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Nick Cannon Kids: Names, Ages And Mothers Of All 12 Children

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Cannon has become a father again .On Dec. 29, Mã Sản Phẩm Alyssa Scott announced that she và Cannon welcomed their second child, a baby girl named Halo Marie Cannon .

In November, he và professional DJ Abby De La Rosa had daughter Beautiful Zeppelin Cannon, their third baby together. In September, the ” Masked Singer ” host welcomed his 10 th kid, son Rise Messiah Cannon, his third with Brittany Bell. He referred béo Rise as his ” fellow little Libra, ” viết bài on Instagram : “ Another Blessing ! ! ! “In total, Cannon has had 12 children since 2011 — Monroe, Moroccan, Golden, Powerful, Zion, Zillion, Zen, Legendary, Onyx, Rise, Beautiful Zeppelin và Halo Marie Cannon .Cannon appears Khủng be enjoying this phase of life. “ Every day I just wake up excited as a father, ” he told People in May. “ I’m so excited about all my kids. Constantly, from every aspect of it. From them getting citizen of the month awards in the first grade Khủng the birth of the mới ra ones. ”Read on for a timeline of Cannon’s kids, whom he shares with six women, including singer Mariah Carey .

How many kids does Nick Cannon have?

Nick Cannon’s 12 th child, whom he shares with Alyssa Scott, was born Dec. 14. The couple are also parents béo son Zen, who passed away December 2021 .Speaking bự TODAY, Cannon said Zen was diagnosed with glioma, a rare và aggressive khung of brain cancer, in August 2021. In December of that year, Zen died from a malignant brain tumor .Cannon said he was relying on his faith Khủng help him heal. “ I’m taking it as my therapist says, five minutes at a time, ” he said. “ I’m optimistic in finding the purpose through all of the pain, so I’m attempting béo smile, I’m attempting mập be the high-frequency individual that I’ve mix out phệ be, but along the way there’s definitely some curves in the journey, so I’m taking it five minutes at a giây phút .

Who are the mothers of Nick Cannon’s children?

Nick Cannon shares his brood with six different women, from a legendary singer lớn a mới ra cast thành viên of ” Selling Sunset. “As for the specifics of Cannon’s arrangements with these women ? Bre Tiesi, who also had a child with Cannon, said on a June 2022 episode of the “ Know For Sure ” podcast that her relationship with the ti vi personality was impossible mập categorize .“ It’s not necessarily anything, ” said Tiesi, saying that she và Cannon are not monogamous with each other. “ This is just us, this is our relationship và what you bởi vì outside of that is what you bởi vì outside of that. ”“ Everything is respectful, everything is honest, ” she added. “ We don’t really define it. ”

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is the mother of twins Monroe và Moroccan Scott, born in 2011. Carey & Cannon were married from 2008 béo năm nay, per People .

Brittany Bell

Mã Sản Phẩm & former Miss Arizona USA Brittany Bell shares with Cannon son Golden Sagon, daughter Powerful Queen và son Rise Messiah .

LaNisha Cole

Photographer LaNisha Cole shares her daughter, Onxy Ice Cole Cannon, with Cannon. She welcomed her baby September 2022 .

Abby De La Rosa

DJ và radio personality Abby De La Rosa và Cannon had twins Zion Mixolydian và Zillion Heir in June 2021, per People. In November 2022, they welcomed their third kid, daughter Beautiful Zeppelin Cannon .In August 2022, De La Rosa shared a đoạn phim on Instagram of the home page Cannon bought her. “ Here’s bự beautiful mới ra beginnings, ” De La Rosa captioned the clip .

Alyssa Scott

model Alyssa Scott and Cannon chia sẻ their son, Zen, và their daughter, Halo Marie. In December 2021, Zen died from a malignant brain tumor .Scott also has a daughter named Zeela .

Bre Tiesi

Bre Tiesi had Legendary Love, a son with Cannon, in June 2022. The real estate agent và Mã Sản Phẩm joined the cast of Season 6 of ” Selling Sunset. “

Meet all of Nick Cannon’s kids

Monroe and Moroccan Cannon

Image: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon arrive at their childrens' birthday party at Disneyland on April 30, 2017 in Anaheim, Calif.Mariah Carey và Nick Cannon arrive at their childrens ‘ birthday tiệc nhỏ at Disneyland on April 30, 2017 in Anaheim, Calif .FilmMagic / FilmMagicOn April 30, 2011, Cannon became a father for the first phút giây when he & then-wife Mariah Carey welcomed twins Moroccan & Monroe Cannon, making them Tauruses .Speaking Khủng E ! News in 2011, per TODAY, Cannon went into the meaning of their son & daughter’s names .“ Monroe, obviously, is named by Marilyn Monroe, who my wife has been inspired by & loved for many years, ” Cannon said. “ And my son, I love his name, we called him Moroccan. He needed a strong name … Roc Cannon .“ And, ” he added, “ you think about Moroccan & that’s kind of lượt thích my name & Mariah’s name phonetically together. I also proposed bự my wife in our Moroccan room. There’s a lot of meanings béo it. We put a lot of thought into those names. ”In a February 2018 interview with Us Weekly, Cannon offered an anecdote about his son, Moroccan, being a ” technological genius ” — & a mischief-maker. Moroccan got into his Gmail tài khoản và changed all of the settings in his favor. “ I know none of the passwords, ” Cannon said. “ All of my emails say it’s coming from Moroccan Monroe. ”Cannon và Carey got married in 2008 & later divorced in năm nay, per People. After Cannon and Carey divorced, they started co-parenting their children .“ The common denominator is we both want what’s best for our children, ” Cannon told Us Weekly. “ You put them first & you step back và become selfless in making decisions & it’s pretty easy. ”No longer together, Cannon said he still has love for Carey. During a July 2022 appearance on the “ Hot Tee Talk Show, ” the comedian said that he’ll ” always love ” the ” We Belong Together ” singer .” I guess because I’m a truly lãng mạn, I’m a true believer in love, ” he said, “ I will chưa bao giờ have a love lượt thích I had with Mariah. And I appreciate that. ”

Golden Cannon

On Feb. 21, 2017, Cannon welcomed his son Golden with former Miss Arizona Brittany Bell, per People. Golden is a Pisces .For Golden’s fifth birthday in 2022, his parents threw him a Wakanda-themed tiệc nhỏ from ” Black Panther, ” as these Instagram posts demonstrate .

Powerful Queen Cannon

In December 2020, Bell announced on Instagram that she welcomed another baby, daughter Powerful Queen Cannon, with the ” Love Don’t Cost a Thing ” actor .A year after she was born, Cannon raved about his daughter being a ” brilliant baby. ” The ” Drumline ” actor shared a Clip on Instagram of Powerful reading words from a few cue cards, và joked that his other potential name for her was ” Genius Empress. “

Zion and Zillion Cannon

On June 14, 2021, Cannon welcomed twins Zion Mixolydian và Zillion Heir Cannon with professional DJ Abby De La Rosa, per People. Zion và Zillion’s zodiac sign is Gemini .For the twins ‘ first birthday, De La Rosa paid homage béo them on Instagram, viết bài that they gave her ” purpose ” và are her ” heart ( chakra ) in human size. “De La Rosa also wrote a message béo Cannon. ” The world can say what they want but you go ABOVE AND BEYOND for us và for that we’re forever grateful for you, ” she wrote in a separate post. ” It’s not only my Birthing day but Yours too ! We created magic. “Almost one month later, De La Rosa shared a video clip of Zillion taking his first steps on Instagram .

Zen Cannon

In June 2021, the same month twins Zio và Zillion were born, Cannon welcomed son Zen with Alyssa Scott. Tragically, Zen died of a brain tumor December 2021 .For what would have been his first birthday, Scott wrote a message on Instagram : ” Happy heavenly birthday Zen. At the root of all the emotions I have today there is insurmountable love. I always try my best lớn remain positive but right now I can’t help but cry out ‘ it’s not suppose phệ be lượt thích this. In my mind I can see him smashing his cake và crawling around, tugging at my legs. But the reality is I will be the one phệ blow out his first candle. I will be wishing he was still here with us. “

Legendary Love Cannon

Cannon welcomed Legendary Love Cannon with Model Bre Tiesi on June 28, 2022, making the baby a Cancer .On Instagram, Tiesi shared pictures of her ” all natural unmedicated trang chính birth ” with Cannon, biên tập said that giving birth lớn Legendary was ” the most humbling / limit pushing yet awakening & completely empowering experience ” that she’s ever had .” This experience has changed me forever & I couldn’t of ( sic ) asked for a more amazing và supportive partner, ” Tiesi wrote .

Onyx Ice Cole Cannon

Onyx Ice Cole Cannon is shared between Cannon & photographer LaNisha Cole. The duo announced their daughter’s arrival on Sept. 15 .” I promise phệ love this little girl with all my heart, regardless what anyone says … I’ve given up on attempting lớn define myself for the world or society but instead I’m doing the work Khủng heal & grow into the infinite Being God ordained me phệ be, ” Cannon shared on Instagram. ” Hopefully I can teach Onyx the same. “

Rise Messiah Cannon

Cannon announced the birth of his 10 th child — và fellow Libra — on Instagram late September 2022. Rise Messiah Cannon is the child of Cannon và Brittany Bell .” ( Bell ) has been the rock & foundation of my Fatherhood journey. She has taught me so much about parenting, psychology, spirituality, love và just life in general, ” Cannon wrote in his announcement on Instagram .

Beautiful Zeppelin Cannon

Cannon shares Beautiful Zeppelin with Abby De La Rosa. Cannon announced her birth on Saturday, Nov. 12, when he shared a photo of him & De La Rosa looking at Beautiful Zeppelin .” It is my continued duty mập make you và our children feel valued và protected every single day ! BEAUTIFUL ZEPPELIN aka BZC aka BIZZY B ! Get ready because the world is yours ! Daddy loves you ! ! ” he captioned the Instagram post .De La Rosa posted a video clip about her daughter & a tribute bự Cannon. ” You already have your Dad wrapped around your finger, it’s been the sweetest thing … He works so hard và will go above & beyond Khủng make sure you know you are loved. We love you more then you’ll ever know, ” she said .

Halo Marie Cannon

Halo Marie Cannon is Cannon’s youngest child. The ” Drumline ” alum shares her with Mã Sản Phẩm Alyssa Scott .On Dec. 29, Scott announced her birth when she shared a clip of her pregnancy journey on Instagram .In the post, Scott revealed that her baby girl was born two weeks earlier .“ December 14 2022. Our lives are forever changed ❤ ️, ” Scott wrote in the announcement post .“ I will remember the sound of Nicks voice saying ‘ it’s a girl ’ & the look of everything we’ve been through flash across his face. I will remember the sound of her crying out with her first breath & feeling her heartbeat against mine. My sweet girl, I got my surprise ! ! We love you Halo Marie Cannon ! 🤍 ”

Cannon explained his approach to having kids

Cannon explained why he’s had so many kids during a February appearance on ” The Language of Love ” podcast with Dr. Laura Berman .In short, he said that if he chooses mập have unprotected sex with someone, then he could see that person as the mother of his child .” If I’ve gotten lớn that point where I say, ‘ I can take off this condom, ’ I’m gonna say, ‘ She could be the mother of my child, ’ ” Cannon said, per Us Weekly .

“ Every woman that I have a child with, there is definitely a conversation about, ‘ Wow, how amazing would this be ? ’ I feel lượt thích every woman I have a child with are amazing mothers, & there was a thought process going into lượt thích, ‘ Man, she would be an amazing mother. She’s desired children. I can’t wait phệ see what type of mother she would be, ‘ ” he continued .

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