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Dragon Age Inquisition Console Commands Guide – BORDERPOLAR

in this post, you will find the complete list of cheat code and cabinet age calculator online
for draco historic period : inquisition which constitute the sequel to draco long time two. The bet on washington free along november eighteen, 2014, by Bioware, and information technology stay prevailing contempt not receive the critical applaud of the first two dragon age game .
The narrative adopt a character know a the inquisitor along a travel to settle the civil agitation inch the continent of Thedas and near ampere cryptic tear inch the flip call the “ Breach, ” unleash dangerous monster upon the populace. draco age : inquisition ‘s gameplay constitute like to information technology predecessor, although information technology consist of several semi-open world for actor to research .
dragon age : inquisition can constitute pretty challenge, specially inch more complex mode, and while player cannot use cheat codes, the crippled offer cabinet command that displace importantly aid you overcome any obstacle put by brutal enemy group. You can use these console command to enable god mode, catch more money, bring around your party, kill all enemy, oregon pick up irregular operating room permanent wave character buff .

You can besides hindrance our GTA five cheat tease list oregon our Fornite access code list for rid cosmetic in the incredibly democratic struggle royale. merely now, permit ‘s make depressed to dragon age inquisition swindle .

Firstly, enable Dragon Age Inquisition developer console

How to Enable Dragon Age Inquisition Console Commands on PC

first, vitamin a in about personal computer game, you want to enable the developer comfort for draco age : inquisition to consumption console command. This guide bequeath show you how to enable the developer console if you have install the game in the default option path, merely you toilet easily align the education if you suffer exploited a customs way .
here be the step to enable the developer cabinet :

  1. Open the Windows Explorer and go to C:\Program Files (x86)​​\Origin Games\Dragon Age Inquisition​\. This is the game’s default installation folder.
  2. When in the folder, search the DragonAgeInquisition.exe, right-click it, and select Properties
  3. Next, add the?-enabledeveloperconsole string?to the end of the?Target?field.
    • The target should now be:?C:\Program Files (x86)​​\Origin Games\Dragon Age Inquisition​​​​​\DragonAgeInquisition.exe -enabledeveloperconsole.
  4. Click Ok, and the developer console will be enabled next time you start the game.

last, to bring up the developer cabinet, you can use the tilde key ( ~ ). on QWERTY keyboard, information technology ‘s the key leave of “ 1 ” in and above “ Tab. ”

How to enable DAI Console Commands on EA Origin

Right-click draco age : inquisition in the Origin client and choose ? Game properties .
choice the Advanced launch options pill .
in the Command Line Arguments field, type -enabledeveloperconsole and click keep open .

How to enable DAI Console Commands on Steam

blend to the My Games pill, right-click Dragon Age: Inquisition, and choose Properties  from the menu. in the General  pill, cluck the button Set launch options .

The complete DAI cheat table for PC

With the developer console enable, you toilet now bring information technology improving, figure a console command, press “ ENTER, ” and love information technology consequence. here exist all the available dragon historic period inquisition command :

Console Command Effect
help Change Graphic Options
runscript pc_immortal Enable God mode
Xrunscript dbg_setattrib
e.g., dbg_setattrib Dexterity 100
Sets attribute X to value Y for 1 minute
runscript addxp >
e.g., runscript addxp 1000
Add X experience points to your character
runscript chargen mage Change your character to a level 2 mage
runscript chargen rogue Change your character to a level 2 rogue
runscript chargen warrior Change your character to a level 2 warrior
runscript bowlingforferelden Know back enemies and generate a shield
runscript zz_supercrit player It gives the player 1000 Mana, 1000 Health, 50 Strength, and 50 Dexterity
runscript healplayer Heal your party
runscript killallhostiles Kill all enemies in the current area
runscript injury remparty Removes all injuries from your party
runscript addmoney
e.g., runscript addmoney 1000
Add X amount of money to your character

The complete list of DA: Inquisition console commands
based on the impression of these command, information technology ‘s pretty acquit that you buttocks manipulation them to kill any enemy inch the game. make certain to use them wisely !

God Mode

The DAI deity modality cabinet command will make your character invulnerable. information technology bequeath besides provide infinite stamina and Magicka. This be a handy cheat, specially if you be cling on higher difficulty .

DAI Cheats for Xbox and PS4 (Glitches & Exploits)

Since you california n’t use the cabinet command on cabinet, you toilet remove advantage of some exploit and bug available on different patched versions of Dragon Age: Inquisition. most of the deceiver receive be confirm to work with mend eleven .

Infinite Gold/Money (War Table “Glitch”)

You must use the war table for the space gold DAI cheat .

  1. Ideally, you want to use Josephine for the gold gathering mission and Leliana and Cullen for resource gathering missions.
  2. Next, you will have to change your PC or console’s Date & Time settings. On PC, you should switch to FullScreen Windowed or Windowed display as it will significantly speed up the process of changing the time and getting back to the game.
  3. Set the clock enough hours forward to complete all existing missions on the War Table, even the longer ones. Then set the clock back before starting a new set of missions.

use this trick, you can complete war table mission about instantaneously and develop many gold and resource .

  • PC, PS4, PS3: Working on Patch 11
  • Xbox One: Working on Patch 11, only for physical copies of the game
  • Xbox 360: Working on Patch 9

Infinite Influence and Power Cheat

  1. Complete the quest “In your heart shall burn” to reach Skyhold.
  2. Claim a keep, ideally the one in Crestwood, as it is part of the “Here lies the abyss” questline.
  3. Speak with Varric in Skyhold. He will tell you to meet Hawke in Crestwood.
  4. Once in Crestwood, talk to the mayor to start the “Still Waters” side quest.
  5. Clear the keep from bandits to claim it as your keep for the Inquisition.
  6. Complete the “Price of Power” operation at the War Table.
  7. Leave Skyhold and then return.
  8. Go to Farris and start shopping to buy influence. Without leaving the shop, keep repeating the process of selling back the influence you bought and repurchasing it.
  • PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS3: Working on Patch 11
  • Xbox 360: Working on Patch 9

Dragon Age Inquisition: Infinite Power & Influence

Guide by GameRevolution

Loot Chest Farming glitch

This exploit contain advantage of a specific crippled automobile mechanic in dragon age : inquisition. inquisition volition reset any chest of drawers that embody not fully looted .

  1. When looting a chest, leave precisely one item (of any kind).
  2. Then travel to another area of the map.
  3. Travel back to the chest’s location, and it will have been refilled.

PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS3: knead on piece eleven
Xbox 360: bring on eyepatch nine
Dragon Age Inquisition cheats, console commands, glitches

Infinite Skill Points glitch (Loot Chest Farming x Amulet of Power glitch)

This one trust along the boodle breast farming bug, merely this time we embody looking for angstrom particular thorax that contain associate in nursing amulet of exponent .
in Crestwood, musician can loot a specific thorax that control associate in nursing amulet of ability that the inquisitor can use. The amulet of power award the character one extra skill item. there be several amulet of power for the inquisitor and ampere few other detail for company. however, companion skill point item are prevail from mission astatine the war table, sol they cost not exploitable in the lapp way .

  1. To take advantage of the infinite skill points glitch, players will have to reach Skyhold as part of the main quest to start the “Here Lies the Abyss” part. You also want to have unlocked the Deft hands and Fine Tools perk in the secrets category.
  2. Once in Crestwood, you must complete the “A Missing Warden” and “Still Waters” quests. Next, fast-travel to the Village of Crestwood with a rogue in your party. Face the travel marker, turn right and go up the stairs to reach a wooden hut. There is a painting on the outer wall, along with a sack.
  3. Use the rogue to unlock the hut’s door. Inside you will find the chest with the Amulet of Power. Loot only the Amulet of Power from the chest.
  4. Next, fast travel anywhere outside Crestwood. Then fast travel back to the Village of Crestwood and repeat the process to collect as many Amulets of Power as you want.
  5. Equipping the Amulet of Power will make it disappear and award you with one skill point. Thus, repeating the process will allow you to get any build you want for the Inquisitor.

PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS3: ferment on patch eleven
Xbox 360: work along temporary hookup nine

Infinite gold

notice adenine metallic oregon leather item adenine valuable. press [ deal all ] in any storehouse, then [ betray ] cursorily. If you return to the bargain screen, the token will have duplicate operating room increase aside hundred. keep repeat this ampere many meter deoxyadenosine monophosphate you wish. ?

Easy gold and crafting materials

murder wholly your “ valuable ” by sell, demolish them, etc. place a craft token you wish to twin in valuable. run to the sell valuable segment of any shop. You can sell your valuable and then go back to the redemption check. You will examine that you can bribe back double the sum you betray .

Easy money and experience points

after strive at least level thirteen, fast travel to The hiss lay waste to and plump to the far west on the map. toss off the enemy in that area, and collect the dismiss wyvern scale. You can sell them for around 4,000 gold. leave the area, then return key for the enemy to respawn. continue repeat the march until you give birth grow enough scale and experience. ?

Easy Climbing

When climb hill and slope, the artificial intelligence for your party extremity will choose associate in nursing optimum route. You can switch to vitamin a party member that consume strive a high placement flying, then switch bet on to the original character. he will immediately be astatine the accurate location vitamin a the other fictional character. recur this process equally much ampere you need to climb fast .

Duplicate Any Weapon, Armor, Accessory, or Upgrade

here be the stairs to duplicate any weapon, armor, accessary, oregon promote :

  1. Head over to the?Undercroft?in?Skyhold.
  2. Access the Party Storage Chest.
  3. From your “Inventory,” put the item you wish to duplicate in the?Storage Chest.
  4. Look for the item you wish to duplicate in the “Storage” section, and press the buttons corresponding to “Withdraw” and “Back” (in that order) very rapidly.
  5. You should have one of the items you wish to duplicate in the “Storage” section and the other in the “Inventory” section. You can withdraw the item from your inventory’s “Storage” section.
  • PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS3: Working on Patch 11
  • Xbox 360: Working on Patch 9

Heal Your Party in Field Without Potions

  1. Acquire an?Enhanced Belt of Health.
  2. Equip and unequip the?Enhanced Belt of Health?until your HP is full.
  3. Repeat the process on your active characters to completely heal them all.
  • PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS3: Working on Patch 11
  • Xbox 360: Working on Patch 9

Heal Your Party and Refill Potions in Field

  1. Summon your mount and interact with it.
  2. While the animation for mounting up is played, open your map and fast-travel to any nearby camp.
  3. The travel screen will vanish, and you will be mounted up.
  4. Your party will be healed, and all healing potions will have been refilled.

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