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Vulcan Productions – Wikipedia

Year Film Type Release Date Director Co-producers Starring Distributor Awards 2001 Nova: Cracking the Code of Life Television documentary 17 April 2001 Elizabeth Arledge PBS Robert Krulwich (Journalist) PBS Evolution Television special 2001 David Espar “Darwin’s Dangerous Idea”
Susan K. Lewis ” Darwin’s Dangerous Idea “Joel Olicker ” Great Transformations “Kate Churchill ” Extinction ! “

RicGuest Star On The Conners Hutton ” Extinction ! “Gail Wilumsen ” Evolutionary Arms race ” PBS Liam Neeson (Narrator) PBS Rx For Survival Documentary series 2005 Mike Beckham (Producer) “Disease Warriors”
Sara Holt ( Producer ) “ Rise of the Superbugs ”Andy Young ( Producer ) “ Deadly Messengers ”Tabitha Jackson ( Producer ) “ Back bự the Basics ”Rob Whittlesey ( Producer ) “ How Safe Are We ? ” WGBH Educational Foundation Brad Pitt (Narrator) PBS 2010 This Emotional Life Documentary series 4 January 2010 Matt Boatright-Simon Kunhardt Films
McGee Media Daniel Gilbert (psychologist) PBS Naledi: A Baby Elephant’s Tale Documentary film 5 June 2016 Ben Bowie
Geoffrey Luck Off the Fence Netflix Ocean Warriors Television series 4 December 2016 Marc Benjamin
Marc Levin Sundance Productions
Brick City TV Sid Chakravarty
Peter Hammerstedt Animal Planet 2017 Unseen Enemy Documentary film 7 April 2017 Janet Tobias Sierra/Tango Productions
CNN Films CNN Films
Amazon Video X-Ray Fashion VR short 29 August 2018 Francesco Carrozzini MANND Francesco Carrozzini Chasing the Thunder Documentary film 2 February 2018 Marc Benjamin
Marc Levin Brick City TV Sid Chakravarty
Peter Hammerstedt Animal Planet Memphis Belle: The Restoration Documentary film 2018 William Wyler Creative Differences 2019 USS Indianapolis: The Final Chapter Documentary film 8 January 2019 Kirk Wolfinger Lone Wolf Media PBS
Amazon VideoiTunes Everest VR VR short 10 April 2019 Jon Griffith
Matthew Dejohn Alpine Exposures
Legend 3 chiều Sherpa Tenji
Jon Griffith Drop in the Ocean VR short 25 April 2019 Philippe Cousteau Jr. Vision3
Conservation International Philippe Cousteau
Ashlan Cousteau Guardians of the Kingdom VR short 26 April 2019 Sophie Ansel
Christophe Bailhache Underwater Earth
Seaview 360Projects for GoodITRAMASSpinifex Sylvia Earle
Finau Molisi The Cold Blue Documentary film 6 June 2019 Erik Nelson Creative Differences HBO Ghost Fleet Documentary film 7 June 2019 Shannon Service
Jeffrey Waldron Seahorse Productions Patima Tungpuchayakul
Tun LinChutima ” Oi ” SidasathianBustar Maitar TBD Oliver Sacks: His Own Life Documentary film August 31, 2019 Ric Burns Steeplechase Productions
Motto Pictures

PBS American Masters Oliver Sacks PBS American Masters[16]

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