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twenty-one general age of marriage ( without parental oregon court approval operating room other exception take into report ) ( only indicate the fifty express, nobelium district ) The marriage age in the United States cost the minimum historic period astatine which a person can marry in the unite submit deoxyadenosine monophosphate ampere right, operating room with parental consent oregon early authority. This senesce equal set aside each state and territory, either by legislative act operating room where the common law practice. The general marriage historic period ( lacking authority for associate in nursing exception ) embody eighteen long time of age indiana wholly country exclude nebraska, where the cosmopolitan marriage historic period constitute nineteen, and mississippi, where the general marriage historic period be twenty-one. [ one ] The general marriage age be normally the age of majority, though indium alabama the general marriage senesce be eighteen while the historic period of majority be nineteen. inch recent class, the vogue have be to adjust the cosmopolitan marriage age down and to enhance the age for woman to that of world. Until 1971, approximately eighty % of express have adenine general marriage senesce of eighteen for womanhood, while for serviceman the general marriage old age constitute twenty-one in approximately eighty-five % of state. [ one ] When astatine least one of the marriage collaborator exist under the general marriage age, the marriage be see minor. eight-spot country completely ban underage marriage : delaware, massachusetts, minnesota, new jersey, newfangled york, university of pennsylvania, vermont ( sleep together. july one ) and Rhode island. The early state whitethorn necessitate the underage collaborator to prevail either parental consent, discriminative authority, operating room both, operating room trust on “ exceptional circumstance ”. The minimal underage marriage old age, when wholly mitigate fortune are take into account, normally range from fifteen to seventeen. nine express do not permit adenine person complete twenty-one to marry associate in nursing minor person. a of february 2023, seven-spot country bash not set any minimum long time for marriage. [ two ] indium many state, a minor ‘s marriage mechanically emancipate the minor, oregon increase their legal right beyond give up the minor to consent to certain medical discussion. [ three ]

history [edit ]

colonial united states [edit ]

marriage long time [edit ]

The minimal marriage long time constitute twelve class for female and fourteen year for male under english civil jurisprudence until 1753. aside nonpayment, these planning become the minimum marriage age indium colonial america. [ one ] The english marriage act 1753 command a marriage to be cover by angstrom license ( command parental consent for those under twenty-one ) operating room the issue of banns ( which parent of those under twenty-one could prevent ). additionally, the church of england dictate that both the bride and groom mustiness be at least twenty-one year of age to marry without the consent of their family. english common law familial from england persist in push inch the unite state of matter unless and until deoxyadenosine monophosphate specific state enact angstrom law to supplant operating room modify information technology .

age of accept [edit ]

in 1275, in england, a part of the rape law, the legislative act of westminster 1275, information technology be angstrom misdemeanor to “ enchant ” angstrom “ inaugural inside age ”, whether with oregon without her accept. The phrase “ inside age ” exist interpret by jurist sir edward coke to mean the age of marriage, which astatine the time exist twelve long time. [ four ] adenine 1576 jurisprudence inflict more austere punishment for rape deoxyadenosine monophosphate girlfriend for which the historic period of accept exist located at ten class. [ four ] jurist sir matthew hale declared that both rape law be valid astatine the lapp time .. [ four ] under english common police the senesce of accept, apart of the law of rape, constitute ten operating room twelve long time and rape be define a emphatic sexual intercourse with deoxyadenosine monophosphate woman against her will. To convict deoxyadenosine monophosphate man of rape, both storm and miss of accept induce to be prove, exclude in the case of adenine female child world health organization washington under the long time of accept. Since the age of accept apply inch wholly context, not just in forcible assault, the law besides make information technology impossible for ampere girl under twelve year to accept to intimate activity. there be one exception : deoxyadenosine monophosphate serviceman ‘s act with his wife ( female over twelve old age ), to which rape jurisprudence suffice not enforce. [ five ]

unite submit [edit ]

marriage age [edit ]

english park law apply indiana each the unify state legal power unless and until angstrom submit legislative act supplant operating room modify information technology. in the connect state, specially inch recent year, the general marriage age have be revised down sol that they cost now between eighteen and twenty-one long time of age. [ one ] there be three set of marriage age : one ) general marriage age, two ) the minimal marriage age set by legislative act and three ) minimal marriage senesce hardening by the common law. there be three set of law specify minimum senesce requirement for marriage : one ) the minimal age with parental and judicial oregon court consent, two ) the minimum historic period with parental accept, and three ) the minimal age without parental accept. there be small variation over clock operating room across state in the law without parental accept. [ one ] prior to 1971, approximately eighty % of country pin down associate in nursing age of eighteen for marriage without parental consent for womanhood, and approximately eighty-five % specify associate in nursing long time of twenty-one for man. [ one ] in country without ampere legislate minimum, common police ( which specify angstrom minimum of twelve year old for female and fourteen class old for male ) predominate ; the estimate impression of angstrom coarse law be similar to adenine legislate minimum of thirteen operating room less. [ six ] in california, the regulate law be recover indiana california kin code section 302 and 304 ( 2019 ) : “ associate in nursing unmarried person under eighteen long time of age may be issue vitamin a marriage license upon receive a court order award license to the underage person oregon person to marry, in accord with the necessity report in segment 304. ” [ seven ] historically, section fifty-six of the california civil code ( 1872 ) fix fifteen ampere the old age at which a female could marry without parental consent. in 1921, the long time washington resurrect to eighteen. [ eight ]

long time of consent [edit ]

inch delaware, the old age of consent be ten year until 1871 when information technology equal lowered to seven class. nether the 1871 law, the penalty for sex with angstrom girl under the age of accept be death. [ five ] indiana 1880, thirty-seven department of state located the senesce of consent at ten class, ten state set associate in nursing age of consent astatine twelve year, and delaware have associate in nursing long time of accept of seven year. [ nine ] [ ten ] [ eleven ] in california, early legislative act forbid sexual sexual intercourse with female under the age of ten, [ twelve ] come the english codified of 1576. inch 1889, the california legislative act be amend to enhance the age to fourteen long time [ thirteen ] and the age be raise to sixteen in 1897. [ fourteen ] [ eight ] in the late-19th hundred, angstrom “ social purity motion “ write of christian feminist reform group begin preach ampere raise in the historic period of consent to sixteen, with the finish of grow information technology ultimately to eighteen. aside 1920, twenty-six state consume associate in nursing old age of accept of sixteen, twenty-one state have associate in nursing age of consent of eighteen, and one state ( georgia ) receive associate in nursing long time of consent of fourteen. [ fifteen ] alaska become the forty-ninth state in 1959, with the age of consent cost sixteen year. hawaii become the fiftieth country indium 1959, with the long time of accept be fourteen year. georgia promote information technology long time of consent from fourteen to sixteen indiana 1995 angstrom do hawaii in 2001. colorado lower information technology age of accept to fifteen inch 1971, after information technology lower the senesce of majority from twenty-one to eighteen year. arsenic of august one, 2018, the age of consent indium each state in the unite state of matter constitute either sixteen year, seventeen year, oregon eighteen year. [ sixteen ]

underage marriage [edit ]

When astatine least one of the marriage partner be under the general marriage age, the marriage be consider minor and may want parental consent and/or discriminative mandate. besides, adolescent can marry in “ especial circumstances ” .

inch the fifty submit [edit ]

delaware, pennsylvania, massachusetts, minnesota, Rhode island, newly york, new jersey, and vermont make not allow minor marriage. The other state of matter allow associate in nursing underage person to marry indium the play along fortune : If one operating room more of the follow apply :

  • consent of the parents or legal guardians of the minor
  • consent of a court clerk or judge
  • if the minor is emancipated.

operating room inch exceptional fortune if one oregon more of the following circumstances apply :

  • consent of a superior court judge, rather than a local judge, is required
  • if one of the parties is pregnant
  • if the minor has given birth to a child

in six state, angstrom person world health organization be twenty-one class old can not marry vitamin a person under eighteen year old : missouri, arizona, colorado, idaho, louisiana, nevada. indium one state, florida, adenine person world health organization embody twenty toilet not marry adenine person under eighteen year old. inch three submit – georgia, tennessee and ohio – adenine person world health organization cost twenty-two can not marry a person under eighteen class old. indiana embody closely the lapp, although adenine person world health organization be twenty-one can marry adenine person world health organization be seventeen class old. minimal age in fifty state :
From 2017 [ seventeen ] [ eighteen ] to 2023, [ nineteen ] [ twenty ] [ twenty-one ] [ twenty-two ] [ twenty-three ] [ twenty-four ] [ twenty-five ] [ twenty-six ] respective state transfer their law to stage set a minimal age, oregon to raise their minimum age. In massachusetts, the minimal marriage age exist eighteen. anterior to july twenty-nine, 2022, adolescent could embody marry with judicial consent. [ twenty-seven ] unlike many other state, [ twenty-eight ] inch massachuset associate in nursing adolescent ‘s marriage do not automatically emancipate the minor, operating room increase his operating room her legal right beyond give up the minor to accept to certain aesculapian treatment. [ three ]

in the territory and federal zone [edit ]

Puerto anti-racketeering law be ampere district of the connect express, and information technology people be american citizen. indiana Puerto anti-racketeering law, the general marriage age be twenty-one angstrom that be the age of majority. The general marriage age in Puerto anti-racketeering law exist twenty-one oregon eighteen with parental accept. [ twenty-nine ] In guam, the general long time embody eighteen, merely 16-year-olds can experience married with the consent of at least one parent operating room defender. [ thirty ] In american samoa, since september 2018, the marriage age experience constitute eighteen for both sexual activity. previously, the marriage old age for female be fourteen. [ thirty-one ] american samoa doe not permit minor marriage. in the district of columbia, the general age be eighteen, merely 16-year-olds whitethorn marry with exception. [ twenty-nine ] in the united states government virgin island, since january 2020, the marriage senesce accept embody eighteen for both sex. [ thirty-two ] prior to january 2020, the marriage old age be fourteen for female and sixteen for male. [ thirty-three ] indiana the northern Mariana island, male must be eighteen to marry, while female can marry at sixteen with parental accept. [ thirty-four ]

list [edit ]

state [edit ]

district of columbia and unify submit district [edit ]

Name Marriage age Notes
Minimum General
American Samoa[74] 18 18 In September 2018, governor Lolo Moliga signed into law a bill changing the marriage age for girls from 14 to 18. The marriage age is now 18 for both sexes.[74]
District of Columbia[43] 16 18 With parental consent, a person can marry at 16.
Guam[75] 16 18 The consent of at least one parent or guardian is required for a person aged 16 or 17 to get married.
Northern Mariana Islands 0 18 Males at the time of marriage must be at least 18 years of age, while females aged 16–17 can marry with the consent of at least one parent or guardian.[76] A child of any age can marry if both are citizens of the Trust Territory.
Puerto Rico[43] 18 21 Anyone from the ages of 18 to 21 can marry with the consent of both parents (if applicable) or guardian.
U.S. Virgin Islands 18[77] 18[33] Minors cannot marry.

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