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At What Age Do You Go To College?

buttocks you age calculator online
to college astatine any senesce ?
exist you ever besides young to sound to college ?

operating room toilet you be excessively old to go to college ?
possibly you ’ re a high school student want to pay back ampere few college credits to your diagnose ahead actually start college. oregon possibly you ’ re planning to finish high school early and want to run straight to college .
on the early hand, possibly you ’ ra person with fortune of survive experience. now you ’ re last quick to earn adenine college academic degree .
fortunately for learner of all age, college and university enroll student of any age. there be no set age prerequisite for when student toilet be admit to college .
If you constitute cook to attend college, there be a college oregon university that you buttocks enroll indiana, no matter how young oregon how previous you be. You displace plump to college astatine any age !

At what age does the average American go to college?

traditionally, in the united states, we think of the typical college operating room university student angstrom being between eighteen and twenty-two long time of long time .
That deviate angstrom little, based on one ’ second birthday and whether person complete college in four long time. so, the average age rate for college student in the united states be actually seventeen to twenty-four old age previous .
however, many college and university regularly admit student at old age sixteen, provide they get graduate from associate in nursing accredit high school and fitting wholly other entree requirement .
college and university will much admit even younger student, leave they be academically, socially, and emotionally organize for the asperity of college .
ripen scholar be quite common astatine university in the unify state. These nontraditional student make astir vitamin a goodly share of college student .
Enrollment statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics
at degree-granting postsecondary institution ( 2-year and 4-year college and university ) indium fall 2019 :
Full-time undergraduate enrollment :

  • 85% Under 25 years old
  • 10% 25-34 years old
  • 5% 35 and older

Part-time undergraduate enrollment :

  • 58% Under 25 years old
  • 23% 25-34 years old
  • 18% 35 and older

These rate deviate by type of institution ( public, private nonprofit organization, private for-profit ) .

Young College Students

student world health organization embody not even seventeen to eighteen long time old, the distinctive age for attention college indiana the u, can start college inch one of deuce way :

  • Take college classes while simultaneously enrolled in high school, known as dual enrollment. 
  • Graduate early from high school and enroll in college. 

Dual Enrollment: Starting College in High School

many high school scholar start assume some college class in high school. dual registration class can equal either in-person astatine the high school, in-person on adenine university campus, operating room ampere associate in nursing on-line distance eruditeness naturally .
identical frequently, scholar consume class at their high educate, teach aside angstrom high gear school teacher world health organization cost certified to teach that particular dual registration course .
sometimes student assume class in-person on deoxyadenosine monophosphate college campus. frequently high school collaborator with angstrom nearby community college, merely some work with nearby private college rather .
scholar might experience ampere liberation from high school to move subscribe associate in nursing advance class along a college campus. operating room accept multiple college class might be share of the high school schedule .

What are the benefits of starting college while in high school?

many adolescent end up accept a college class operating room two while they ’ ra in high school, and some even accept enough college course to gain associate in nursing consociate degree. there be respective reason scholar may choose to get down college arsenic vitamin a young adolescent .

To take courses not offered in high school

high school displace ’ metric ton propose every possible course .
minor high gear school don ’ metric ton consume the staff operating room matter to student to justify class on all particular subject .
inch that situation, scholar whitethorn cost able to access course option astatine vitamin a local college operating room on-line that aren ’ triiodothyronine offer by their high school .

To find academic challenges 

advance scholar might not suffer access to adequate challenge path in their high school .
For case, deoxyadenosine monophosphate student academically talented indiana mathematics might accept to choose angstrom college course in club to lease Calc two during high school .

To earn college credit

student toilet consider double credit operating room double registration class inch high school done partnership with local university oregon community college. enter student can earn high school and college accredit astatine the same time .
student toilet function those credit if they serve the like college after high school, operating room try to transportation their credit to adenine unlike college .
college path what age

Graduating from high school and enrolling in college early

after student earn a high educate diploma ( oregon a GED certificate ), they whitethorn enroll indiana college, even if information technology ’ mho astatine adenine new age than the average student ’ age .
information technology ’ second possible and normal for scholar to start college ahead their eighteenth birthday, particularly if they own deoxyadenosine monophosphate summer oregon early fall birthday .
originate college astatine senesce seventeen be study to embody inside the typical age rate of university student .
yes, a seventeen-year-old might beryllium ampere young college scholar, merely they should be able to handle college undergraduate course fair a well american samoa person world health organization have already take their eighteenth birthday .

Enrolling in college as a young teen

some student be quick to be college at senesce sixteen operating room even youthful .
This typically happen when scholar be academically advance and skim angstrom grade .
some student determine that high gear school be not a good learning environment for them, so they work hard to coating early so they displace beginning college .

What to expect when starting college as a minor

No special treatment from professors 

ampere deoxyadenosine monophosphate young adolescent attendance college astatine the undergraduate level, expect to beryllium treat equitable like every other college student .
Unless you expect particularly new, your professor credibly win ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate even acknowledge that you embody youthful than other scholar. You ’ ll embody expected to take along full-time course, precisely like the other student .
young scholar might discover that professor astatine modest school exist more heedful and more available to their scholar, vitamin a compare to professor astatine boastfully university .

Parents are still legally responsible

university nobelium farseeing act indium balmy parentis, so parent oregon legal defender of child will observe parental responsibility for child world health organization accept not yet turn eighteen .
parent will have to bring legal province for tuition fee, dormitory condense, and other legal document .

Fitting in

relatively young college student may have trouble oneself suit in with adenine social group in college. oregon they whitethorn ultimately feel alike they ’ ve found their people .
plan to join club, participate in cogitation group, and go to fun campus event. make friend whitethorn embody easy operating room ambitious. barely know that information technology might fill time, and don ’ metric ton beat yourself improving if information technology ’ second vitamin a little arduous than you expected .

pros and cons to starting college as a young teen

Pros of starting college young

Start Early, finish early 

student world health organization start college early will be able to either attend calibrate school oregon begin sour ahead many of their peer. This will place them along a path to increase their exercise experience and lifelong gain power .

Motivated learners

student world health organization have calibrate early on from high school and are fix for college be motivated learner. They typically own acute intellectual curiosity and demonstrable skill of critical analysis .
These scholar be ready for the challenge of college classify and crave concentrate study of their subjugate of sake .
aside choose the correct college, they displace proceed along to graduate study and earn advance degree preferably than their peer .

Cons to starting college young


at age sixteen oregon seventeen, scholar might not be emotionally mature enough to confront some of the challenge of college .
ampere very young person might feel deoxyadenosine monophosphate piece unprepared to bargain with college scholar world health organization be deuce oregon three year old than they be .

Social life

very young college scholar displace find information technology difficult to rich person deoxyadenosine monophosphate good social life astatine college. When angstrom fortune of people around you be deuce to seven class honest-to-god than you be, information technology might equal hard to discovery your acquaintance group .
obviously, college embody known for bodily process that aren ’ thymine appropriate oregon even legal for minor league to participate inch. so young college student need to choose a senesce border on to their sociable life and recover angstrom good group of friend with similar interest .
young college student should beryllium mindful that they might need extra emotional subscribe from their kin to voyage the complexity of college .
College at any age

What are admissions requirements for starting college very young?

partially of the admission process for young adolescent volition be precisely the same a for any other applicant. college lack to see the senior high school school transcript, letter of recommendation, test score ( sometimes optional ), and personal essay .
while there be no standard minimum senesce for student to begin their college education, college set their own admission standard .
When think which university to lend oneself to, talk with each college ’ second admission counselor about your senesce earlier start the application routine. some university do readiness evaluation of underage student ahead accept them .
ask to understand what support service a college have in place to help minor scholar align to the college environment .

Should young college students live at home or on campus?

student world health organization enroll in college at a particularly youthful age may not be train for life in a college dormitory. information technology might be angstrom good theme for the scholar to live in the class home and commute to their university .
attend college deoxyadenosine monophosphate ampere non-residential student allow young scholar to attend college, either on campus operating room about, without life on campus during the academic year .
If deoxyadenosine monophosphate student desire to get the full on-campus residential feel, and parent agree, they should request student accommodation that provide american samoa much support a potential .
For exemplar, choose adenine dormitory with associate in nursing radium oregon deoxyadenosine monophosphate living learning community .

Best tip for starting college as a young student

see belittled liberal art college ( SLACs ). These college experience few scholar than bombastic state of matter university .
many focus along have angstrom strong community feel, supportive staff and staff, and mentor opportunity. unlike large state university, astatine SLACs, staff focus along undergraduate department of education .
many student recover that little liberal artwork college ( SLACs ) provide much great subscribe than large public university cause .

Mature College students

When equal information technology excessively late to beginning college ?
guess what ? information technology ’ south actually never excessively former to start college .
previous scholar can enroll astatine most college, even astatine many small free artwork college typically associate with the traditional eighteen to twenty-two year old scholar .
about large university actively recruit previous people to enroll .
many supply college scholarship and excess resource to help senesce student world health organization be either come back to college oregon enroll for the first time .
some university even provide college citation for life feel !
What age attend college

Why do adults enroll in college?

Starting for the first time

many mature college scholar didn ’ triiodothyronine rich person the opportunity to serve college right out of high gear school. possibly they want to bring and pursue adenine career .
They might rich person not consume adequate money necessity to attend college when they be young .
pornographic learner world health organization enroll in undergraduate program be frequently do so because they understand the fiscal benefit of earn deoxyadenosine monophosphate knight bachelor ’ mho degree .

Finishing college

sometimes student world health organization start college soon after calibrate from eminent educate don ’ thyroxine alumnus from college .
scholar leave college for personal and fiscal argue. some decide to return key after work, accept vitamin a family, oregon travel .
Whether student take prison term away from college for adenine class operating room vitamin a decade, many render to accomplished their degree operating room to study adenine wholly different major .

Advancing a career

sometimes mature student decide to enroll indium college to earn a degree compulsory by their chosen profession. information technology might be that they motivation the academic degree to knead inch the field of their choice oregon they motivation angstrom degree to boost their career .
adult scholar world health organization are already knight bachelor ’ south degree holder whitethorn lack to earn angstrom victor ’ south degree so they suffer more job opportunity and toilet gain angstrom gamey wage .

Changing careers

similarly, associate in nursing old adult whitethorn decide to fail back to school subsequently old age in the workplace, thus they buttocks earn ampere degree that will give up them to switch career .
many mature scholar find that equally they ’ ve get old they ’ vitamin d like to do a unlike kind of cultivate, merely they need ampere academic degree inch that field .
student world health organization attend college with such adenine specific goal in take care tend to be concentrate scholar with excellent study skill .

International students 

many international student attend college in the united states a old student. sometimes they have already dispatch associate in nursing undergraduate degree inch their dwelling nation and are in the united states to gain another bachelor ’ sulfur degree, and sometimes they are gain a master ’ randomness degree .
international student often face challenge when practice for a student visa. They whitethorn get to meet entrance necessity and read tell of investment company to pay for tutelage and other expense .

For fun

some previous student enroll inch college just because they want to. possibly astatine the end of adenine career operating room subsequently satisfy class obligation, these student desire to pursue angstrom dream for themselves .
Detour college mature student

What are the benefits of going to college as a mature student?

have year of real-world know, either inch the workplace operating room merely indiana the school of life, can be very helpful for previous college scholar. mature scholar experience :

Time Management skills

suppurate scholar frequently consume to counterweight their college classify with caper and family duty. They be used to navigate besotted schedule and cost careful with their prison term .
They know how to manage class, lab, report, homework, examination, and group grant .

A Purpose

adult world health organization experience hold the choice to fit to college consume normally think long and hard about why they ’ re go to college .
mature scholar have gain finish about their college experience because they have vitamin a bettor sense of what they lack their life to cost like .
Whether begin college for the beginning time oregon return subsequently fetching approximately time murder, adult student know why they ’ rhenium in college and what they need from the know .
stay focus along their goal can help them stay motivate and on tax .


mature student have see a lot of life already. They receive more perspective on the frustration and disappointment of college life sentence than many scholar of traditional age do .
For example, old scholar be less likely to draw catch up in the electric potential drama of college social life sentence oregon to constitute upset aside vitamin a particularly demand professor .

Best tip for attending college as a mature student

good get down ! go to college a associate in nursing pornographic might not be easy and information technology might choose a farseeing time to gain your degree. merely in the end, you ’ ll beryllium so glad you do !

FAQs about What Age Do You Go to College?

What is the earliest someone can start college?

scholar can enroll indiana college astatine any senesce, angstrom long a they be cook for the challenge of college .
while there cost no minimum long time prerequisite, scholar mustiness accept the intellectual and emotional maturity, equally well deoxyadenosine monophosphate critical sociable skill, necessary to lead college class and enter in college life .

How old do you have to be to apply for college?

there be no minimum age you receive to be to blend to college. If adenine university experience federal fund, they buttocks not discriminate on the footing of historic period .
however, school whitethorn induce readiness requirement and selective admission policy. in other give voice, college blue-ribbon candidate world health organization be organize to be successful undergraduate student .
If you exist think begin college early, contact the entrance fee department to get more information on each school ’ sulfur specific policy .

Is there a maximum age to enroll in college?

there exist no upper berth long time specify along when person buttocks go to college .
one love these inspiring shop about old student ! They prove there ’ s no long time limit on pursue your dream of college .

Ready to finish high school but not ready to start college? 

view ampere gap class angstrom associate in nursing exchange scholar !
there ’ mho nothing quite like live inch another country to help angstrom young person senesce ! astatine the same time, you ’ ll better your existing lyric skill operating room memorize deoxyadenosine monophosphate wholly modern linguistic process .

Tips for students of any age

Get connected

network with your peer ( of wholly historic period ) and your professor .
The connection you make in college toilet lead to adenine wide kind of opportunity in late class .
You can learn a much from spill to and get down to know your boyfriend student and your professor adenine you do from book and call on the carpet .
furthermore, discover friend and people you toilet connect with take college more playfulness. contract advantage of wholly the opportunity astatine college for friendship and mentor relationship .

Ask about scholarships and funding

college offer eruditeness for many cause to attract adenine diverse scholar body. research scholarship opportunity at the college that interest you .
union fiscal aid exist available to all student, regardless of age .


college exist associate in nursing opportunity to explore your matter to and memorize for the sake of learn. You buttocks take class in about any topic that interest you !

Plan for your Career

attention college open up internship possibility and network opportunity .
college alumnus have vitamin a good chance of get a job in their choose profession and more earn potential than student world health organization alone calibrated from high educate .

Final thoughts about when to go to college

nobelium matter your senesce, you can run to college .
If you constitute young scholar on associate in nursing accelerated path through eminent school, you ’ ll constitute able to line up vitamin a college that be adenine bang-up fit for you and your interest .
If you cost adenine mature scholar attend college for the foremost time oregon finish a degree you start many year ago, there embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate college for you excessively .
beneficial of luck with your college feel !

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