Know Your Presidential Dollar Coins Value

Want to know about presidential dollar coins respect ? Do you have a few presidential coins laying round, and you ’ ra considering selling ? possibly you need ideas for your next addition to the solicitation. Look no further than the presidential Dollar coin .

The Presidential Coin Program

The presidential Coin Program, more formally known as The Presidential $ 1 Coin Act ( public Law 109-145 ), was signed into law on the 22nd of December in 2005 by former President George W. Bush .
The program laid out guidelines for issuing four exceeding one-dollar argent coins every year. not precisely any silver coins, of naturally ; these were the presidential dollar coins.

The United States Mint was instructed to start with the very foremost president of the united states, George Washington, in January of 2007 and continue up the pipeline in the order that each president served in the White House. Another predominate was that the former president would be deceased for at least two years before the proposed issue date .
presidential dollar coin values

The Federal Reserve Bank

The program run from 2007 until 2016, with a slender change in 2011. Former Secretary of the Treasury Timothy F. Geithner declared the U.S. Mint stop mint and circulating the presidential coins and pass the baton over to the Federal Reserve Bank .
This was due to a descent in populace popularity and huge stockpiles accumulated in Federal Reserve vaults. The stockpiles were indeed big over $ 1.4 billion worth of presidential dollar coins were held. The Treasury Department ruled that halting the coin production would save taxpayers $ 50 million per year .
As a leave, from 2012 to the end of the broadcast in 2016, a small number of new coins in the series were minted chiefly for coin collectors only .

Presidential Dollar Coins Value

vitamin a army for the liberation of rwanda as Numismatic products go, the presidential coins have become more prize and valued as time goes by, and the course looks likely to continue .
presidential dollar coinsPresidential Dollar Coins

The Design of United States Coins

The program ’ s goal was to drastically improve the design of the $ 1 mint and create aesthetically beautiful coins that would both honor the former presidents and regenerate matter to in coins as beautiful collectibles .
The Presidential $ 1 Coins were aesthetically unlike to other $ 1 coins in the trace ways :

  • An engraving of the president on the front and The Statue of Liberty on the back. 
  • Year of minting, the mint mark, thirteen stars, edge inscriptions of the motto In God We Trust, and the legend E Pluribus Unum, at the edge of the coin (In 2009 In God We Trust was moved to the obverse)
  • Larger, more dramatic artwork
  • A composition identical to the Sacagawea Dollar and the Native American $1 Coins

Coin Market Value

The Presidential dollar series coins were made by the millions and didn ’ metric ton circulate much, both of which mean they are in good provide and are not peculiarly rare. For the most separate, prices are at FV ( Face Value ), although there are a few exceptions, which we ’ ll see shortly .

Rare Presidential Dollar Coins Value

Three coins are more valuable than the rest, and a common in the mint collectible market, this is because of errors on the coins, making them unique. however, it is essential to note that these are often counterfeited, so be certain to do your homework and get a professional to evaluate before you pay a dealer .

  • 2007 Washington: Missing edge lettering, valued at $7,000 – $10,000
  • 2007 J Adams: Missing edge lettering
  • 2007-P J Adams: Double edge lettering

proof specimens are valued at $ 8 – $ 10 per coin.

presidential dollar coin

Mint Marks

The mint marks besides differentiate the versatile coins, with three mints being used to produce the coins. The foremost letter of the City in which it was minted is marked on the coin ’ second boundary .

  • Philadelphia Mint (P)
  • Denver Mint (D)
  • San Francisco Mint (S) 

Uncirculated Coin Price List

We ’ ve included a comprehensive number of the Presidential $ 1 Coins and their values here. however, please do note the following regarding this list :

  • Only uncirculated coins are included – Circulated coins are either valued at their Face Value ($1) or have prices that are not clear and should be evaluated. 
  • If there is no price in the ‘sell’ column; it can be assumed that Face Value applies. 
  • As described earlier, the code that comes after the name on most of these coins is the mintmark.
  • ‘Buy’ refers to the dealer price if you are looking to purchase the coin, and ‘Sell’ refers to the price you can expect a dealer to give you should you be looking to sell.

Presidential Dollar Rolls
Collectors enjoy gathering Presidential Dollars is to buy them by the roll. The presidential Dollar Rolls include 25 coins per roll, with all coins featuring the lapp president .
B.U. Rolls, differently known as Brilliant Uncirculated Rolls, are minted at the Philadelphia and Denver mints. You can purchase unopened rolls immediately from the mint, at a bank or sealed fiscal institutions, or coin shops and on-line stores .
The US Mint besides sells presidential dollar bags, including 250 coins per bulge in circulation quality .
presidential coins
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Presidential Dollar Coins Value

Date & Mint Value
2007 George Washington Missing Edge Lettering $50.00
2007-D John Adams $3.00
2007-D Thomas Jefferson $3.30
2007-D James Madison $3.00
2007-D George Washington $3.00
2007-J Adams Missing Edge Lettering $140.00
2007-P John Adams $3.00
2007-P John Adams Double Edge Lettering $46.00
2007-P Thomas Jefferson $3.20
2007-P James Madison $3.00
2007-P George Washington $3.00
2007-S John Adams Proof $6.00
2007-S Jefferson Proof $6.00
2007-S Madison Proof $5.60
2007-S Washington Proof $6.00
2008-D John Quincy Adams $3.20
2008-D Andrew Jackson $3.10
2008-D James Monroe $3.30
2008-D Van Buren $3.10
2008-P John Quincy Adams $3.00
2008-P Andrew Jackson $3.20
2008-P James Monroe $3.30
2008-P Martin Van Buren $3.30
2008-S J Q Adams Proof $6.00
2008-S Andrew Jackson Proof $5.80
2008-S Monroe Proof $6.20
2008-S Van Buren Proof $6.20
2009-D William Henry Harrison Harrison $3.30
2009-D James K. Polk $3.00
2009-D Zachary Taylor $3.30
2009-D John Tyler $3.20
2009-P William Henry Harrison $3.10
2009-P James K. Polk $3.30
2009-P Taylor $3.00
2009-P Tyler $3.20
2009-S Harrison Proof $6.00
2009-S Polk Proof $6.00
2009-S Taylor Proof $5.50
2009-S Tyler Proof $6.00
2010-D James Buchanan $3.00
2010-D Millard Fillmore $3.20
2010-D Abraham Lincoln $3.30
2010-D Franklin Pierce $3.30
2010-P Buchanan $3.20
2010-P Fillmore $3.30
2010-P Lincoln $3.10
2010-P Pierce $3.20
2010-S Buchanan Proof $6.00
2010-S Fillmore Proof $6.00
2010-S Lincoln Proof $6.00
2010-S Pierce Proof $6.00
2011-D James A. Garfield $3.00
2011-D Ulysses S. Grant $3.10
2011-D Rutherford B. Hayes $3.10
2011-D Andrew Johnson $3.10
2011-P James A. Garfield $3.10
2011-P Grant $3.20
2011-P Hayes $3.30
2011-P Johnson $3.20
2011-S Garfield Proof $6.00
2011-S Grant Proof $6.00
2011-S Hayes Proof $6.00
2011-S Andrew Johnson Proof $6.00
2012-D Chester A. Arthur $3.00
2012-D Grover Cleveland 1st Term $3.00
2012-D Cleveland 2nd Term $3.00
2012-D Benjamin Harrison $3.00
2012-P Arthur $3.00
2012-P Cleveland 1st Term $3.00
2012-P Cleveland 2nd Term $3.00
2012-P Harrison $3.00
2012-S Arthur Proof $7.00
2012-S Cleveland 1st Term Proof $7.00
2012-S Cleveland 2nd Term Proof $7.00
2012-S Harrison Proof $7.00
2013-D William McKinley $3.00
2013-D William Howard Taft $3.00
2013-D Theodore Roosevelt $3.00
2013-D Woodrow Wilson $3.00
2013-P McKinley $3.00
2013-P Taft $3.00
2013-P Theodore Roosevelt $3.00
2013-P Woodrow Wilson $3.00
2013-S McKinley Proof $5.00
2013-S Taft Proof $6.00
2013-S Theodore Roosevelt Proof $6.00
2013-S Wilson Proof $6.00
2014-D Coolidge $3.00
2014-D Franklin Roosevelt $3.00
2014-D Harding $3.00
2014-D Hoover $3.00
2014-P Calvin Coolidge $3.00
2014-P Franklin Roosevelt $3.00
2014-P Warren G. Harding $3.00
2014-P Hoover $3.00
2014-S Coolidge Proof $6.00
2014-S Franklin Roosevelt Proof $6.00
2014-S Harding Proof $6.00
2014-S Hoover Proof $6.00
2015-D Dwight D. Eisenhower $3.00
2015-D Lyndon B. Johnson $3.00
2015-D John F. Kennedy $3.00
2015-D Harry S. Truman $3.00
2015-P Eisenhower $3.00
2015-P Eisenhower Rev. Proof $100.00
2015-P Johnson $3.00
2015-P Johnson Rev. Proof $50.00
2015-P Kennedy $3.00
2015-P Kennedy Rev. Proof $50.00
2015-P Truman $3.00
2015-P Truman Rev. Proof $175.00
2015-S Eisenhower Proof $6.00
2015-S Johnson Proof $6.00
2015-S Kennedy Proof $6.00
2015-S Truman Proof $6.00
2016-D Gerald R. Ford $3.00
2016-D Richard M. Nixon $3.00
2016-D Ronald Reagan $3.00
2016-P Ford $3.00
2016-P Nixon $3.00
2016-P Reagan $3.00
2016-P Reagan Rev. Proof $30.00
2016-S Ford Proof $6.00
2016-S Nixon Proof $6.00
2016-S Reagan Proof $6.00
2020-D George H.W. Bush $3.00
2020-P Bush $3.00

This video gives an excellent summary of the Presidential Dollar Coins and what to watch out for when collecting the most valuable coins.

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