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Download CrossFire Legends MOD APK (Mega Mod, Data) Free

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CrossFire: Legends MOD APK (Mega Mod)

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VNG Game Publishing, Category
3D Game, Action, Online, Shooting,

Latest Version
1.0.50. 50


MOD Features
Mega Mod

Android 2.3 +

Updated On
December tam, 2021

Get It On
Google Play

CrossFire Legends Introduction

CrossFire Legends MOD APK (Mega Mod) is an extremely high quality mobile FPS game developed by Tencent based on the game Raid once stormed on a PC. However, the graphics are heavily based on Raid (released in 2007), making it difficult to compete with many other FPS mobile games that tend to become more and more beautiful. Last year, there was a move to remake Crossfire Legends and upgrade the graphics to HD. But that’s probably not enough when Tencent recently launched a plan to create a copy of this game called Crossfire Legends: Last 12 Hours.

Although only a few concept art has been introduced, it seems that this Crossfire Legends 2 will focus on the very hot survival aspect today. Accordingly with the main context is the jungle, the player even has the ability …. Ignite fire béo heat ?
In a few other photos, it seems that one of the Crossfire Legends map has also been remade lớn become more beautiful
But one of them introduces us bự a scene of desolation that seems quite similar phệ a post-apocalyptic world, players can also glimpse the shadow of the zombies. This is probably a clue about the popular xác sống game mode of Crossfire Legends
Besides, it should be noted that in terms of game graphics, it also promises Khủng be at a hot nhất màn chơi when bringing visual attraction in the bản đồ system, how béo kiến thiết perspective béo the detail of scenes in the game. .

CrossFire Legends MOD APK - Gameplay ScreenshotCrossFire Legends MOD APK - Gameplay ScreenshotCrossFire Legends APK – Gameplay Screenshot

Game Features

  • New Item Super Terror: New arsenal of up to 200 items is waiting for the gunner to discover. Let’s wait to experience the feeling of holding the legendary super guns: M4A1 Born Beast Silver; Anaconda Born Beast; Bladed Knickles Inferno Dragon; AK12 Iron Spider ..v..v ..
  • New Characters: Laura – Fox Summer – Captain Blade will be the new warriors joining the fiery battlefield with Crossfire: Legends. Outstanding speed, diverse skills, super nice appearance will be a highlight for this new group of warriors.
  • Survey: Join the new game mode Survival, the gunner will have to parachute onto a deserted island and compete for survival with 99 other players. A real battle takes place when the circle will shrink rapidly. Collect any gun you see and eliminate all players you will win.
  • New Map: A series of new maps increase options for people in the modes: Rank C4; Team rank ..v..v ..

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CrossFire Legends Reviews

OneCheezyPizza: Never played this game but i know it’ll be fun since i watch people play this on youtube and please dont change the graphics they look great even tho if its old it looks good for the game and is probably mean’t for the game Anyways thanks for creating the game i appreciate it and i will continue to play this until it dies or until you guys stop updating and please add more guns and add some game modes like hide and seek so that it’ll be more fun and interesting and yeah thanks for the game

Little Dragon: this is crossfire vng version, so it has only vietnamese, if you want english, just open your google and search “crossfire legends global”

Nobel PL: I play this game on computer too and now im playing on phone

Download CrossFire: Legends APK + MOD APK latest versions for Android

CrossFire Legends MOD APK (Mega Mod)

CrossFire Legends APK (Original)

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