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How To Get a Job in Game Journalism in 6 Steps (With Skills)

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How To Get a Job in Game Journalism in 6 Steps (With Skills)

By indeed Editorial Team

October 21, 2021TwitterLinkedInFacebookEmail The gambling diligence is a meaning separate of the entertainment discipline. There ‘s frequently news about new video games or consoles, and there are much updates about the industry in general and the effects video games have on others. If you enjoy games and have potent compose skills, you may be concern in reporting on this diligence by working in video game journalism as a career. In this article, we discuss what a game diarist does, outline how to get a job in game journalism, review the wage and career mentality information for this job and list significant skills for game journalists to develop. Related : lead 14 Video Game Jobs

What does a game journalist do?

A video recording game journalist is a specific type of journalist who reports on video games and the industry as a wholly. They may be responsible for design, researching, writing and editing contented. This may include reports on industry updates, reviews of new games or profiles of people within the industry. Depending on the type of capacity they write, it ‘s crucial for them to provide unbiased, objective and actual information to their audiences. Read more : What Is Video Game Journalism ?

How to get a job in game journalism

here are the steps to follow for how to become a game diarist :

1. Learn about journalism

Begin learning about the journalism and video game industries, and front for opportunities to develop your skills as a journalist. For exemplar, it ‘s important to learn about news writing techniques, commit interview methods and pursue some legal educate about topics like aspersion. While it may be possible to pursue a career as a game journalist without a formal education, earning a bachelor ‘s academic degree in journalism, English or a similar major may be helpful .

2. Practice writing

Practice your writing skills, and learn how to develop your own style. Consider starting your own web log or platform to share your make, or look for websites that accept article pitches. however, it ‘s important to be cautious at the beginning of your career because some websites may offer you little to no give for your work. Use your best judgment about what opportunities may be beneficial and which may be exploitative. Another beneficial way to gain experience may be to complete an internship. Look for internship opportunities in journalism, even if they may not relate to video games specifically. These internships may help you build important skills as a diarist and help oneself you build a portfolio .

3. Attend events

Research likely events to attend related to video games. This may help you learn more about the latest newsworthiness within the diligence or about television game culture in general. It besides provides you with the opportunity to network with others, such as video recording game news outlets, developers or representatives from assorted publishers .

4. Build a network

Create a network of professional connections within the diligence, such as other journalists, developers and active players. In addition to attending events, consider joining on-line groups, connecting with others online and participating in on-line programs. This may help you find fresh opportunities, such as new jobs or likely modern stories. Related : 10 Tips To Help You Network Like a Pro

5. Create a portfolio

Assemble a portfolio with examples of your knead that you can partake with electric potential employers. It ‘s significant to include published pieces from celebrated outlets, and draw a bead on to include a kind of types of pieces to best show your abilities. Consider creating your portfolio on an on-line chopine, making it easier for you to update and share with others .

6. Apply for positions

research available positions, or look for websites accepting freelance pitches. Consider leveraging your network to help you find possible work opportunities. As you apply for each speculate, it ‘s important to customize your sum up to best match the needs of each character you ‘re seeking, and be sure to prepare before any interviews. Related : top 36 Journalism Interview Questions ( Plus Answers )

Game journalist salary

There is n’t wage information specifically for game journalists available. however, the national average wage for journalists is $ 37,996 per year. It ‘s crucial to remember that claim salaries may vary. Factors like particular employer, geographic location, qualifications and experience may affect how much you earn .

Game journalist job outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics does n’t have career lookout information for game journalists specifically. however, it provides expectation information for news analysts, reporters and journalists in cosmopolitan. The BLS predicts opportunities in this career may grow by 6 % between 2020 and 2030. This is exchangeable to the average career increase for all other occupations, and the BLS attributes the transfer to people leaving the industry to retire or to pursue other opportunities .

Game journalist skills

Pursuing a career as a game diarist requires developing a detail skill set of heavily skills and voiced skills. Hard skills, or technical skills, relate to the abilities directly related to working as a diarist, such as interviewing and writing skills. conversely, soft skills relate to your natural habits and personality traits, such as aroused intelligence and prison term management. Some significant skills for a game diarist to have admit :

Industry knowledge

Being passionate about gambling may be helpful as a game journalist. It ‘s significant to understand video games and how the industry works. This includes topics like popular gaming events, common consoles and approaching game releases .

Writing skills

It ‘s all-important for journalists to have excellent writing skills, regardless of the types of content they create. They may be responsible for write items like stories, social media posts, briefs and scripts. These skills help them organize their information and tell a story that engages their audiences .

Verbal communication

verbal communication skills relate to how well person listens to and shares information with early people. It ‘s authoritative for journalists to have good verbal communication and active listen skills to help them interview people well. These skills assist them in processing data and asking good follow-up questions to learn more .


Working as a game journalist often requires commitment, self-discipline and motivation. These professionals may work on a freelance basis, so this skill helps them continue to find new make. besides, a commitment to and rage for the work may help game journalists find meaning in their career, careless of potential challenges .

Time management

Time management refers to the ability to prioritize your tasks and organize your time in order to complete all of your work on time. This is crucial for game journalists because they typically complete their work based on hard-and-fast deadlines. It ‘s significant they ‘re able to work well under pressure and deliver matter to and high-quality content .

Technology skills

Most journalists benefit from understanding how to operate engineering and perform basic on-line publish tasks. While duties may vary for each organization, many require journalists to upload their stores into content management systems ( CMS ) themselves and publish them online. Knowing how to navigate popular CMS options may help them perform their jobs more efficiently. Related : What Is a Content Management System ?

Research skills

Working as a diarist often involves finding newfangled information. It ‘s important for game journalists to understand where to find the information they need and how to identify which sources they can trust. They may besides have to complete unlike types of inquiry, such as speaking with others or testing a newly game.

Decision-making skills

Decision-making skills include the abilities required to evaluate a situation and make a option based on the data given. It ‘s crucial for crippled journalists to have good analytic intend and decision-making skills, specially when handling electric potential rumors. Using these skills and maintaining caution about rumors may help journalists preserve their reputations and provide accurate reports .

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