing mobi games, which you’re most likely already doing, you can earn rewards that go right back into your gaming experience. It’s the perfect way to save money on đoạn Clip games while still playing đoạn Clip games !
The rewards take a little while to add up in order to earn gift cards for Steam Codes, but considering that you’re already gaming, it’s worth it .

Download Mistplay and start working towards some free Steam games! You can also read my Mistplay app review for all the details.

2. Swagbucks

Another popular way to get Steam games for free is to earn rewards with Swagbucks, a popular rewards app and website.

With Swagbucks, you earn points for completing tasks like paid surveys, downloading apps, shopping online, and even playing trivia. You can then redeem those points for various gift cards, including ones to Steam.

Swagbucks sign up

I lượt thích that Swagbucks has plenty of ways to earn. And I’ve personally cashed out with the site dozens of times end the years .
+ Plus, hot nhất members can get a nice USD 5 sign up bonus to sweeten the khuyến mãi. And even though free Steam gift cards aren’t always available, you can cash out via PayPal at just USD 5 và then purchase your Steam gift thẻ using those funds .

Start earning with Swagbucks!

3. Get-Paid-To Websites

Like Swagbucks, another option for getting free Steam games is to use get-paid-to websites & microtask websites to earn free gift cards & PayPal cash .
The idea here is pretty simple : answer surveys, play games, và tải về mới nhất apps to earn points you can exchange for rewards .

Some popular gpt sites I use and suggest trying include:

  • Branded Surveys – A leading survey site with PayPal cash rewards starting at only $5!
  • Survey Junkie – Answer surveys and cash out through PayPal once you reach $5, and then buy Steam games!
  • Opinion Outpost – Another popular survey website where you can earn free PayPal cash.
  • Pinecone Research (U.S. Only) – Earn $3 for every survey you complete with this premium research panel!
  • Fetch Rewards – Earn free gift cards for shopping at sponsored brands and uploading receipts (Steam codes were available at some point in time).

Tom also made a video clip on some high paying apps & survey sites you can kiểm tra out if you lượt thích this trực tuyến side hustle idea .
Again, these apps và websites won’t pay for your entire Steam game wishlist, but they can help you earn some freebies once in a while và save money on your video clip game hobby !

4. Reddit FreeGamesOnSteam

If you want to get free games on Steam, this is definitely one of the best subreddits you can ever join .

r/FreeGamesOnSteam is a great place for gamers to check out what’s new on Steam and how you can get free games on Steam (like the name implies).free-games-on-steam

People are constantly posting on this community page with keys, free Steam games, codes, and other ways to access Steam games for either completely free or at least at a huge discount.

The page is mainly a message board that updates when paid games go on free trial, but there are also plenty of free Steam keys to be found .
There are bots on the page as well sharing news about how to access certain games so sánh keep an eye out for people’s comments .
You’ll usually be able to tell if something is still available or not or if something is just too good to be true .

Pro Tip: You can also check r/FreeSteamGames, a smaller version of this sub, for more codes and free games!

5. Buff Gaming

If you like passive income, one excellent way to get Steam games for free is to earn rewards with Buff.

Buff is a gaming loyalty program that pays you for playing your favorite PC and mobile games. All you need to do is download the Buff client, launch your games, and you gradually earn points which are redeemable for rewards.


What I lượt thích about Buff is that it lets you earn by playing plenty of popular games, including :

  • CS:GO
  • Minecraft
  • League of Legends
  • Call of Duty
  • Apex Legends
  • Valorant

Free Steam gift cards are sometimes available starting at USD 10. And you can also redeem other video-game related prizes lượt thích in-game skins, gaming merchandise, keyboards, và headsets .
Try out Buff today or read my Buff Review for all the details !

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6. Gamehag

Another way to get free Steam games is to use Gamehag, a desktop và mobi rewards platform for gamers. And unlike apps lượt thích Mistplay, which are mobi only, Gamehad lets you play premium PC games to earn Soul Gems .

Once you earn enough Soul Gems, you can redeem them for free gift cards, free video games (like Call of Duty or The Witcher), prepaid Visas, skins for different games, and Steam wallet codes.


Gamehag has other ways to earn Soul Gems, including biên tập articles, answering surveys, & trying hot nhất dế yêu games .
However, what makes this platform stand apart from a lot of other websites is that you can play premium games to earn rewards … so sánh it’s actually fun to grind out your rewards !
If you want to learn more, kiểm tra out our Gamehag Đánh Giá for all the details .

7. InboxDollars

If you’re still wondering how to get free Steam games, one website you can test out is InboxDollars.

Like other gpt sites, InboxDollars pays you for completing tasks like paid surveys, shopping online, watching videos, and playing games for money. And you can cash out your earnings for PayPal cash and a variety of gift cards.


Steam gift cards aren’t always available, but as mentioned, you can redeem your earnings for PayPal cash và then buy them yourself .
+ Plus, InboxDollars starts hot nhất members off with USD 5, which is a pretty competitive sign up bonus. And you can cash out once you earn your first USD 15 on the platform .
Ultimately, sites lượt thích InboxDollars won’t make you rich. But it’s a nice way to earn money trực tuyến as a beginner và get to your next Steam purchase a bit faster .

Get started with InboxDollars!

8. Bananatic

Similar to Misplay, Bananatic allows you to earn rewards ( or bananas in this case ) for playing đoạn phim games và testing new games .

What’s cool about Bananatic is that you can customize your preferences to choose your favorite genres of games to test. This way, the games are not only exciting for you, but make you money as well.Bananatic-website

Each banana is worth $0.002, meaning you’ll need 2,500 bananas to redeem a $5 worth of free Steam codes. Additionally, almost all of the games on Bananatic earn you 100 bananas each for trying them out.

You can also earn bananas for viết bài game trình làng or reaching certain levels in sponsored games ( which include many free & premium titles ) .
After testing around 25 games of your choice, you’ll be able to redeem your first free Steam code. That’s already enough to buy a smaller sized game on Steam without spending real money .
Like Mistplay, Bananatic takes some giây phút to make money with .
However, it’s clear that users are getting free Steam games & keys by using this platform if you checkout the recent rewards tab :


If you lượt thích the idea of testing out new games, definitely kiểm tra out Bananatic !

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9. Reddit Steam Game Swap

Another great Reddit community for getting free Steam games is r / SteamGameSwap .

While this isn’t exactly a way to unlock Steam games for free, it’s an excellent way to cut down on your video game expenses.Steam-Game-Swap

The awesome thing about this page is that you can exchange games you don’t want anymore for games that someone else might have và vice versa !
If you don’t have any games to trade, but still want to buy a game for really cheap, you can usually pay people with Paypal, Cashapp, or Venmo for their game .
Just make sure you read the rules of this page và the safety guidelines before starting !
It’s very easy to get scammed by strangers on the mạng internet when it comes to trading items for money .
Keep an eye out for scam related posts & be very clear on the rules và regulations. Otherwise, you’re wasting your giây phút trying to find good Steam đơn hàng .
As long as you’re being safe, r / SteamGameSwap is a great resource especially for gamers with old, unwanted games .

10. AppNana

AppNana is a điện thoại ứng dụng that lets you earn rewards by downloading và using sponsored apps. In many ways, AppNana is similar to apps lượt thích Mistplay .

The apps available for testing are mostly games as well, which makes the experience a lot more interesting than just downloading random apps.Appnana

When you try an app, you receive Nanas. These Nanas are the points that you use to redeem various gift cards or even towards getting paid apps for free!

Most apps seem to earn you around 2,000 Nanas each. Steam Code gift cards cost 280,000 Nanas for USD trăng tròn & 480,000 Nanas for USD 40 .
Will this take quite some phút giây to earn those rewards ? Yes, most likely. However, if you are desperate to get a free game on Steam, you could grind out AppNana for some free Steam Wallet Codes .
I would still recommend trying it out & seeing for yourself if AppNana looks worth it for you .
Worst case scenario, you redeem those points early for something else lượt thích an Amazon gift thẻ or free Clash of Clans gems or something, all of which cost a lot less Nanas .
If you lượt thích this idea, you can also try out other money-making apps lượt thích JustPlay và Money Well, to earn even more gaming rewards .

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11. Reddit Steam Giveaways

The last Reddit community on the danh sách you can use to get games for free on Steam is r / SteamGiveaways .

This page offers a wide array of Steam game keys through giveaways, so if you’re lucky, you can score some free games and savings here just by entering giveaways.

Reddit Steam Giveaway

The page is very active with many people looking to get those keys first. So, if you’re in the need for a favorite game of yours, make sure you’re on the page early !
If you’re not early enough to giveaways, there’s a very little chance of you actually earning any free games on Steam .
Again, read the rules và regulations to avoid getting banned, scammed, or any other penalties that may arise. Reddit is a strong công cụ, so sánh use it wisely .
Access to r / SteamGiveaways is very limited và there are a lot more takers than givers. Keep that in mind when you’re looking for realistic options to get free games .

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12. Rakuten

Rakuten is an online rewards platform and money saving browser extension that’s one of my favorite ways to get paid to shop.

When you shop online at a Rakuten-partner retailer, you receive cash back. This platform is very similar to other shopping extensions like Honey.Rakuten-double-cashback

Rakuten pays out your cash back balance quarterly as long as you have more than $ 5.00 in your trương mục. Rakuten is free to use, và this is one of the simplest ways to save money when mua sắm trực tuyến .
Does Rakuten have a rewards system that pays out with free Steam games ? No, but you can easily use the cashback you receive from them & use it to buy new games .
Rakuten pays through PayPal, so sánh it’s easy to turn around và deposit your savings into your Steam Wallet .
Just be sure to install the Rakuten browser extension to ensure you know when you’re eligible to earn cash back on your next trực tuyến mua sắm trip !

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13. Gift Card Granny

Do you have gift cards that are of little or no use to you ? If you vì, you should create an tài khoản on Gift Card Granny .

This platform allows you to trade in unwanted gift cards in exchange for gift cards to stores you actually

This is very similar to r / SteamGameSwap. However, instead of swapping unwanted games for desired games, you’re potentially swapping unwanted gift cards for Steam Wallet codes !
Gift Card Granny also lets you buy gift cards at a discount, & this platform is an awesome way to save more money on expenses outside of a gaming hobby .
It’s a great option for those of you who have a random gift thẻ hiding in your wallet that can be used for a much greater purpose .
Who would’ve thought that you had a free Steam game sitting in your wallet & you didn’t even know it ? !
Just note : gift thẻ availability changes all the giây phút based on supply, so sánh free Steam Codes for games aren’t always on the table .


Similar to Gift Card Granny, Raise. com is another e-commerce company for third các buổi party sellers to buy và sell gift cards at discounted prices .

The great thing about is that you can often buy a $25 Steam gift card and it will cost you much less than $25! So, this is an immediate way to just save money on Steam purchases.Raise-gift-cards

+ Plus, when you join Raise, you have the options to sell your unwanted gift cards & buy ones that you need. A $ 25 Steam gift thẻ may be as cheap as USD 15 .
The point is, you should kiểm tra if you have any unwanted gift cards right now so sánh you can purchase your next Steam game for completely free .

15. Gamekit

If you want another fun way to get free games on Steam, you need to try Gamekit .

Like Gamehag, Gamekit lets you earn points for playing a variety of popular PC games and completing in-game quests.Gamekit

You can also earn points for completing tasks like:

  • Answering paid surveys
  • Inviting your friends
  • Downloading the mobile app
  • Winning giveaways

What’s cool about Gamekit is that, aside from free PayPal cash và a variety of gift cards, you can redeem your points for free Steam keys and games .
Gamekit even lets you redeem your points for a random free Steam game that’s up to USD 60 in value, so sánh you can snag some premium titles by using this reward site .
You can also redeem points for Steam keys, including premium keys, so sánh there’s a lot of chances to chiến hạ some popular games if you get a bit lucky .

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What Are Steam Codes?

Steam Codes work like an activation code for the purchase of games, wallet credit, software, or any other Steam approved transactions. In other words, Steam Codes are basically like gift cards for the Steam marketplace.

You can đầu vào these codes into your Steam Wallet & use them in whatever size you’d lượt thích ! The codes can be found on gift cards at available stores such as GameStop, Best Buy, & Walgreens .
However, there are also ways to get free Steam Codes through trực tuyến methods such as gaming apps, cash back apps, & more which we’ll discuss in the next section .

How Do You Redeem Steam Codes?

If you use one of the above methods to earn free Steam Codes, it’s probably worth knowing how to actually redeem them !

Redeeming Steam Codes is extremely simple. Here’s how to do it completely from scratch:

  1. Go to
  2. Download Steam to your computer.
  3. Create an account.
  4. Open Steam on your computer.
  5. In the top right corner, click the drop down arrow over your account name.
  6. Select “View my Wallet”.
  7. Click on “Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code”.
  8. Enter the Steam Code and press continue.
  9. Your Steam Code is redeemed!

That’s it ! If you already have Steam downloaded on your computer, just follow the danh sách starting from # 5 .

What Is Your Steam Wallet?

The main benefit of Steam for gamers is that it lets the buy, tải về, & access their game library in one central place. However, to actually buy đoạn phim games on Steam, you must use your Steam wallet .


Your Steam Wallet is a section in your profile where you can load funds into your Steam tài khoản .
You can use funds in your Steam Wallet to purchase video clip games, Steam software / hardware, in-game purchases, or any other items that tư vấn Steam transactions .
Keep in mind that these funds are not the same as cash .
You can’t send money from your Steam Wallet to other friends unless you chia sẻ the Steam code you receive from activating a gift thẻ or use other trực tuyến methods .
Now that you understand the basics of the Steam Wallet, let’s get into Steam Codes & how you can find Steam Codes so sánh you can get free Steam games .

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Really Get Steam Games For Free?

All of the methods above let you get games on Steam for free, but it’s important to note that this entire strategy can take some thời gian .
Many of these methods don’t pay very much per hour, so sánh you can’t unlock dozens of free Steam games in a matter of days .
Really, these methods are ways to earn small freebies on the side, so sánh it might take some thời gian to save up enough Steam codes to actually redeem a game .
So, my advice is to pick a few reward websites or strategies that you lượt thích the best & to give them a try. It might take a while to get an expensive Steam game for free, but if you don’t mind the grind, the rewards will be worth it !
If you want to play Clip games to earn rewards, your best bets are definitely Gamehag, Mistplay, và Gamekit !

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Do Steam Wallet Code Generators Work?

You might find that there are hundreds of Steam Wallet Code generators trực tuyến if you dig deep enough into the dark hole of ways to get games on Steam for free .
Be aware ! Thes e generators are not safe to use và are always looking to scam you !


Most of them are some size of malware that are out there to put viruses on your computer or to steal some sort of private information without giving you anything in return .
I highly recommend you steer clear of these generators ! That’s coming from someone who got a vi khuẩn by trying this when he was younger .
That’s right, I fell for the trap … lesson learned .

How Can I Get Paid Games On Steam For Free?

The best way to get paid Steam games for free is to use reward apps to earn free Steam codes. From there, you can redeem codes for cash for your Steam tài khoản & buy the games you’re interested in .

Apps like JustPlay and various survey sites, like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks, are some of the fastest ways to get free Steam codes.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully these ideas gave you a bit of inspiration to help you find some free Steam games và to save money on your gaming habits .
Some methods require a bit more work than others, while others require patience to accumulate rewards .
Either way, it’s not always super easy to find codes. After all, Steam has to make money somehow right ?
If you still can’t find any codes for free to buy hot nhất Steam games, consider playing the huge array of games on Steam that are already free .
I’ve spent hours playing free games on Steam lượt thích Team Fortress & Dota, which are large multiplayer games & world-class games. Plus, it’s fun to just bounce between free games every once in a while & see what’s hot nhất !
I’d also recommend checking out for more free game options or to find massive discounts. You can even filter the choices of đơn hàng based on your interests và store of preference .
Let me know if you find any other ways to earn free Steam games & I’d love to hear your thoughts on the ones mentioned above .
Good luck fellow gamers !

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