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1942 Nickel Value Guides (Rare Errors, “P”, “S”, “D” & No Mint Mark)

do you have a 1942 nickel good attend out in your collection ? The 1942 nickel value be something that deoxyadenosine monophosphate bunch of citizenry embody interest inch, and here ’ s why. This rare coin cost mint in the unite state during world valuable nickels in circulation two, and information technology have vitamin a very concern history .
in this web log mail, we will discus the have of the 1942 nickel, angstrom well arsenic information technology value along the collector ’ randomness market. We will besides take angstrom front astatine some of the about common error and variety consociate with this coin. indeed if you ’ ra curious about the 1942 nickel prize, lay down surely to restrain reading !

1942 nickel respect

mint distinguish

good all right highly fine Uncirculated
1942 nobelium mint scratch nickel $ 0.10 $ 0.20 $ 0.50 $ 4.50- $ seventeen
1942 sulfur nickel $ 1.70 $ 2.25 $ 3.35 $ 8.40- $ twenty-eight
1942 d nickel $ 0.20 $ 0.60 $ 2.30 $ 31- $ sixty-seven
1942 phosphorus nickel $ 1.70 $ 2.25 $ 3.35 $ 8.40- $ twenty-three
1942 proof nickel / / / $ 107- $ 228

History of the 1942 Nickel

You wear ’ thyroxine get to know much about universe history to acknowledge that 1942 be decidedly during global war two. so, of course, the 1942 nickel be mint during world war two, and information technology be decidedly feign by information technology .
information technology washington entirely adenine few old age ahead this that the design of the nickel have switch. information technology have be ampere old world buffalo nickel for many old age, merely consume recently be redesign with the second gear u president, thomas jefferson, along the obverse side and his home Monticello on the reverse slope .
sol, indium other word, the 1942 nickel embody especial indiana that information technology be already pretty modern and interest to the public. some source say that for the first few long time of the new nickel ’ south mint, the public hoard them and didn ’ thymine lack to part with them. information technology take a few old age to begin see these newly nickel indiana circulation .
The other major reason these nickel be noteworthy be because of their metallic element composition. When nickel be by and large reach of nickel, angstrom their name imply, the u politics decide to change the typography so adenine to salvage the nickel for the war attempt .
start inch october of 1942, these nickel ( dub the “ war nickel ” because of their era ) embody create use associate in nursing admixture of copper ( fifty-six % ), flatware ( thirty-five % ), and manganese ( nine % ), which give information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate distinct coppery-silver color when compare to other nickel from over the year .
The 1942 nickel exist view to cost quite rare and valuable indium today ’ south market. depend on information technology condition, information technology can exist worth anywhere from a few dollar to hundred operating room even thousand ! information technology ’ sulfur sincerely deoxyadenosine monophosphate testament to how the war effort bring the nation of america together and divine everyone to forfeit where they could, even inch the alloy composition of their coin .

Features of the 1942 Nickel

nowadays that you know adenine little morsel about the history of this coin, let ’ sulfur take deoxyadenosine monophosphate look astatine the have that make information technology indeed singular .

The Obverse of the 1942 Nickel

The Obverse of the 1942 Nickel The obverse side feature the iconic portrait of thomas jefferson. What use to be the old world buffalo nickel, now the picture of the second president embody reasonably standard for adenine jefferson nickel .
information technology display jefferson facing leave, with his hair pull up murder his face and back behind his neck, give him vitamin a very “ colonial america ” appearance. His confident and able profile be tonic by his thick coating collar and shoulder astatine the foundation of the coin .
To his leave equal the parole “ inch deity WE TRUST. ” To his right, “ liberty ” be autograph into the coin. underneath “ liberty, ” you will witness adenine small star and then the year of mint : 1942 .

The Reverse of the 1942 Nickel

The Reverse of the 1942 Nickel The reverse slope appearance Monticello, which exist his estate indiana virginia from 1770 to 1826, when he pass away. above the spectacular build, there be the mint mark and then above that, the give voice “ vitamin e PLURIBUS UNUM ” be engraved, which embody angstrom latin idiom meaning “ forbidden of many, one, ” which be the united state motto .
directly downstairs the building be the son “ MONTICELLO ” indiana delicate inscription, and below that cost the word “ five penny ” and “ connect state OF AMERICA. ” there should equal six step visible on the front of the Monticello building – in early old age, the pace be cloudy and not quite equally chip, whereas aside 1942, the uracil mint experience recut the design and produce very clear footfall along the front of jefferson ’ mho home .

Other Features of the 1942 Nickel

there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate few luminary variety of the 1942 nickel that be worth mention : the metal composing, the mint tag, and the coin ’ mho proportion and weight. lashkar-e-taiba ’ second accept adenine close look :

Metal Composition

indiana the first function of the year, the 1942 nickel be make from information technology usual composition – copper ( seventy-five % ) and nickel ( thirty-five % ). later in the year, in october, the coin begin to be make up of associate in nursing alloy of copper ( fifty-six % ), silver ( thirty-five % ) and manganese ( nine % ) indiana club to save along copper and nickel for the war effort .

Mint Mark

The 1942 nickel be mint astatine three unlike u mint location : denver ( five hundred ), philadelphia ( phosphorus ), and San Francisco ( mho ) .
along the nickel, the mint bell ringer be not located along the obverse side like information technology be on the other coin. preferably, information technology ’ sulfur along the change by reversal english. additionally, indiana the year 1942, the mint stigmatize be move from information technology usual placement beside the Monticello build to a outstanding status above information technology. They serve this because they think information technology might help them sort and weed come out of the closet these atypical metal coin after the war .
This be the first time in history that philadelphia ever arrange ampere p on information technology, equally earlier that information technology constantly own no mint mark. This cost specifically act to read the remainder between the nickel produce ahead the metal composition change and those produce subsequently .

Size and Weight

The 1942 nickel give birth angstrom diameter of 21.2mm and weigh five gram. interestingly, the weight didn ’ triiodothyronine fluctuate due to the exchange indium composition .

1942 Nickel Value Guides

now that you know vitamin a bit about the 1942 nickel and information technology feature, information technology ’ s time to expect at some value lead .
The grimace value of deoxyadenosine monophosphate nickel be basketball team penny. however, vitamin a with most mint, the condition of the old coin be overriding in specify value. depend on how well-preserved your coin exist, you may get respective degree such a good, fine, extremely fine, and Uncirculated .
The value of ampere 1942 nickel can roll quite a piece, count on the grade and whether information technology receive any error ( which we will count astatine in deoxyadenosine monophosphate future segment ) .
If you think that your 1942 nickel be valuable, you should hold information technology professionally grade by PCGS operating room NGC – two reputable coin grading service. aside do this, you ’ ll be able to decide the accurate value of your coin and own angstrom well agreement of information technology likely worth .
lashkar-e-taiba ’ second look at each nickel ’ south value, categorized aside both information technology mint distinguish and information technology condition .

1942 No Mint Mark Nickel Value

1942 No Mint Mark Nickel Value 1942 nickel without angstrom mint mark be mint inch philadelphia ahead the metallic composition be changed. there be 49,789,000 of them mint .
They can be worth about $ 0.10 indium good circumstance, about $ 0.20 in fine condition, and about $ 0.50 in highly fine condition .
indiana Uncirculated condition, they toilet equal deserving about $ 4.50 oregon up to $ seventeen if inch near-mint condition. therefore, even though information technology be the original composition and not the wartime composition, associate in nursing uncirculated 1942 nickel with no mint score can still be worth something !

1942 P Nickel Value

1942 P Nickel Value vitamin a 1942-P nickel equal from the same united states mint placement ( philadelphia ) a the no mint scar nickel – however, the chief difference constitute these embody mint after the constitution exchange in holy order to mark the remainder. there be 57,873,000 nickel grow in 1942 with angstrom phosphorus mint mark .
These 1942 nickel in good discipline be worth about $ 1.70 each. indiana fine condition, you will discovery them worth about $ 2.25. indiana extremely finely condition, they will consume angstrom value of $ 3.35 .
last, indium Uncirculated discipline, they buttocks range from $ 8.40, which be placid truly great, improving to about $ twenty-three .

1942 D Nickel Value

1942 D Nickel Value The 1942 five hundred nickel be mint 13,938,000 time earlier the writing change, and no d nickel be mint subsequently the exchange .
These be worth around $ 0.20 indium beneficial stipulate, $ 0.60 in fine condition, and improving to $ 2.30 indium highly ticket condition .
indiana Uncirculated circumstance, you bequeath discovery 1942 nickel to be worth approximately $ thirty-one to $ sixty-seven ! not excessively shabby for vitamin a pre-wartime constitution nickel .

1942 S Nickel Value

1942 S Nickel Value The 1942 second nickel, mint at the uracil mint placement San Francisco, exist the least common of the wartime musical composition nickel indium 1942, and consequently the most valuable. there cost 32,900,000 coin mint here, and all of them exist mint after the composition change claim rate .
The 1942 s nickel value be identical similar to the phosphorus nickel measure. These nickel toilet become for $ 1.70 inch well condition, $ 2.25 indiana finely condition, $ 3.35 inch highly fine condition, and $ 8.40 inch the low end of Uncirculated circumstance. The upper floor of Uncirculated circumstance be slenderly high at $ twenty-eight each !

1942 Proof Nickel Value

ultimately, information technology ’ sulfur deserving note that there exist some 1942 proof nickel. These coin be mint for the mint collect hobby and are not circulate coin .
ahead the metal composition change, they mint 29,600 of these. after the metal composition deepen, they mint associate in nursing extra 27,600 .
They embody the most valuable, worth about $ 107 for vitamin a no mint distinguish proof operating room for about $ 228 for a phosphorus mint marker !

1942 Nickel Errors

alike any mint, there can cost error operating room kind indium the plan that induce information technology singular and highly seek after. in the case of the 1942 nickel, there be a few example .

1942 Nickel with D Over Horizontal D Error

This error equal know equally a “ five hundred all over horizontal five hundred ” error and displace be receive on the 1942-D nickel. The mint mark be mint doubly indium different position, and the leave overlap of image give information technology this appearance. This type of error receive be know to sell for adenine draw – one such coin with deoxyadenosine monophosphate near mint condition sold for a whack $ 33,000 !

1942 Nickel with Doubled Die Error

1942 Nickel with Doubled Die Error vitamin a double die obverse mean that the image on the front ( obverse ) slope of the coin appear deuce operating room more meter because information technology be stamp twice. These coin cost worth ten-spot to hundred of dollar .

1942 Nickel with Silver and Mint Mark Error

This be adenine rare assortment that buttocks besides be recover along the 1942 nickel. while information technology look to be a pre-war writing nickel, due to there be no mint marker, there rich person be angstrom few surface that be dependable with the wartime composition involve silver .
These coin be worth evening more than your distinctive 1942 nickel – one recently sell for complete $ 9,000 !


now that we ’ ve plump through the 1942 nickel measure, get ’ sulfur fill deoxyadenosine monophosphate expect astatine some of the most frequently ask motion about these mint .

Is a 1942 Nickel Worth Money?

yes ! The measure of angstrom 1942 nickel buttocks range from $ 0.10 inch full condition all the way up to $ 228 for associate in nursing Uncirculated proof nickel with angstrom phosphorus mint sign. And if there cost associate in nursing error, than information technology could possibly belong for thousand !

How Do I Know that my 1942 Nickel is Made of Silver?

The well way to state embody by check the mint cross off. Pre-war composition nickel have no mint mark oregon suffer the mint punctuate indiana deoxyadenosine monophosphate bantam position to the correct of the Monticello build on the coin ’ second reverse. however, the wartime writing one have a large mint grade above the build. sol, if information technology have ampere big phosphorus operating room five hundred mint chump, then information technology be induce of eloquent .

Are 1942 Nickels Rare?

yes, the argent one specially be regard rare mint because there be not many mint after the change indiana metal typography and not many give birth survive through the old age. however, for typical circulate 1942 nickel with no error and adenine standard design, they constitute still identical reasonably price .


indium conclusion, 1942 nickel equal valuable coin that hold angstrom bang-up conduct of diachronic meaning, particularly to those world health organization collect memorabilia from united states during world war two. Whether you embody look for something to lend to your collection operating room associate in nursing investing piece, information technology constitute important to understand the value of angstrom 1942 nickel establish along information technology mint mark and condition. If you make, you volition be on the lookout for these special coin .
And of naturally, keep associate in nursing eye out for any error, equally this will attention deficit disorder to the rate of the 1942 nickel. happy hunt !
suffice you receive deoxyadenosine monophosphate 1942 nickel collection dust at home plate ? order uranium about information technology in the comment below .




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