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20 Best Vampire Movies of All Time, Ranked

Over the decades, each mới ra generation has taken hot nhất perspectives into their portrayal of the undead creatures of the night that often lurk in the shadows. Vampires have been depicted with many different faces adopting a range of backstories & representations. Vampires have appeared in every genre from thought-provoking romance, Khủng shockingly violent horror, & gimmicky comedy that they really bởi vì come with no limits Khủng the imagination .
Cinema has been intrigued by vampires since the beginning, & as such, there are hundreds of Guest Star On The Conners s centered around them. There are, however, those vampire movies that rise above the rest as movies that truly explore, và demo, the imagination of what truly makes a ‘ vampire ’ .

đôi mươi Nosferatu the Vampyre

Isabelle Adjani as Lucy in Nosferatu 20th Century Fox

Nosferatu the Vampyre closely follows its predecessor Nosferatu, the 1922 silent movie classic as a book-to-movie adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Jonathon Harker finds himself travelling to Dracula’s castle after being sent by Renfield to sell a property for quite a bit of money. There are many red flags on his journey, crowds falling silent at the mention of Dracula, and no one willing to take Harker to the castle. However, he is not deterred, wanting to provide a better life for his wife. Unfortunately for Harker, Dracula is engrossed by a picture of his wife and makes his way to her, taking with him nothing but death.

Nosferatu the Vampyre was stylishly executed Khủng present an eery viewing experience for the audience. There is a strange sort of beauty béo the movie’s ability béo create a feeling of discomfort yet intrigue in both the phong cách & storytelling .

19 Vampire’s Kiss

Nicolas Cage in Vampire's Kiss Helmdale Film Corporation

Vampire’s Kiss is a horror movie with a strong emphasis on dark comedy as it follows the intensely eccentric main character, Peter (Nicolas Cage). Peter is a monster right from the start; he’s a sleazy player who mistreats his staff. He has the misfortune of taking home a vampire who sinks her fangs into him, starting his descent into madness which ultimately ends with his death.

Cage really managed bự make this movie his own & can be considered the main driving force towards its eventual success và continued popularity as a cult classic. The movie didn’t bởi too well when first released, but Vampire’s Kiss clearly shows that poor box office results don’t automatically mean a complete failure !

18 Only Lovers Left Alive

Only Lovers Left Alive Recorded Picture Company

Only Lovers Left Alive tells the story of two centuries-old vampires, played by Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddleston, as they reunite in Detroit. The world around them has turned desolate, and Hiddleston’s character finds himself lacking in motivation and hope for the human race and their undeniable flaws. He reunites with Swinton’s character, his lover of several centuries, but their time together is disrupted and tested by the arrival of her unpredictable younger sister.

This movie moves away from the violence & gore that many other vampire movies seem mập contain. It’s a very quality take on vampire movies, as it’s not really focused on the vampire aspect of the movie much at all. More focus is given mập the hardly touched-upon theme of eternity. The realities of living life as an eternal immortal và the mentalities và personalities created from living for centuries on kết thúc .

17 Day Shift

The cast of the vampire movie Day Shift on Netflix Netflix

The most recently released movie in this list, Day Shift, was released as a Netflix original movie in 2022. It follows Bud, who uses his pool cleaning job as a front to hide the fact he’s actually a freelance vampire hunter, in-between jobs for an international Union of vampire hunters. It’s an action comedy with an easy-going feel to it that proves to be an entertaining watch.

Granted, there were areas of improvement for the movie which a cleaner-followed plot & stronger script may have solved. However, it quickly earned its place as one of the best vampire movies made. This is all due phệ its originality, numerous comedic moments, & pretty decent action sequences with imaginative vampire kills .

16 Dracula Untold

Luke Evans Is Prince Vlad in a Dracula Untold Universal Pictures Dracula is often depicted in movies as a heartless & terrifying Boss, devoid of human emotion with nothing more than a desire mập torment & kill .

Dracula Untoldcompletely flips the switch on the traditional characterization of Dracula. He risks his own humanity to save the ones he cares for and protect his people. It’s an origin story that shows his pure intentions that led to his unfortunate journey to becoming the most famous vampire of all time.

While still human, Dracula meets a vampire up in the mountains. This vampire strikes a giảm giá with him so sánh that he can temporarily become a vampire mập protect his people from the imminent danger of war. Through heart-wrenching events that follow, Dracula drinks the blood of a human in order Khủng save his people. He is then cursed béo remain a vampire for the rest of eternity

15 Daybreakers

Daybreakers Lionsgate

Daybreakers is a brilliantly executed movie that plummets you into a world 10 years after a worldwide plague turns the majority of the population into vampires. With the human population dangerously dwindling towards extinction, the main character in the movie, Edward, a hematologist, is desperately trying to work towards a blood substitute. Time is against him, however, as the remaining vampire population is mutating into mindless monsters due to intense starvation. Edward crosses paths with a group of humans who claim to have a cure for vampirism and the movie focuses on their efforts to perfect and distribute the cure before it’s too late.

The plot of Daybreakers is chất lượng & refreshing và maintains fast momentum from start bự finish in an excitingly gripping adventure of a race against phút giây .

14 Let Me In

let-me-in-1200-1200-675-675-crop-000000 Overture Films

Let Me In is another book-to-movie adaption of the Swedish novel ‘Let the Right One In’. Let Me In is just as impressive an adaptation as the original. It follows the same plot as the original but provides a fresh perspective.

The film achieves a subtle approach bự the telling of bullied schoolboy Owen và vampire Abby. It’s the steady pace & eery mood throughout that helps add intensity Khủng the most violent moments of the movie .
The casting was spot on. Kodi Smit-McPhee perfectly exudes the uncomfortable awkward nature of Owen. Neglected by his mother và bullied by his peers ; he longs for some kind of connection. Furthermore, Chloe Moretz does just as great a job of creating a truly terrifying character with such an innocent-appearing exterior .

13 Byzantium

Byzantium movie from Neil jordan IFC Films

Byzantium is a movie adaptation taking roots from the theatre and takes on a modern view of vampirism. It tells the story of mother and daughter duo, Clara and Eleanor, who turned after they actively seek out an immortal life. They don’t have it easy and live on the run from an ancient order of vampires determined for them to meet an undesirable fate. While on the run, they find themselves in a sleepy British seaside town in an attempt to hide from those that pursue them. Unfortunately for them, their secret doesn’t stay hidden for long and drama follows with fatal repercussions.

Byzantium has more drama than action, as it concentrates on exploring the mother-daughter relationship, twisted by vampirism & finding themselves consistently on the run for 200 years .

12 Lost Boys

A scene from The Lost Boys Warner Bros. 

The campy horror teen movie that doesn’t quite feel like a stereotypical teen movie, The Lost Boys perfectly blends humor with horror. It’s got just the right ratio between somewhat shocking violent moments while having just the right level of comedic relief dotted throughout. It’s graced with some exceptional performances from some top-tier young stars of the 80s that helped create something truly unique.

The Lost Boys pushed the boundaries of its giây phút in all the best kinds of ways & went completely over-the-top in creating a movie that has, so sánh far, truly stood the demo of phút giây lớn remain one of the top vampire movies ever made. Its quirky extravagance easily remains entertaining mập modern-day audiences phệ the extent that any remake would be an injustice .

11 Blade II

Poster for Blade II New Line Cinema

While the second installment in the Blade franchise didn’t hit the mark quite as well as the first, that does not mean that it doesn’t provide the goods! Blade II sure did amp up the vampire-fighting action that was so well-received in the first movie.

Wesley Snipes returns as the half-vampire with a grudge against the world & pure hatred for the monsters he hunts. However, in an interesting turn of events, a deadly plague spreading lượt thích wildfire through the vampire race leads Blade Khủng have no choice but phệ join forces with the vampires. The plague causes the victim mập have a deadly và unquenchable thirst for blood, from vampires và humans alike. Blade must work in harmony with the vampires if they have any chance of stopping it before the eradication of both the human và the vampire race .

10 Underworld : Rise of the Lycans

Underworld- Rise Of The Lycans Sony Pictures

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans jumps outside the time frame of the other four movies in the franchise. Lucian’s origin story is told, and you gain empathy for the once-misunderstood character, once you are able to fully appreciate his backstory that leads to his actions against the vampire race.

It’s a refreshing break from the modern-day timeline of the two proceeding movies và builds a better picture of the conflict between the two races. You’re taken back Khủng the phút giây when Lycans were enslaved by the aristocratic vampire race. Lucian’s love for the vampire daughter of Victor is exposed và in doing so sánh, Victor’s true nature is also further exposed. Victor kills his own daughter for daring mập fall in love with a Lycan. This sự kiện only fuels Lucian’s hatred for vampires và spurs him on lớn over their entire race .

9 Underworld : Evolution

Underworld Awakening Sony Pictures

Underworld: Evolution is the second installment of the Underworld movie franchise. The movie takes place soon after the events of the first Underworld movie, where Selena kills Viktor after learning the truth of her past.

Underworld : Evolution takes the viewers into a much deeper exploration of Selena’s past và the deceit that lies within it. It’s a fast-paced movie with both Selena & Michael, the vampire-Lycan hybrid, working towards a way bự secure the future for both species .
This movie doesn’t pack the same punch as the first movie, however, it’s an undeniably interesting watch that fills in the gaps left behind by Underworld. Underworld : Evolution was not well received by critics however since its release has gained a cult following .

tám Thirst

Thirst CJ Entertainment

Park Chan-wook’s Thirst is an ironically yet immensely appropriately titled movie. It explores the insatiable thirst for blood the characters adopt as they turn into creatures of the night. However, it shows that their needs are not so two-dimensional. It highlights their remaining human desires, especially through the character of Sang-hyun.

The film also takes a refreshing look at the ‘ vampire ’ character as a whole. Sang-hyun is a priest-turned-vampire who proves lớn be a great công cụ for the movie lớn explore themes of sin & forbidden love. There is no familiarity lớn his character as a vampire ; he’s not particularly lãng mạn or suave và dresses very plainly. Sang-hyun doesn’t follow the overly executed general approach bự vampires in movies & almost comes across as a normal, everyday guy, just looking mập make a connection .

7 Bram Stoker’s Dracula

The 1992 Gothic horror Bram Stoker's Dracula Columbia Pictures

Bram Stoker’s Dracula is a gothic horror classic that captures the essence of the character of Dracula in a truly memorable way. Gary Oldman steals the show with his approach as Dracula. He sets the bar high for any actor proceeding him who dares take on the challenge of even matching his performance of the infamous head honcho of all vampires.

This movie seeps with gothic extravagance & a playful approach lớn some stunning visual moments. Alongside the hands-on approach taken mập any special effects, Bram Stoker’s Dracula is an undeniable stand-out movie among vampire movies. It not only suited the grunge aesthetic of the 90 s but can still prove entertaining for the modern-day audience .
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6 Let the Right One In

Let the Right One In Magnolia Pictures

This book-to-movie adaptation really shows off Swedish movie style and talent in creating hard-hitting and highly engaging horror movies in the best way. The book was adapted once more a couple of years after the release of Let the Right One In, in the equally brilliant movie Let Me In, which also finds its place on this list of best vampire movies ever made.

Consistently bullied và desperately lonely 12 – year-old Oscar, befriends Eli, the sweet-faced killer who proves Khủng be quite the companion with long-lasting consequences. It’s a brilliant portrayal of youthful innocence tainted unapologetically by the dark truths of the real world. In addition phệ this, the shockingly brutal violence involved in the movie makes for a memorable watch .

5 Interview with the Vampire

Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire Warner Bros. 

Interview With the Vampire was a successful book-to-movie adaption, starring the likes of Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Kirsten Dunst. Pitt plays the highly conflicted character of Louis, who is turned into a vampire by Lestat (Cruise) after suffering the loss of both his wife and child. While Lestat seems born for the after-life of a vampire, Louis feels constant guilt for his urges. The story becomes even more interesting after Lestat turns a young child, Claudia (Dunst), into a vampire. This move brings a dysfunctional family dynamic into the mix.

The film is centered around the idea that Louis is recounting his life in modern-day times lớn an eager journalist who, while unconvinced about Louis’s claims of being a vampire, listens bự his story. It’s a simple idea that makes for a brilliant vampire movie .

bốn Fright Night

Fright-Night-Banner_1200x630 Columbia Pictures

Fright Night is a supernatural horror classic that brings with it the style that only a movie from the 80s can provide.

In the original, teenager Charley Brewster grows increasingly suspicious of his mới nhất neighbor. Of course, no one around him is prepared béo believe that the mới ra guy on the block is a vampire. This leads Charley bự turn mập washed-up actor Peter Vincent và the two nhóm up mập save the neighborhood from their hot nhất vampire neighbor .
There’s no surprise this film did amazingly well on release và has subsequently had both a sequel & a remake. It’s a cult classic that has a strong foothold in its claim lớn be one of the best vampire movies ever made .
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ba From Dusk till Dawn

12-halloween-movies-about-vampires-werewolves-and-witches Dimension Films

From Dusk till Dawn has all the suspense of a great thriller, with vampires thrown in for good measure.

You’re met with the Gecko brothers ( Quentin Tarantino & George Clooney ) on a wild crime spree on their way bự cross the Mexican border. En route, they kidnap a preacher & his children & hide out in a grimy Mexican bar. However, unfortunately for them, there are bigger baddies in the world và they find themselves in a hot spot for vampires .
In a twist of fate, the brothers must đội up with their hostages if any of them have a chance of getting out alive ! With Tarantino in the phối, before even watching the movie you know it’s going mập be an absolute banger. It fared well upon release & has become a well-earned cult classic with subsequent truyền thông adaptions .

2 Underworld

underworld-kate-beckinsale Sony Pictures

Underworld is the first movie of five in the Underworld movie franchise. It opens up an underground age-old battle between vampires and Lycans, kept hidden from the human world. Selene is one of the elite trained killers working for the vampires in their fight against the Lycans. However, with the introduction of a seemingly normal human, Michael Corvin, Selene’s world and everything she once believed about it is turned upside down. Centuries-old deceit is brought straight to the surface, and she finds herself going against her own kind for the sake of their survival. She finds herself dealing with committing treason, falling into forbidden love, and going against everything she has been taught, in this excitingly fast-paced and action-packed first in the Underworld movie franchise.

một Blade

blade 1998 New Line Cinema

Blade is a brilliant comic-to-movie adaptation, detailing the story of the half-vampire, vampire hunter vigilante. The casting for Blade was spot on, as Wesley Snipes brings the character into a league of his own. The moody daywalker with a chip on his shoulder determined to rid the world of its vampire infestation. Blade’s mother was bitten by a vampire while pregnant, which grants Blade some remarkable vampire abilities. Unfortunately, it also plagues him with the same thirst for blood that drives vampires, and we see his constant battle to resist this urge throughout the movie. This can only fuel his hatred for the species further.

The movie is fast-paced with some amazing fight scenes dotted throughout that give it grit & phong cách. There’s the repeated theme of stopping the bad guy before he wipes out all of humanity, however, it doesn’t feel unauthentic in its execution .

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