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FIFA 23 Team of the Season: Leaked TOTS start date, schedule & more – Dexerto


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FIFA 23 Team of the Season: Leaked TOTS start date, schedule & more

FIFA 23FIFA TOTSFIFA Ultimate TeamFIFA 23 Team of the Season graphic and cardGraphics : EA SPORTS

Team of the Season will soon be rolling back around in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team. So, here’s everything we know about the big end-of-season promo.

Over the years, EA SPORTS have introduced a whole host of promos Khủng FIFA Ultimate Team. Some have stuck around for multiple years, while others have only been used before being shelved .
Though, there are two that you mix your watch by – Team of the Year và Team of The Season. The latter celebrates the world’s best players, while TOTS gives each big league across the globe their moment in the spotlight .Article continues after adGiven that we’re inching closer towards the kết thúc of domestic seasons across Europe, it won’t be long before Team of the Season starts taking kết thúc. So, here’s everything we know about this year’s installment .

FIFA 23 TOTS: Is there a start date?

Team of the Season typically starts just as league champions are being crowned – hence the name – meaning that the promo usually starts somewhere between April & May .

Last year, in FIFA 22, EA SPORTS kicked things off on April 29 with the first squad release. Though, when it comes to FIFA 23, we don’t yet have a confirmed release date for the promo. 

Article continues after adInsider Gaming has claimed that TOTS will be released in mid-April, well, April 18 bự be exact. However, that is a Tuesday, which would be a little off for Team of the Season given that it usually starts with a bang on a Friday .
Tuesday releases are typically kept for the smaller parts of the TOTS promo, with smaller squads và mới ra SBCs being released. So, we’ll just have bự keep an eye out .
FIFA 22 Team of the SeasonFIFA 22 Team of the SeasonEA SportsFIFA TOTS is the sự kiện that fans wait all year for .

What will the FIFA 23 TOTS release schedule be?

In recent years, EA have typically kicked off Team of the Season with their community squad, giving players the chance béo vote for players who’ve been consistent all season without grabbing an tăng cấp or two .Article continues after adWe’d expect that bự stay the same this year before the likes of the Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue một, Eredivisie, and MLS are released. Of course, we’ll probably get a few others too, given that TOTS covers pretty much every league around .Subscribe béo our newsletter for the latest updates on Esports, Gaming & more .E-MailWhile we don’t have the confirmed release schedule just yet, here’s how the major releases shook out in FIFA 22 :

  • Community & EFL TOTS
  • Premier League TOTS
  • Bundesliga TOTS
  • La Liga TOTS
  • Ligue 1 TOTS
  • Serie A TOTS
  • Ultimate TOTS

What will be included in FIFA 23 TOTS?

As noted, the squad releases will likely be broken xuống dốc into alternating Friday và Tuesday releases. Thos e squads that are released on a Friday will have 18 players, while Tuesday teams will have 11 – & possibly even less .Article continues after adThes e releases will be supplemented with hot nhất packs, SBCs, Objectives, và possibly some Season Progress bonuses too .

So, that’s everything we know & are expecting for FIFA 23 ’ s Team of the Season promo so far .
Once we know more, and EA starts confirming details about it, we’ll cập nhật this article. So, keep checking back for more .

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