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Work in Our Theatres

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Jobs for Movie People

Our theatres are majestic kingdoms where our associates deliver Guest Star On The Conners magic daily. Work with us for perks lượt thích FREE movies và food discounts .
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Featured Jobs

  • HR 1177 HRRecruitment DINEIN BartendersPromo

    Marvelous Bartenders Wanted

    If you’re a bold bartender with a talent for mixing & pouring drinks with epic tốc độ và unmatched chất lượng, you may be the anh hùng we’re searching for .
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  • HR 1177 HRRecruitment SeekingCrew Promo

    Seeking Theatre Crew

    Our crew are wizards of multiple tasks, including selling tickets, working concessions và ushering auditoriums – all while delivering friendly, clean & quick service bự our guests .
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  • HR 1177 HRRecruitment Promo TheatreManagement

    Looking for Strong Leaders

    The action is non-stop ! Our managers & supervisors Điện thoại tư vấn the shots béo keep our theatre operations running, while managing a nhóm of amazing individuals .
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  • HR 1177 HRRecruitment DINEIN ServerPromo

    In Search of Super-Servers

    If you have super strong guest service skills và charisma phệ match, you should apply béo be a hệ thống at AMC DINE-IN theatres .
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  • HR 1177 HRRecruitment DINEIN CookPromo

    Calling All X-Cellent Cooks

    If you have culinary superpowers & an indestructible desire bự deliver chất lượng eats, drinks, và treats, join our kitchen at AMC DINE-IN theatres .
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  • HR 1177 HRRecruitment Promo FMM

    Mighty Maintenance Managers Needed

    Be our hammer-slinging nhân vật ! Our 600 + nationwide theatres require regular maintenance và repairs, including painting, minor plumbing & more .
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Job Opportunities Near You

We Offer Fantastic Benefits

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Watch FREE Movies

Our movie people just can’t get enough of this chất lượng perk ! Bring a guest & watch any movie, không tính tiền of charge, at any of our 600 + AMC theatres nationwide .
Pending sellout conditions
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Save 50% on Drinks & Eats

Use your complimentary AMC Stubs Cast ™ membership for half off eats và drinks .
Excludes alcoholic beverages .

Work with Amazing People

Movie people assemble ! Meet mới nhất friends who chia sẻ a passion for all things movies. Then, refer others who chia sẻ this same passion bự join our invincible nhóm. Referral bonuses are offered at select locations nationwide .

Enjoy Flexible Schedules

If you’re in school, or have other commitments, we will work with you bự build a schedule that is beneficial bự you, while meeting the needs of our guests .

Advance Your Career

Build strong communication, leadership, budgeting & thời gian management skills at AMC, và take advantage of our opportunities for career advancement .

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
AMC & its subsidiaries are committed mập equal employment opportunity & comply with all applicable federal, state, và local employment laws. AMC strictly prohibits và does not tolerate discrimination và will provide equal employment opportunities mập all applicants without regard Khủng an applicant’s race, màu sắc, religion, creed, gender, sex ( including pregnancy ), sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, disability, military status, veteran status, genetic information, or any other reason prohibited by applicable federal, state, or local law, regulation, or ordinance. This policy applies béo all terms và conditions of employment, including, but not limited mập, hiring, promotion, discipline, compensation, benefits, & termination of employment .
Diversity Statement

Just as AMC brings an array of movies from multiple genres to our screens, we are proud to employ a diverse group of people with unique perspectives.
The collective sum of the individual differences that our associates invest in their work represents a significant part of our culture, reputation and company’s achievement as well. We embrace and encourage differences in age, color, disability, ethnicity, family or marital status, gender identity or expression, language, national origin, physical and mental ability, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, veteran status, and other characteristics that make our associates unique.

We are committed lớn employing a đội that is truly as diverse as the entertainment on our screens. FOCUS ( Furthering Opportunities, Cultivating Untapped Strengths ) is an employment outreach program that partners with local, state, & national tư vấn agencies phệ employ qualified people with disabilities at our theatres. To apply, please visit our career center or for more information liên hệ your local theatre. For individuals needing assistance searching or applying for available jobs due lớn disability, please tương tác [email protected] or gọi 913-213-2000 & ask béo speak with a Talent Acquisition representative .
AMC utilizes E-Verify ® lớn employ United States citizens và foreign citizens authorized lớn work in the U.S., as required by U.S. law .

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