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Competition Rules – World Irish Dance Association

19 Transfer Rules

19.1 The policy of the World Irish Dance Association ( W.I.D.A. ) in regard social security calculator by age
the transfer of students between schools is as follows :19.1.1 When a student leaves one school to move to another it is the responsibility of both the student và the mới nhất teacher to inform the former teacher in biên tập ( by letter or e-mail – texts / sms are not acceptable ) of the change in situation .19.1.2 It is recommended that the transferring student & hot nhất teacher keep printed copies of all communications in relation to transfers with dates attached .

19.1.3 There is no period of refrainment ( ban ) from competition when a student moves to a hot nhất school .19.1.4 A student who moves from one school to another may not compete using the steps danced at the former school ( except traditional mix dances ). They may only compete when they are able to dance the steps of the mới ra school .19.1.5 It is the policy of W.I.D.A. that the student is the person who has the choice of teacher & school. Therefore, when a student decides to leave a school, the teacher has no cause to complain or object .19.1.6 It is the policy of WIDA that a student may only be registered, compete, or participate in lessons / classes with one school at a giây phút .

19.1.7 Dancers who transfer to another school may not dance or teach any material they learned at their previous school in their mới nhất school ( except traditional sets ) regardless of the organisation from which they have transferred, unless the express permission of the former teacher is provided in viết bài. Failure to follow this rule could lead to disqualification of all affected dancers from competition. The steps danced by a student in their hot nhất school must be visually different from those of their former school. If required a comparison may be requested by the former teacher to address any concerns that may be raised ( the comparison will be adjudicated by a panel of independent W.I.D.A. teachers ). WIDA does not, however, enforce a competition ban on dancers who have transferred to a different school .

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