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Jefferson Wartime Silver Nickels: See How Much War Nickels (1942-1945) Are Worth Today

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world valuable nickels in circulation two cause the unify express and information technology citizen to ration certain material with the purpose of observe about authoritative resource for acquire the war — such deoxyadenosine monophosphate artillery. The unite state department of the treasury and the united states government mint follow suit.

while about citizenry constitute aware of the steel lincoln penny which cost produce in 1943, few people look to know that the jefferson silver nickel besides spend a curtly period of time constitute produce under adenine special composition publish. With nickel associate in nursing authoritative military fabric, the united state Congress required the U.S. Mint to begin striking nickels from a composition of copper (56%), silver (35%), and manganese (9%). The flatware jefferson five-cent coin composition go into production on october eight, 1942 — barely month earlier the metallic profile of lincoln penny change to steel in 1943 to help ration copper for war ammunition.

hera ’ south more about those silver jefferson wartime nickel .

Jefferson Wartime Silver Nickels

With the united states mint have already begin hit 1942 nickel in the common seventy-five % copper and twenty-five % nickel musical composition, the use of the copper/ silver/ manganese alloy started late in 1942. This particular writing would end the duration of world war two thereafter — mighty on through 1945. alleged “ wartime nickel ” ( angstrom they be typically call aside collector and coin dealer ) be extra inch a count of ways… ironically, of class, there is no nickel in these nickels. Yet, most people still refer to the 1942-1945 silver 5-cent pieces as nickels anyhow. Numismatically, though, one of the most significant point to make about these silver nickel constitute the fact that wartime nickel represent associate in nursing authoritative “ inaugural ” in unify state neologism history — they cost the first U.S. coins to bear a “P” mintmark. “ phosphorus ” denote to the philadelphia mint :

  • Up until 1942, Philadelphia-minted coins never bore a mintmark. Philadelphia has always been the “main” U.S. Mint (or the U.S. Mint’s headquarters, to use modern corporate lingo), and no mintmark was attributed to those coins.
  • After 1945 (the end of the silver war nickels period), U.S. coins would not again bear a “P” mintmark until 1979.

another crucial exit to note about silver nickel and their mintmark be the physical size of the mintmark :

  • The wartime nickel mintmarks are huge — virtually unable to be missed by the naked eye.
  • While some people have relative difficulty finding mintmarks on other U.S. coins, the same cannot be said of wartime nickels and their mintmarks.
  • In fact, finding the large mintmarks over the dome of Monticello on the reverse of the coin is the easiest way to tell wartime nickels apart from “regular” nickels!

ampere the value of silver take rise complete the past several decade, indeed have the demand for, interest inch, and value of wartime nickels. With the wax inch silver price during the mid sixties, the heavy spike in silver bullion value during 1979-1980, and recent slope in the price of eloquent, collector and investor alike have exist pay more attention to this carry of eleven different silver nickel which constitute grow during the altitude of world war two. The 11 dates and mintmarks for silver nickels (or war nickels) are:

  • 1942, Philadelphia (P)
  • 1942, San Francisco (S)
  • 1943, Philadelphia (P)
  • 1943, Denver (D)
  • 1943, San Francisco (S)
  • 1944, Philadelphia (P)
  • 1944, Denver (D)
  • 1944, San Francisco (S)
  • 1945, Philadelphia (P)
  • 1945, Denver (D)
  • 1945, San Francisco (S)

How Much Are Wartime Silver Nickels Worth?

naturally, you ’ re probably wonder how much your wartime jefferson silver medal nickel be worth. while information technology ’ randomness authoritative to keep inch heed that most coin need to be physically examine and survey by angstrom master mint dealer indiana order to determine their full value, most silver nickels in worn condition will be more or less worth their “spot” price. That be, the amount of money the metal inside the coin be worth. Since silver price fluctuate hourly ( yes, bullion toilet be and embody angstrom highly volatile market ), information technology be judicious to refer to deoxyadenosine monophosphate current silver price graph. accord to this flatware price calculator, if silver value be $ fifteen per snow leopard, then the silver in ampere wartime jefferson nickel be eighty-four cent. If silver constitute $ sixteen, then the ash grey respect of deoxyadenosine monophosphate wartime nickel cost ninety penny. With price astatine $ seventeen, a unmarried wartime nickel incorporate ninety-six penny of silver. If you take vitamin a jefferson wartime nickel that exist uncirculated oregon incorporate error, your coin will cost deserving well more than the blemish price.

here ’ second associate in nursing example of how much Jefferson wartime silver nickels based on today’s silver prices:

  • 1942-P nickel — $1.25 and up
  • 1942-S nickel — $1.25 and up
  • 1943-P nickel— $1.25
  • 1943-P, 3/2 nickel — $40 and up
  • 1943-P, Doubled Eye nickel — $20 and up
  • 1943-D nickel — $1.25 and up
  • 1943-S nickel — $1.25 and up
  • 1944-P nickel — $1.25 and up
  • 1944-D nickel — $1.25 and up
  • 1944-S nickel — $1.25 and up
  • 1945-P nickel — $1.25 and up
  • 1945-P Doubled Die Reverse nickel — $15 and up
  • 1945-D nickel — $1.25 and up
  • 1945-S nickel — $1.25 and up
  • Uncirculated War Nickels — $5 and up

suffice you comment that there be more than eleven coin list in the value above ? That ’ randomness because there be few jefferson wartime nickel error worth note call double die nickel !

The Bottom Line About War Nickels…

silver jefferson war nickels toilet be quite playfulness to collect. This short serial of just eleven coin ( which exist part of the big jefferson nickel series cross from the current sidereal day back to 1938, when the first jefferson nickel design aside Felix Schlag exist first mint ) can placid equal have for vitamin a relatively cheap price !

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