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Human Pet – TV Tropes

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Jack Handey, Deep Thoughts

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  • In The Humans, apes reign as the dominate species and humans (or “skins”, due to their hairlessness) are animals used as manual labor, lab rats, pets, etc. However, that does little to prevent apes from having sexual relations with humans. Karns, a chimpanzee, keeps a woman as his pet and sexual plaything, naming her Florence. He owned another by the name of Georgene but made her into a pair of boots.
  • Judge Dredd: A rather horrific example occurs to Chief Judge Silver during “Necropolis” when the Dark Judges murder him and keep him as a zombie pet to constantly humiliate him.
  • In one issue of Marvel Team-Up, Tigra is caught by Kraven the Hunter and subjected to a “mnemonic scrambler” (more or less a Slave Collar) that reduces her intelligence to that of a common tiger. He then keeps her like some obedient Right-Hand Cat until Spider-Man shows up and is able to remove it. Some would argue that Tigra was actually lucky; years later, Kraven’s madness would be such that he might have turned her into a rug.
  • Spawn had a story that followed several dead people through their travails in the afterlife. One of the dangers was an angelic-looking creature descending and carrying one of them away… not for any sort of glory, but because its race valued the souls of entertainers as pets. “Last year it was singers. This year, acrobats.”
  • In Transformers: Shattered Glass, the evil Autobot Tailgate finds humans cute and takes Butch Witwicky as a pet, encouraging the other Autobots to do the same.
  • An arc for the comic adaptation of The Twilight Zone had a large collection of humans, all seemingly kept prisoner on an alien spaceship. Sometimes they get abducted by a column of light and return traumatized. One man, a former astronaut is desperate to escape and return to Earth, who gets rejected by the rest for rocking the boat. When he finally manages to get out, he learns that there is no Earth to go back to, and that the humans weren’t abducted but saved from its destruction. Demanding an explanation of what they’re supposed to be if not prisoners, he’s given an answer the form of a drawing depicting a kitten. The issue ends on a narration from the aliens, describing them as getting humans as a rescue instead of from a breeder.

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  • Fantastic Planet is set on the homeworld of giant, blue humanoid aliens called Draags who keep Oms (humans) as pets, though they also often see them as vermin. The protagonist, Terr, grows up as the pet of a Draag girl named Tiwa.
  • The Snow Queen (1957): When Gerda is captured by the robbers, the Robber Girl claims Gerda as her new pet and even puts a leash on her.

film — Live-Action literature Live-Action television

  • Angel: In the dimension of Pylea, the natives keep humans as pets… well, not so much “pets” as “beasts of burden”.
  • Are You Afraid of the Dark?: “…The Zombie Dice” features a malevolent game shop owner who shrinks people down to just a few inches tall and ships them out to exotic places as pets if they lose his challenge.
  • The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon claims that he would be willing to be a pet to a race of more intelligent aliens.
  • Bones featured a pony play episode.
  • CSI: The A-plot of “Unleashed” (Season 11, Episode 19) focused on the bondage version of this, with the victim found dead in a cat costume at a human pet house.
  • Dinosaurs: Primitive cavemen are kept as pet and zoo animals by the dinosaurs.
  • Doctor Who: The Doctor’s companions have been labeled as this by Idris (who tells the Doctor off for “bringing home strays”) and Missy (though “snacks” was an alternate possibility).
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch: In one episode, Salem pesters the aunts over his desire to own a pet, which they refuse to allow. Eventually, he goes behind their back and buys a “dogman”, a talking, dressed man that stands on two feet, but otherwise behaves like a dog. After Salem fails to be a good owner, he gives his pet to a family of talking dogs.
  • True Blood: Inverted in season 5. Emma Garza is abducted in her werewolf form to be Steve Newlin’s new pet dog. When she returns to human form, Steve gets angry and orders her to remain in her werewolf form indefinitely.
  • The Twilight Zone (1959): In “Stopover in a Quiet Town”, a couple wakes up in an abandoned town. At the end of the episode it’s revealed that they’ve been kidnapped by an alien giant to be pets for the giant’s daughter.


  • The War of the Worlds (1938): Humans being turned into domesticated animals is discussed as a possibility for humanity under Martian rule.
    Stranger: These martian will make pet of some of ’em, train ’em to do trick. world health organization know ? contract sentimental over the favored male child world health organization grow up and receive to be kill …

television plot

  • Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning and Hope come to the revelation that the fal’Cie that run Cocoon treat humans like pets — providing them with safety, food, water, and light in exchange for their freedoms. As it turns out, it’s more like “ sacrificial lamb ” than “ housepets ”.
  • Phantom Thief Silver Cat: Ginka is treated like one in some punishments, and becomes one permanently in a bad ending.
  • World of Warcraft:
    • The pet store in Dalaran includes a Gnome Diver in an aquarium tank. Not for sale, mind you.
    • While the Gnome Diver can be argued to only be cleaning the tank, the trope is played straight with the various Father Christmas’s Helpers (gnomes in holiday gear), the Goblin Cupid, and Squire players’ pets.


  • In the “Island and the Idol” arc of The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!, Bob eventually deduces that this is why the Cone Ship has abducted him, Jean, and Voluptua. He’s mostly right.

vane original

  • Orion’s Arm:
    • Among the various Human Subspecies are “pet humans” who are usually genetically engineered for lower intelligence and neoteny. They’re most popular among Splices and Provolves, seeing as their ancestors were frequently kept as pets or worse. Their ownership is almost universally outlawed in human-dominated areas.
    • Some of the more cynical inhabitants of the Terragen sphere think this is the main reason why so many archailects keep modosophonts (human-level beings) around.
  • The Salvation War: A human pet known as kitten — with the first letter specifically lowercased — is key to human efforts to counteract the invasion from Hell. They don’t go anywhere without their boyfriend/Owner and wear a collar and leash, which the military has to account for when including them in study and operations. An example of an intense BDSM lifestyle.
  • SCP Foundation: SCP-1897 details aliens that come to abduct people which they then lobotomize, castrate, and train as pets.

western animation actual liveliness

  • A subset of the BDSM lifestyle. Pony play is a subset of this subset, where the submissives act like horses.
    • Puppy play is something similar, with the submissive acting like a dog instead. There is also kitten play or cat play, where the submissive plays a feline persona as well; no doubt, there are other forms of pet play involving other animals as well.
    • “Pet” can also pop up as an affectionate term used towards a submissive who is not a slave.
  • A fan was once quoted as saying she’d like to keep Masi Oka as a pet. note

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