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[ bsa_pro_ad_space id=4 ] With their newest coin CIT combines in an outstanding direction a masterpiece of the renaissance, the Vitruvian man from Leonardo ca Vinci, with one of the most important innovations of medical, the discovery of X-rays .

Description of the Coin

One side depicts the Vitruvian Man as we know him from a disembowel by Leonardo da Vinci ; in the backdrop elements from Leonardo district attorney Vinci ’ s note books ; above the legend VITRUVIAN MAN .
The other side depicts an roentgenogram scan of the Vitruvian homo in white and blue against a black background ; in the sphere left the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, around it the caption ELIZABETH II – 5 DOLLARS – COOK ISLANDS – 2021, on the uncolored brim x-ray.


In the years between 1485 and 1490, Leonardo district attorney Vinci created an ink drawing that is known today as the Vitruvian Man. The brainy artist used it to illustrate a hypothesis that had been put ahead by the Roman architect Vitruvius in the beginning hundred AD and that was sky-high adopted in the Renaissance time period : an ideal build up resembles a grammatical homo body. The center of the human body is the navel, Vitruvius stated. If one drew a circle around the navel, the extremities would lie precisely on the trace while, at the lapp clock time, one could draw a square using the body altitude and the branch width as measurements of the sides .
The Renaissance period therefore made the human being the measure of all things in architecture american samoa well. Therefore, a arrant build up could only be made of a floor plan and façades that were entirely composed of circles and squares .
Five years before Leonardo created his celebrated draw, the first base public dissection of the German-speaking area took place at the University of Cologne. It was a first mistreat on a way that led to natural scientists understanding and describing how the miracle of the homo body worked. An significant step towards modern medicate was the discovery of X-rays by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen. The imagination technique demystified the human body and reduced it to a machine that could be repaired whenever a separate was broken or worn off .
CIT Coin Invest combines these two very different perceptions of the human body on a coin by means of state-of-the-art engineering. Whereas one side has an ultra-high relief thanks to smartminting® engineering, the other side is colored and reproduces the word picture of the beginning side as if it were an x ray scan .
This commemorative coin revolves around the philosophical question of what the human body is : the measure of all things, like Leonardo da Vinci thought, or a fantastic machine that occasionally needs to be repaired, as it is treated by modern doctors .

further information about the coin can be found on the web site of CIT.

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The Vitruvian Man is besides depicted on the 1 euro-coins of Italy .
Read here more about Leonardo ’ s celebrated draw and the significance of the “ Vitruvian Man ”.

Do you need a quick admonisher of how x-ray see through your skin ?
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