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DIY Flat Coin Purse

This capacity may contain consort links or patronize elements, read our full ad disclosure Policy. How to Make a Flat Coin Purse A Flat Coin Purse is absolutely essential while using an envelope budget. Make it in a few minutes and slip it into your wallet. Easy instructions.

How to Make a Flat Coin Purse

A Flat Coin Purse became absolutely all-important while using an envelope budget. I urgently needed a mint purse that wouldn ’ t bulk-up the wallet I ’ thousand using for my envelope budget system .
How to Make a Flat Coin Purse A Flat Coin Purse is absolutely essential while using an envelope budget. Make it in a few minutes and slip it into your wallet. Easy instructions. In looking for just the correct suit for a variety purse in my wallet, I scoured Etsy and Amazon, but couldn ’ metric ton find what I needed. I besides looked through several local anesthetic shops which were besides a no-go. nothing I found was in truth flat and minor enough to fit in my wallet.

The idea for my flat Coin Purse came to me one day as I was making new envelopes for my cash budget. Oh incidentally, the longer I ’ thousand on it, the more I love it ! You can read about the Envelope Budget hera .
If you ’ ve been on a cash budget of any kind, then you already know that managing coins can be a big pain. Below are the tips I promised you about how I learned to manage coins on a cash budget :

Ways of Dealing with Change

Have the right amount of change in your flat coin purse with 3 quarters, 1 dime, 2 nickels and 5 pennies. funny thing, I ’ ve never seen coins or change management mentioned in an article I ’ ve learn about the Envelope Budget. What do you do with all the pennies and nickels that make a wallet bulge ? Try some of these suggestions and please add your own in the comments below .

  • Get a piggy bank and dump the change into it after each spending trip. (More ‘Blow’ money and sink savings for you!)
  • Get the change out of your wallet first before the paper money when at the checkout – everytime.
  • Keep it in a little plastic bag in the car and use it to buy a little treat when there’s enough change. (Don’t be embarrassed by all those dimes! You’ve earned this treat!)
  • Keep under a dollar’s worth of change in your wallet – it tends to spill everywhere if there’s too much. — Experience speaking here!
  • Try keeping this mixture of coins in your wallet – 3 quarters,  1 dime, 2 nickels and 5 pennies.  You can make change for any given amount of change with this mix.
  • Make a nice little flat change purse to slip in your envelope wallet to keep things tidy.

Making a Flat Change Purse

Items needed to make the flat change purse:

  • 8″ x 4″ piece of cardstock or heavy scrapbook paper
  • scissors and/or rotary paper cutter
  • laminator and laminating sheet or 4″ of 1/2″ wide duct tape of desired color.
  • one self-sticking 5/8” Velcro dot.


Cut Out and Prepare the Paper

  1. Cut out an 8” x 4” piece of heavy scrapbook paper. (Cardstock weight) papersize

2. Fold in half so that it is a 4″ x 4″ square .
3. measure 1/4 “ from the congregation on the wrong english of the back. then make a second distinguish 1/4 ” from the corner that is catacorner from the first tag. This line will help in a former step*. ( see video. )
inside edge measurementcorner2corner 4.Fold on this line back toward right slope of newspaper. Unfold and allow it to rest ill-timed sides together again .
inner fold 5. If you don ’ t have a laminator, proceed to # 6 B. If you do, please continue. Put the fold newspaper through a laminator. Place the fold against the bottom of the laminator pouch .
laminate purse

 Create the Pouch

6. Create the pouch. The sides of the recess you previously bent second on the draw line will be used as the outdoor dither and the inner pouch top.

6A.If the item is laminated then cut or slice open the two sides that suffer at a degree and were open before laminating .
purse openings ~ OR~
6B. ( No laminator ) Hold the fold edge of the square in your right hired hand. The bottom border is the border you will tape together .
7. *Trim the inner roll away corner to corner along the fold line you previously drew .
trim inner flap away1 8. Fold down the remaining flap over the pouch and kris well .
option : You can besides make a little, pinched center wrinkle on the inside upper edge to help open the bag to get change out former .
the pinch1 9. Add the Velcro closure dots. Remove one point and precisely place it fuzzy and closed circuit sides together. ( sticky slope out. ) Place the dot about 3/4 of the direction down the inside of the flap and then press the flap down firm against the body of the purse. Peel open your evenly matched Velcro dots .
velcrodots 10. If desired, round the point recess edge of the closing flap with scissors and this can make it easier when hatchway and closing the pouch. now your two-dimensional variety purse is complete .
apart from everyday practice in your wallet, this bag make a decent little surprise giving for a child. particularly when stuffed with coins. It can besides be tucked into a lunch box with a note and some change. I hope you have fun with this little switch purse. enjoy ! – Laura
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