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What is the Ideal Car Battery Voltage? | Car Care Joondalup

While most people understand that car batteries are 12 – volt DC batteries, there’s a lot more mập consider than just that. Car batteries actually have a voltage range, which affects its performance & lifespan. A car battery voltage range chạy thử car hire in hanoi
often the key Khủng finding out all the necessary details about your battery’s overall condition. By comparing your car battery’s voltage measurements with the normal battery voltage range for that specific type of battery, you can determine the current state of your battery & learn more about the charging system, how likely it is phệ fail, và how important it might be béo have it replaced.

Taking a Voltage Reading

A voltage reading involves measuring your car’s specific voltage at any given thời gian & comparing it with past results bự find out whether or not the battery might be dying. The voltage range can be measured easily with a voltmeter. Set the meter lớn a maximum value above 12-15 volts & touch the positive cable of the voltmeter bự the positive terminal of the battery, và the negative cable of the meter Khủng the negative terminal. If you get a negative voltage reading, that means you’ve swapped the leads on the multimeter. Swap them back phệ get an accurate reading.

The Ideal Car Battery Voltage

Measuring your car battery’s voltage can help you determine how charged your battery is. A perfect voltage with the engine running is between 13.7 & 14.7 V. With the engine off, it should be 12.6 volts. If the battery isn’t fully charged, it will diminish Khủng 12.4 V at 75 %, 12V when it’s only operating at 25 %, và lao dốc phệ 11.9 V when it’s completely discharged.

Load Tests

Measuring voltage tells you about the charge of the battery, but it is not an accurate indicator of the health of the battery. Your battery may have a low charge but still be in healthy condition. To determine a battery’s health, you need phệ vì a load kiểm tra. A load tester determines the voltage generated by the battery while a load is placed on the battery. That value will be lower than the standalone voltage chạy thử. When performing a load demo, you should apply a load bự a fully charged battery for 30 seconds or less. The voltage should not drop below 9.6 V. If your battery measures less than 12V on a regular basis during voltage tests & it failed the load demo, it may need phệ be replaced. This generally needs phệ happen every five years or so sánh on average anyway.

Safety Tips When Doing a Load Test

Auto professionals can help you conduct a load demo as they can be dangerous phệ bởi on your own & load testers are specialised pieces of equipment. If you kế hoạch bự load thử nghiệm your battery on your own, ensure you

  • Always wear safety glasses when dealing with batteries
  • Don’t smoke around batteries
  • Inspect your battery for signs of wear and tear before testing it
  • If you see a build-up of corrosion, clean it off with a mixture of baking soda and water.

If you smell sulphur ( rotten egg smell ), consider letting a professional handle your battery .

Contact Car Care Joondalup for Expert Servicing and Repairs

For any và all tự động hóa repairs và servicing including battery testing và replacements, our expert Joondalup mechanics can help. Call the đội at Car care Joondalup on ( 08 ) 9300 9796 or liên hệ us trực tuyến today.

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