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20 Best Mobile Games On Android Platforms (Updated December 2022)

The mobile gaming market is still growing, with even the likes of Square Enix preparing another Final Fantasy VII remake in the size of Ever Crisis. And as such, Android typhu88 biz
rs have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing fun & exciting games to play in 2021. The prominence of the platform has even paved the way for ports of praised console & PC games .
Not all games are created equal, however. For every kim cương in the rough, there’s a sea of underwhelming titles that promise a lot và deliver very little. The mobile platform, unfortunately, is equally known for shovelware nội dung, but great games from the likes of the influential first-person shooter DOOM to racing titles lượt thích GRID Autosport are surely accessible .

Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight promo art featuring the titular protagonist with the wide supporting cast behind him. One of the best indie platformers on any platform, developer / publisher Yacht Club Games ‘ Shovel Knight is one of the most memorable titles in the modern age of the genre. Taking clear inspiration from the classic 16 – bit platform games of the Super Nintendo console generation, Shovel Knight puts players in the boots of the titular protagonist, going off on a series of story campaigns provided thanks to years ‘ worth of developer post-launch tư vấn .

The game was fully launched to critical acclaim, with many pointing to its combination of nostalgia with a refreshing gameplay loop as highlights. The charming art phong cách & creative màn chơi kiến thiết made for an equally seamless Android / mobile port .

Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night key art featuring Alucard wielding his sword and Dracula's castle in the background. Serving as one-half of the ” Metroidvania ” subgenre namesake, Castlevania : Symphony of the Night was one of the most influential games from the original PlayStation era — & arguably gaming in general. It’s commonly cited as the best game in the series as well, with the game combining platforming with action-RPG elements .

Castlevania : Symphony of the Night dripped with a tense gothic atmosphere & elements of horror that complemented the exciting và rewarding gameplay. Another key strength of the game — và its subgenre — is how well it incentivizes exploration .

Stardew Valley

A character rides a horse to their house in the game Stardew Valley. Beloved classic life-sim games lượt thích Animal Crossing và Harvest Moon have undoubtedly paved the way for this genre in the mainstream. And developer ConcernedApe’s Stardew Valley manages to borrow the best elements from both while proudly standing on its own legs as an all-time indie cơn sốt .

It mainly pays homage to Harvest Moon, as the game seamlessly blends traditional life-sim gameplay mechanics with the RPG genre. Stardew Valley is a relaxing game that allows players to raise a farm, contribute to the community, & start a family on top of some dungeon-crawling elements. It’s a soothingly addicting experience that lends itself well to Android, with the game’s open-ended approach brilliantly supporting these features .

Dead Cells

Dead Cells promo art featuring the Prisoner protagonist facing the game's world. A modern thành viên of the Metroidvania-like subgenre, developer Motion Twin’s Dead Cells is another widely acclaimed indie game. However, where Dead Cells excels is in the roguelike department .

In addition to the vibrant neon-style art direction used in the 16 – bit world, the randomized levels & the tight-level designs themselves make this game an addicting gameplay loop. Especially so sánh with the embarrassment of riches available to the player when it comes to the weapons và gear to loot that switch up combat styles .

Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters (2021)

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection key art featuring logos for the first 6 games. When it comes to the JRPG subgenre, Square Enix’s influential Final Fantasy series is likely one of the first things to come to players ‘ minds. It’s an icon of the subgenre, và while the question of which Final Fantasy game is the best in the franchise is contentious, they all have their affectionate fans .

The Pixel Remaster collection gives a bit of a facelift to the first six games — which are the most technologically dated — & while there are a few critiques of how some of them were executed, they were widely regarded as the mới ra definitive versions of these classics. Thes e remasters add much-needed quality-of-life improvements, lượt thích fast-forward to make grinding faster và quick-saving to save progress from anywhere .

Among Us (2018)

An Imposter gets mission orders in Among Us Among Us is one of the few Android Clip games that features cross-play with Apple iOS users, which greatly expands the number of connections that can be made. It’s a mạng xã hội deduction game built inside a sci-fi setting, with a quality twist that involves two sides using cunning to outwit each other .

Players are divided into Crewmates & Imposters, it’s the job of the former to identify và oust the latter. The goal of the Imposters is to sabotage & eliminate the Crewmates before their mission parameters can be completed. It’s an incredibly inventive & chất lượng game that uses distrust as a game mechanic .

GRID Autosport (2019)

A car racing on a road in GRID Autosport Priced at $ 9.99, GRID Autosport is the perfect alternative to the sheer number of terrible racing games available on Android. It’s bereft of any advertisements, ensuring that players can enjoy an uninterrupted racing experience across more than 100 individual và well-detailed tracks .

One of the coolest things about GRID Autosport is that it’s a simulation game. When players bump into walls at breakneck tốc độ, they can expect some serious & realistic repercussions. An easy-to-operate & intuitive training module ensure that drivers get well-acquainted with the game’s controls before they mix out to dominate the racetrack .

Genshin Impact (2020)

Genshin Impact on Android Genshin Impact is one of the best free-to-play games on the Android platform, và Android Authority even touted it as one of the best mobile games of 2020. It amassed favorable responses from critics & players alike upon its release, thanks heavily to the game’s impressive graphics và gameplay. It also includes gacha mechanics for a little more gameplay flair .

Players can unlock mới ra characters & other bonuses using this system, & participate in a series of daily tasks that extend the life of the game. The open-world gameplay of Genshin Impact is hard to find within the Android gaming sphere, which means this tiêu đề offers something distinctly quality for fans of this genre .

Riptide GP: Renegade (2016)

A race in Riptide GP: Renegade on Android At $ 2.99, Riptide GP : Renegade is nicely priced, & it’s just as fun as the first two installments in the franchise. Renegade changes the feel of the game, as most of the events take place in the seedy & dangerous underbelly of this futuristic sport .

Decked with the thrills of old-school arcade games, Riptide GP : Renegade also provides the sensibilities of modern điện thoại thông minh công nghệ, allowing players to perform a myriad of stunts và activate turbo-boosts on their hydrofoil by simply swiping their fingers on the màn hình hiển thị .

Legends of Runeterra (2020)

Gameplay from Legends of Runeterra on Android Fans of Hearthstone will appreciate what Legends of Runeterra brings to the table, especially as the former loses its popularity. The game can best be defined as an trực tuyến deck-builder where players collect cards và heroes while battling against other opponents in an trực tuyến setting .

The addition of mới nhất champions to the game brings the total roster up to 24, which is quite a feat. The game’s distinct art phong cách và addictive gameplay make it easy to pick up và very, very hard to put xuống dốc .

PUBG Mobile (2017)

PUBG Mobile on Android PUBG is arguably one of the best battle royale games ever made, & with kết thúc 10 million downloads, it’s also one of the most popular. Following the success of its PC counterpart, PUBG Mobile was released to capitalize on that run và give fans a means to scratch their itch on the go. While the game mechanics differ slightly from the PC version, this Android spinoff is still a winner .

The graphics are solid, the control scheme is acceptable, albeit a bit clunky, & battling it out with 100 other players on a bản đồ is a rewarding experience. The best part about PUBG Mobile is that it’s không tính tiền to play, which marries well with its various progression mechanics, daily login bonuses, & events .

Garena Free Fire – 4nniversary (2017)

A bearded man running down the street with a gun in Free Fire This survival shooter takes its cues from games lượt thích PUBG và focuses on short 10 – minute games against 49 other players. The match begins with characters parachuting in as per many battle royale titles of late, at which point they must stay hidden while picking off other players .

The gameplay has been well-adapted to serve the mobile medium, which allows players to engage in short rounds, even while on their coffee break. It also features in-game voice chat, a bốn v4 game mode, và a ton of different weapons & vehicles to use in battle .

DOOM I/II (2019)

Gameplay from Doom I on Android At this point, DOOM has seen a release on just about every single đoạn Clip game platform in existence và has inspired several great copycats. It’s no surprise that it would eventually see an Android port. Almost 30 years later, DOOM continues to entertain FPS gamers with its signature gameplay, creepy imagery, và over-the-top violence .

DOOM I và II might not be the most technologically advanced games available for Android, but there’s no denying their charm. Bethesda has fixed several issues that existed in the mobile versions, such as the touchscreen controls & the requirement of a Bethesda. net trương mục to access the game. Recent updates have further improved it, allowing gamers to play at 90-120 fps và 16 : 9 resolutions .

Call of Duty Mobile (2019)

Gameplay from COD Mobile on Android Điện thoại tư vấn of Duty is one of the most successful FPS franchises of all giây phút, và mobile gamers can jump into the fray with gọi of Duty Mobile. Developed by Activision & Tencent Games subsidiary TiWi Studios, this mobile phiên bản takes its cues heavily from call of Duty : Warzone, stressing a battle royale multiplayer experience .

While the original phiên bản had a nhóm deathmatch, a tử thi mode, và a battle royale mode, the latest cập nhật introduced an exciting Warfare mode that is far more engaging. The game is không lấy phí to play, making it easier than ever for COD fans to get in on the action without a cost-prohibitive barrier to entry .

Clash Of Clans (2013)

A built-up village and army in Clash of Clans Fans of games lượt thích Age of Empires will lượt thích what Clash of Clans brings to the mobile sphere, as both chia sẻ the same general approach to world-building. Players can compete against millions worldwide while they raise a clan through the early days to đầy đủ strength .

Combat is a major component of Clash of Clans, which is probably good news given the short-burst nature of mobile gaming. The graphics are quirky, the strategy is sound, and Android gamers seem to love the mixture of village building & armed warfare .

AnimA (2019)

A shot of gameplay from AnimA on Android AnimA is a game that takes a lot of its aesthetic & atmospheric cues from the Diablo franchise. That in itself is reason enough for fans of the genre to sit up và take notice, as these types of games are relatively few và far between on the Android platform .

Loot mechanics, a dark-fantasy setting, & a nostalgic isometric camera are all throwbacks to the classics upon which this game was built. The game is also không tính tiền to play, meaning there’s no reason to refrain from giving it a try .

Gardenscapes (2016)

A puzzle layout in Gardenscapes This puzzle game is one of the best on the Android platform, blending quirky gameplay, a charming aesthetic và atmosphere, và thousands of levels. It’s the quintessential matchup puzzle formula but done in such a way as to feel fresh và inventive, even after months .

Gardenscapes is không lấy phí to play, yet has practically no advertisements attached to it, making it easy và enjoyable. In-game purchases are available but unnecessary for those who simply want to have a good thời gian. The game is constantly updated with seasonal events và bonuses, và the ability to decorate dozens of areas within the game is a nice touch .

Donut County (2020)

A level of Donut County on Android Donut County, although short, is a brilliantly developed và extremely immersive Android tiêu đề that every mobile người chơi should try out. The storyline is chất lượng in the fact that the player takes control of a giant hole that gobbles up anything in its path, thereby increasing its overall kích cỡ .

As it grows, so sánh too does the challenge factor come into play, with gamers having to use their wits to clear out a màn chơi. It borrows at least a few notes from the Katamari Damacy series, though it changes things up enough to feel lượt thích an original experience all on its own .

Minecraft (2016)

A shot of the control scheme for Minecraft This ultra-popular đoạn phim game was released way back in 2011, but it continues to stand the kiểm tra of giây phút thanks to regular updates và excellent Minecraft DLC nội dung. The mobile phiên bản of the game is the perfect solution for those addicted to Minecraft ‘ s simplistic & inventive gameplay. It ranks high among players with an astonishing 4.6 out of 5 .

The creative nature of the game transcends past platforms & fits nicely inside the Android video clip game ecosphere. Multiplayer is a strong focus, so sánh it can be played with friends, family, or strangers alike, lending Minecraft a cấp độ of trả lời value that few games have .

Pokemon GO (2016)

A split image of the Pokemon GO interface for Android Augmented reality has made quite a paradigm shift thanks to games such as Pokémon Go. This Nintendo tiêu đề allows players to catch Pokémon, compete in battles for Gym ownership, rest at Pokéstops, và even complete side missions, all the while taking in the breeze of a real-world environment .

New updates to the năm nay original have made the game even better, featuring brand-new Pokémon, & a dedicated AR mode for the game. The game has received some flack for causing people to take their eyes off the world in front of them, which has led to a few unfortunate accidents, so sánh gamers are advised to keep their wits about them at all times .
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