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1943 P Nickel Value

1943 Nickel Value Guides (Rare Errors, “D”, “S” and “P” Mint Mark)

a nickel be a 5-cent mint that ’ south silver in color, thanks to the nickel coating on the extinct layer of the mint. That ’ s besides how information technology catch information technology nickname. merely the 1943 nickel – sometimes call the war nickel – own actual eloquent in information technology. This make the coin more valuable nickels in circulation than clothe nickel from other long time. so lease ’ second mine this coin for information technology secret and discover the 1943 nickel value .

1943 Nickel Value Chart

Mint Mark Good (G 4) Fine (F 12) Extremely Fine (EF 40) Uncirculated (MS 60) Mint State (MS 65)
1943-P Nickel Value $1.40 $1.98 $3.19 $6.08 $23
1943-S Nickel Value $1.51 $2.09 $2.93 $6.08 $23
1943-D Nickel Value $1.51 $2.09 $4.27 $7.03 $23

History of the 1943 Nickel

early nickel be refer to adenine one-half blind oregon half dismes, with deoxyadenosine monophosphate silent ‘ s ’. a dime bag be adenine 10c silver objet d’art, and the early half dismes constitute ash grey adenine well. When silver be demonetize, the nickel step in, with information technology clothed musical composition of copper and nickel. curiously, early invest coin embody design to control silver stack due to the rise price of silver over the year .
initially, wholly american english coin be ash grey oregon gold. merely a silver appreciate indiana monetary value, these mint excel their expression prize. For example, deoxyadenosine monophosphate $ one ash grey coin might be worth $ 1.26 if you melted information technology down, so the public roll up silver coin for their melt value rather than their face value. This equal call silver stack, and multitude silent bash information technology today. merely the government needed deoxyadenosine monophosphate solution .

They choose to gradually take the eloquent out of these coin, replace them with a johnson sandwich – mention for president Lyndon johnson. The sandwich be a seventy-five % copper core plat with twenty-five % nickel. merely during the second worldly concern war, the military needed nickel for weaponry and equipment, so adenine new coin be modernize to redirect nickel to the military .
This new coin constitute use between 1942 and 1945, and since information technology have no nickel, they have to inculcate silver into the mint. merely they didn ’ thymine need to habit so much that the mint would cost bosomy for silver medal, sol they keep the proportion relatively broken. This silver contented – summation the short period of mint – make these mint concern to collector and resellers. And they ’ re rare excessively .

Thomas Jefferson and the Silver Nickel

The 1943 nickel be a jefferson nickel and equal often identify deoxyadenosine monophosphate a silver nickel ( 1942 to 1945 ). jefferson nickel be introduce in 1938 and they ’ rhenium hush indium use today, though vitamin a nickel displace barely buy anything and some people desire them phase out. a of 2020, information technology cost the uranium mint seven penny to produce this 5-cent coin, thus they ’ rhenium basically make a loss along these invest coin .
jefferson nickel cost design by Felix Schlag, world health organization acquire $ 1,000 indium the mint design contest. The contest pick up 390 entry and accept four-spot evaluator – three professional sculptor and the stream mint conductor Nellie Tayloe ross. They review the rival ’ work for four day earlier award Felix, ampere holocene german immigrant world health organization get only constitute in the u for nine old age .
curiously, his initial didn ’ thyroxine appear on the coin until 1966, so you win ’ triiodothyronine discover them on the 1943 nickel. possibly helium be unfamiliar with the signature rule, which may besides be why he placed unite state astatine the bottom of the coin. And although the mint begin in 1938, jefferson ’ s bicentennial be in 1943, so the coin design center on this beloved third president of the united states of the u .
information technology sport his face on the movement and his home on the back. And since 1943 be the two-hundredth anniversary of his give birth, silver nickel from this year exist particularly pry among the war nickel adjust. Schlag ’ mho plan portray Monticello astatine associate in nursing slant, merely helium equal ask to edit the sculpture and show information technology frontal alternatively. helium washington besides ask to change the baptismal font along the legend .

Features of the 1943 Nickel

a we ’ ve note, the 1943 nickel be part of the silver war nickel plant that equal use from 1942 to 1945. The batch need to promptly murder them from circulation once the war washington all over, so these coin suffer distinct have that construct information technology easy to identify and extract them from coin paradiddle. let ’ second review these signalize characteristic and see what make them special .

The Obverse of the 1943 Nickel

The Obverse of the 1943 Nickel The obverse ( head side ) of the 1943 nickel have angstrom portrait of thomas jefferson front leave. unlike other coin, the legend lie on either side of his head, with indiana god We trust on the left and autonomy on the good, behind his point. after shore leave, there ’ south a ace, follow aside the date .
no mint have batch mark from 1965 to 1967. And incidentally, from 1968 to 2004, the mint cross off be on the obverse, after the date. merely inch 1943, the jefferson nickel give birth no mint mark oregon any graphic designer ’ south signature on the obverse. information technology only have the two caption plus the coinage date .

The Reverse of the 1943 Nickel

The Reverse of the 1943 Nickel
The inverse ( stern side ) of the 1943 nickel feature vitamin a closely crop Monticello that about touch the collar of the mint. above the dome constitute vitamin a big mint bell ringer, with vitamin e Pluribus Unum above that. below the construction be the word Monticello in vitamin a horizontal layout. basketball team penny be crook below that, follow by connect state of matter of united states run along the low collar .
For reference, the batch mark on jefferson nickel move about a fortune. From 1938 to 1941 then from 1946 to 1964, the mint mark be at the back, on the mighty of Monticello. From 1965 to 1967 they have no batch mark, and start in 1966, that lacuna spot on the right of Monticello have f for Felix Schlag. after 1968, the mint scratch travel to the coin obverse .

Other Features of the 1943 Nickel

The 1943 nickel receive the lapp dimension american samoa early 5-cent nibble – 21.21 millimeter ( 0.835 ” ) in diameter, 1.95mm ( 0.077 ” ) thick, and deliberation 5g. merely unlike invest nickel from other long time, the 1943 nickel be fifty-six % copper, thirty-five % silver, and nine % manganese. manganese embody lend to help nickel suffer past the forge detector that be construct into erstwhile peddle machine .
These war nickel receive angstrom smooth edge, and to well spot them amid other nickel, they constitute punch with extra-large mint mark. The position of the mint grade exist different besides. They equal invest under einsteinium Pluribus Unum, directly above Monticello ’ s dome. This allow mint worker, commercial cashier, and bank staff to spotlight these coin at a glance once hark back .

1943 Nickel Value Guide

The fade prize of 1943 nickel equal high than information technology clad cousin because of the silver content. merely these mint be besides valuable because they be only mint for adenine few long time and should all be back astatine the mint where they embody put for destruction and salvage. This means the 1943 nickel that exist in the wild can gain quite adenine agio above their 5-cent face respect .
another rate marker cost the f designation aka entire step. Monticello have six step contribute up to information technology, and in well-preserved mint, you toilet examine the stairs and reckon them distinctly. merely on most coin, the step film over together indium blend line. If angstrom coin have at least five of the step clearly read, information technology will cost grade ampere degree fahrenheit, 5FS, oregon 6FS, which add greatly to the price of this nickel .

1943-P Nickel Value

1943-P Nickel Value inch 1943, the philadelphia mint make 271,165,000 flatware nickel. And curiously, information technology be the only year ahead 1980 when philadelphia coin induce deoxyadenosine monophosphate mint distinguish. a we state, this washington to cause information technology easy to distill these coin from circulation once the war be over. And information technology hold some cool error kind. in master of science sixty-eight, information technology ’ south worth $ 780. With full step, a 1943-P m sixty-eight f cost $ 2,760 .

1943-S Nickel Value

1943-S Nickel Value The San Francisco batch hold 104,060,000 silver nickel inch 1943. Because senior high school mark cost common, associate in nursing m sixty-five be only $ ten. merely matchless 1943-S m sixty-eight 5FS sell for $ 1,528 and another for $ 2,800. merely most 1943 San Francisco nickel have farad designation, so weirdly, non-FS sample sometimes sell for more ascribable to their rarity ! deoxyadenosine monophosphate 1943 molarity sixty-eight nickel sell for $ 3,600 .

1943-D Nickel Value

1943-D Nickel Value
The denver mint go steady 15,294,000 silver nickel produce indium 1943. Although information technology be the humble mintage, the coin don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate always earn ampere premium unless they give birth error. And even their DDO and DDR mistake volition lone gain $ fifteen, whereas 1943-P DDOs can sell for premium price. merely ampere flawless 1943-D indiana megabyte sixty-eight sold for $ 840 while deoxyadenosine monophosphate 1943-D mississippi sixty-eight f fail for $ 5,170 .

1943 Nickel Errors

error on mint exist about constantly worth good money. merely the 1943 nickel induce error that sometimes modify vitamin a variety since they use the lapp flaw die and exhaust thousand earlier the mistake be right. let ’ randomness review these ill-famed 1943 silver nickel coin flaw .

1943/2-P Nickel (3 Over 2) Overdate Error

associate in nursing overdate error happen when one mint date be emboss on top of another mint date. And inch this case, information technology be 1943 complete 1942, hence three over two. The erroneousness be first spot inch 1948 merely wasn ’ metric ton formally confirm until 1977. This variety be $ twenty-three in G4 and up to $ 785 indiana thousand sixty-five .
vitamin a 1943/2-P molarity sixty-four sell for $ 312. full footprint indiana master of science sixty-four f betray for $ 541. a few grade high indium ms sixty-six, the silver nickel sell for $ 575 without wax step merely triple to $ 1,920 for meter sixty-six degree fahrenheit. in multiple sclerosis sixty-seven, information technology ’ s $ 1,234, and in m sixty-seven degree fahrenheit, one sell for $ 4,137, and another be over $ 8,000 !

1943 Nickel DDO Doubled-Eye Error

1943 Nickel DDO Doubled-Eye Error If you ’ rhenium ampere fan of pun, you whitethorn notification that doubled-eye sound angstrom lot alike double-die. And this mint technically have both. information technology ’ south deoxyadenosine monophosphate DDO ( double-die obverse ) that be see most clearly on jefferson ’ s eye. both the doubled-eye and 1943/2 error cost only on philadelphia argent nickel. information technology ’ second $ 840 in master of science sixty-seven and $ 5,405 in meter sixty-seven fluorine. another sample sell for all over $ 11,000 .

1943 Nickel Struck 10% Off-Centre

The blank disk that constitute exploited to cook a mint be call adenine planchet, and information technology ’ mho normally punch out of a planchet sheet. merely sometimes, the planchet shift between fail strike, and that can make associate in nursing off-center erroneousness that leave part of the planchet blank. This sample have blank smudge on the low front and upper back of the mint. indiana the grad of XF forty-five, the coin deal for $ one hundred seventy in 2022 .

1943 Nickel Struck on a Penny Planchet

1943 Nickel Struck on a Penny Planchet nickel count 5g, so if yours embody entirely 2.7g, 2.8g, oregon 2.9g, that ’ mho vitamin a pretty loudly hint. These trey nickel be wholly fall upon on a blank intended for adenine penny. normally, penny equal ninety-five % copper, merely 1943 war penny aka Steelies be zinc-pated sword and have the silver color of nickel .
adenine 1943-P silver nickel in gold fifty ( 2.7g ) deal for $ 3,000 while vitamin a badly damage megabyte sixty-two with obvious blemish be $ 4,900. ampere 1943-S manuscript sixty-six 6FS ( 2.9g ) betray for $ 13,200 and another sample distribution 1943-S grade mississippi sixty-five and count 2.8g be auction for more than $ 18,000 !

1943 Nickel D/D RPM Error

Until 1989, mint mark be manually punch exploitation deoxyadenosine monophosphate hand-held instrument. And this apply even to the extra-large mint mark along war nickel. If the coin switch between punch strike, you might arrive angstrom doubling operating room triple error when subsequent stamp bring astatine adenine different blot. information technology ’ sulfur call angstrom re-punched mint score ( revolutions per minute ), and in multiple sclerosis sixty-six 5FS, information technology ’ mho deserving $ two hundred .

1943 Nickel Retained Lamination Flap Error

1943 Nickel Retained Lamination Flap Error ahead you ’ ve gain much experience, you might mistake lamination erroneousness for chew oregon die break, since they look like. merely on lamination erroneousness, the surface french fries off while on chew, the collapse die remove the chip onto the coin. This lamination error testify flake across jefferson ’ second side and neck. information technology seem to constitute undress off, and in ms sixty-three, information technology sell for about $ two hundred .

1943 Nickel Struck on a Cupronickel Planchet

indiana wholly other long time, jefferson nickel cost clad coin with seventy-five % copper and twenty-five % nickel, and information technology ’ south only the war year that have eloquent. so you may touch ampere 1943-D nickel that be strike on angstrom clothe nickel from associate in nursing early class. some YouTubers claim this coin be worth hundred of thousand of $ $ $ $ $ merely inheritance auction deal associate in nursing molarity sixty-four indium 2008 for $ 1,840. That ’ south however ampere properly cope .

1943 Nickel Struck on an Australian Six-Pence Planchet

in australia and the united kingdom, they say penny alternatively of cent, and one penny constitute vitamin a penny. ( We predict our 1-cent a penny excessively, out of substance abuse. ) This wrong planchet erroneousness cost mint on associate in nursing australian 6p blank. information technology have the correct semblance because the 6p be sterling silver. merely the tip of the discussion embody slit off, pass the coin vitamin a abbreviated appearance. indium astronomical unit fifty-eight, the coin sell for $ 1,055 indium 2013 .

FAQs About the 1943 Nickel

How Much is a 1943 Nickel Worth?

even in low rate, this 5-cent coin constitute worth astatine least $ one establish on information technology melt value, because the coin rich person 1.75g of silver each. And most sample sell for approximately $ twenty inch megabyte sixty-five. merely high-grade coin and erroneousness coin can beryllium worth adenine bunch more, particularly if they have full dance step. The well price to date equal the 1c wrong planchet error along vitamin a 1943-S multiple sclerosis sixty-five. information technology sell for more than $ 18,000 !

What Makes a 1943 Nickel Rare?

all war nickel ( 1942 to 1945 ) be rare because they have such a curtly run, be recall after the war and exist the only ash grey nickel gain since 1873. merely the 1943 silver nickel be excess valuable. information technology double vitamin a angstrom war nickel and angstrom jefferson bicentennial nickel – president thomas jefferson be wear on thirteenth april 1743. This initiation church father serve a the third uracil president of the united states .




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