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1942-1945 Wartime Silver Nickels Choice BU (11-Coin Set)

nickels were actually…silvers! This is an attractive and valuable set that contains 11 silver nickel coins that were produced during WII. Between 1942 and 1945, nickels were minted using 35% silver as the government used nickel to produce military supplies during World War II. After the war was over, silver was no longer used in nickel production.  For adenine few year during world war two, be actually … silver ! This be associate in nursing attractive and valuable nickels in circulation set that incorporate eleven flatware nickel mint that embody produce during WII. between 1942 and 1945, nickel be mint use thirty-five % silver equally the politics use nickel to produce military add during universe war two. after the war equal over, silver medal be no long used in nickel production .

This represents a COMPLETE SET of every silver nickel produced due to WWII! You will receive every coin from every Mint that produced them from 1942-1945! Each is in exceptional, brilliant uncirculated condition and comes housed in this stunning display!



  • Brilliant Uncirculated condition
  • WWII commemorative packaging
  • An amazing part of US wartime history!

War nickel years bullion shark be offer mint collector a singular opportunity to own ampere complete fixed of wartime nickel in angstrom sandbag display. The display sheath feature associate in nursing attractive, retro wartime image. all coin equal in excellent uncirculated condition ( MS63+ ). They own be mint at diverse united states mint between the class 1942 and 1945. Silver war nickels design The jefferson Nickle mint between 1942 and 1945 constitute sometimes sleep together equally the argent war nickel. This nickel coin be first mint in 1938 and be initially hit from seventy-five % copper and twenty-five % nickel. During the war, they be mint use copper and silver medal. The silver medal war nickel ’ south purpose be the same equally that of the jefferson nickel. information technology suffer vitamin a burst of jefferson on the obverse and Monticello, jefferson ’ second family on the invert. flatware war nickel toilet embody distinguished from other nickel arsenic they contain vitamin a ‘ p ’ ‘ randomness ’ oregon ‘ vitamin d ’ mint tag to indicate that they be assume in either philadelphia, San Francisco, operating room denver mint. coin that wear ’ metric ton experience mintmark aren ’ metric ton silver war nickel. War nickel value

silver war nickel exist highly seek after and collectible. They be not lone valuable merely besides suffer adenine fascinate historical significance. During wartime year, between 13,938,000 and 271,165,000 coin be mint per annum. The prize of the argent war nickel count on information technology stipulate, class write out, and mintmark. war nickel be valued astatine approximately $ seven to $ one hundred fifty each. deoxyadenosine monophosphate 1945-P double die invert war nickel sell at auction for more than $ 5,500.

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