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The 12 Best Seafaring and Pirate Games Like Sea of Thieves

Whether you ’ re ready to voyage on the eminent seas or you ’ re contemplating how best to virtually unload a volley of rung fritter into a warship, we ’ ve got you covered. We ’ ve collected the best pirate games like Sea of Thieves and the best historical naval games in one number .
Our selection covers arcade-like combat but besides extends to the depths of tactical model. We ’ ve merely included games which feature brilliant oceans traversable by reliable sea-borne vessels, while we ’ ve besides limited our list to those sea dogs that take a squeeze of historical inspiration with their lemon juice victuals .
here is our list of the best historic maritime games you can play right now, arranged in no particular arrange. They include the Assassin ’ s Creed franchise, Sid Meier ’ south Pirates !, Windward, King of Seas, Blackwake and more .

1. Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

Assassin ’ s Creed IV Black Flag

For the first time in the Assassin ’ s Creed series, Black Flag introduced naval battle and open-world nautical gamble to the crippled, securing its status as a favorite among pirate games. The game follows the fictional pirate Edward Kenway in the eighteenth hundred Caribbean .
The success of the glide led to a by-product, Assassin ’ s Creed Rogue, and prompted the exploitation of Skull & Bones, an open-world, multiplayer plagiarist game first announced in 2017. ( The repeatedly delayed crippled has most recently been associated with allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination at developer Ubisoft Singapore. )

2. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Assassin ’ s Creed Odyssey The heart of Odyssey international relations and security network ’ t in its sail, but what other game lets players traverse the Aegean in a trireme ? Commanding the Adrestia as Spartan mercenary Kassandra ( or Alexios ) in the fifth century BC, Odyssey ’ s sparkling oceans connect a huge and monumentalize version of ancient Greece. Ramming enemy ships is satisfying, excessively .

3. Sid Meier’s Pirates!

Sid Meier ’ south Pirates ! first published in 1987 for the Commodore 64 and subsequently refreshed with better visuals on a range of platforms, Sid Meier ’ randomness Pirates ! simulates pirate life on the spanish Main between the 16th and 18th centuries. It allows players to navigate the Caribbean, finding ports to acquire missions and participate in mini-games .

4. Windward

windward Released in 2015, Windward is a straightforward multiplayer trading game set in a procedurally beget earth. Following in the tradition set by Sid Meier ’ mho Pirates !, it ’ second besides a highly effective co-operative game, tasking players with delivering consignments and defeating marauding pirates .
simple, fun and for the most depart restful, Windward is played from a top-down perspective using the arrow or WASD keys, and runs fine on low-spec PCs. The visuals, interim, cleanly depict a virtual, imagine Caribbean during the Age of Sail .

5. King of Seas

King of Seas King of Seas is not wholly unlike Windward, its most substantial dispute appearing at first glance to be the borrowing of Sea of Thieves ’ aesthetic. There ’ south a mainline narrative and its universe arguably has more fidelity than Windward ’ randomness, with more hills and atmospheric effects which influence gameplay. The result is a cruise of cartoonish pirate action .

6. Blackwake

Blackwake Blackwake is basically a more realistic interpretation of Sea of Thieves, albeit more interest in blowing up foe ships than family-friendly treasure hunts. For a humble price, Blackwake offers a grandiloquent ship model which thrives on teamwork among crews of 13 players. First released in 2017, you ’ ll find its seas a little quiet nowadays .

7. Naval Action

naval Action

A professedly hard-core naval fight game, Naval Action is all about big, wooden sailing ships outfitted with loads of sails and armed with dozens of guns. It features over 50 detail ship models and an intensive wind and physics simulation. Its reputation is blend due to its time-gobbling grind and costly expansion message .

8. Napoleon: Total War

NTW Naval napoleon : total War The naval battles of conglomerate : total War and Napoleon : total War remain satisfy cinematic representations of naval fight in the 18th and early 19th centuries. These battles are simple and enjoyable, though still require a small attention to wind and tactics. On the crusade map, navies can besides be used to blockade important ports and interrupt trade .

9. Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail

ultimate Admiral : Age of Sail This tactical wargame is set in the American Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, its two campaigns buoyed by battles comparable with the Total War series. It features impressive ship customisation and a range of models to satisfy the nautically dispose .
It ’ s only natural that ultimate Admiral : Age of Sail would be compared with Total War. The Ultimate General series is developed by a once prolific Total War modder, his DarthMod releases for the series making essential additions .

10. World of Warships

World of Warships World of Warships features over 400 ships from World War Two and the decades anterior. Players can take function in battles between large fleets, commanding four different classes of vessel. Its impressive visuals and polished, rewarding combat have earned it praise, while the monetization schema behind its free-to-play model have soured some in the residential district .


UBOAT UBOAT is for people who are after a simulation of the lives of sailors on a World War Two submarine. hush technically in early Access, UBOAT lets players control a submarine by monitoring its versatile systems and making certain its gang are appropriately cutting to be ordered around. That means keeping them well sleep and well feed .

12. Wolfpack

Wolfpack There ’ sulfur something about substitute. specifically german type VII U-boats. Wolfpack is a first-person, cooperative simulation game. A little like Blackwake up above, multiple players can take on roles including master, helmsman, honkytonk military officer, radio man and sailing master. It ’ s a game aspiring to reality, thus expect to spend a good sum of time looking at control panels .

And… Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves supporter among open-world sail games is Sea of Thieves, which barely troubles to explain its rules or objectives before dropping you in the instruction of a sloop, brigantine or galleon. thankfully, its quests and voyages are straightforward to pick up from handsomely dressed merchants and club members in the game ’ s ever-growing open worldly concern.

tropical islands crawling with skeletons, an ocean afloat with creatures, and early crews looking for loot sow a sandbox experience best played hand in glove with friends or cheerful acquaintances encountered on the high seas. In 2021, a chapter drawing on Disney ’ s Pirates of the Caribbean was incorporated into the bet on .

Is Sea of Thieves the best pirate game?

With continual content updates, the multiplayer seafaring venture Sea of Thieves has continued to rank as the best commandeer game. In October 2021 it celebrated reaching 25 million players by offering free in-game bonuses to players. With each “ temper ” of the game, new challenges are added to the game focusing on new stories and settings .

What is the most realistic pirate game?

Blackwake takes the crown as the most realistic pirate plot on our tilt. While it shares some common themes with Sea of Thieves, Blackwake features larger crews and involves more simulation-like activities .

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