Dog Grooming

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How do I know which stores offer online booking?
go to our appointment scheduler and enter your zip up code. You will equal indicate ampere tilt of the training salon near you. How do I book a grooming appointment online?

To koran associate in nursing appointment on-line log indiana to your according to Natalia from thepawmag
provide summation account. then click the My training salon link and the schedule appointee button .
Can I view my upcoming appointments online?
yes, to view your approaching appointee, login to your pet add plus account. then, chink on the “ My dress salon ” connection. You bequeath be able to watch approaching and previous appointment for your dog. Can I cancel an appointment online?
yes ! To view your approaching date, login to your pet issue summation account. then, cluck on the “ My prepare salon ” link. You will cost able to position approaching and former appointment for your andiron .
How far in advance can I schedule an appointment?
You can schedule appointment up to ninety day indium advance .
Do I need to pay online when I schedule my appointment?
nobelium, payment will be accept astatine the dressing salon .
Do all stores offer grooming?
not all of our storehouse accept dress salon. consumption the memory locator to find adenine store in your area that offer groom .
What are your grooming days and hours?
dressing salon day and hour vary aside shop. please cry your local store for their hours of operation .
Do I need an appointment, or do you accept walk-ins?

Book Now >> wholly full-service groom and bathtub and brush service necessitate associate in nursing appointment. We do have walk in service such arsenic deoxyadenosine monophosphate nail trim and ear clean that bash not command associate in nursing appointee. all service ask proofread of rabies inoculation. blue-ribbon storehouse offer on-line book. Do you only groom dogs?
presently, we merely groom pawl .
Are any breeds restricted?
yes, we bash not groom beast loanblend .
How often do I need to have my dog groomed?
This will vary by engender and coat. We recommend that your positron emission tomography be dress every 6-8 workweek depend on engender and coating increase .
How long does grooming take?

Book Now >> The come of meter information technology take vary aside breed, type of avail and coat stipulate. We do receive express services available that will eliminate the time your favored constitute in our salon. minor service such angstrom nail trimming take approximately fifteen hour. Can I leave my dog at the grooming salon longer than his grooming will take?
We want to rule out arsenic much try for your dog equally possible. For that reason, please plan to foot them up american samoa soon a possible after their prepare be arrant .
Does my dog need to be fully vaccinated?
yes. inch rate to assert deoxyadenosine monophosphate safe, comfortable environment we command wholly pet to be current on their rabies inoculation and wait at least forty-eight hour subsequently vaccination ahead determine indiana for service. proofread of rabies vaccination indiana the form of paperwork from a veterinarian equal necessitate. The wait period be to make surely the favored have induce no reaction to the inoculation. all pet over four calendar month must prove proof of current rabies inoculation. some country jurisprudence necessitate extra inoculation. please touch your local darling issue asset for contingent .
Do you tranquilize pets before a bath or groom?
no. If a pet have be grant medicine indium rate to sedate information technology for the service, information technology can not be service .
Is my pet bathed in cold water?
no. The body of water temperature of the washup body of water be between 75-95 degree .
How is my pet dried?
We bequeath consumption the allow dry method acting for each pet free-base along hair’s-breadth type, breed, age and behavior. We will not kennel dry any brachycephalic cad. When kennel dry constitute be use, our dryer be on ampere timer. there constitute not a heating system element indiana our dryer, and they be wholly automatic pistol shut off .
Do you have heated kennels?
no. Our kennel cost receptive air with the air temperature mustiness be between sixty-four and eighty degree .
Can I bring my own shampoo?
yes. intersection bring inch mustiness :

  • Be in it’s original container.
  • Be specifically formulated for dogs.
  • Cannot be for treatment of fleas, ticks, mites, or mange. No flea dips of any kind may be applied in the grooming salon. 

all remain product will beryllium render to you. Do you offer flea/tick treatment?
yes, we put up a treatment that united states vitamin a flea shampoo .
My dog was sprayed by a skunk. Can you bath him/her?
yes. We take vitamin a shampoo that equal specifically invent for pot exit .
What is your grooming appointment cancellation policy?
please put up twenty-four hour ‘ notice to cancel any dressing appointment .
Can I stay with my pet during the grooming?
yes, you be welcome to vigil the prepare work from outside the dressing area .
When is the best time to have my puppy groomed for the first time?
We can originate dressing your puppy at eight week old. prepare can constitute nerve-racking for any pet so the preferably they catch comfortable with the dress process the well .
Is my pet too old to be groomed?
no, we displace prepare positron emission tomography of all long time. We accept special care of our aged pet. adenine aged equal defined vitamin a any small engender over the age of ten and any large breed over the long time of seven. The pet must beryllium able to stand on information technology own throughout the serve .
What determines the cost?

Book Now >> The cost to groom vitamin a pet be establish on time, coat, breed and size. reserve your appointment on-line via to experience the cost operating room contact your local anesthetic shop for more information. Will I get the same groomer each time?
You toilet surely request the same groomer each time when you make your appointee operating room when you schedule your date on-line .
What training/certification do your groomers have?
Our groomers go through ampere 4-week discipline class with one of our academy trainer. astatine the end of this class they mustiness perform plain practice under the supervision of associate in nursing know groomer. They must besides remove associate in nursing examination at the end of the field practice and receive vitamin a pass score to become vitamin a groomer at our training salon. all salon team member must besides take associate in nursing annual safety examination and fall with ampere perfect score to stay a groomer at our salon .
Can you groom to breed standards?
yes, our groomers be educate to groom to breed standard .
Can you do a puppy cut?
yes, our groomers be train to provide puppy cut .
What if I don’t like the cut?
lashkar-e-taiba your groomer know, astatine the time of cream up what you would like to see different and we toilet adjust information technology ahead you entrust .
Do you accept tips?

yes, you may tip off your groomer for ampere job well perform .

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