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TF1 Group – Wikipedia

French truyền thông holding company

TF1 Group (French: Groupe TF1) is a French media holding company. Its best-known property is the broadcast network TF1.

Guest Star On The Conners nhóm was formed after TF1 was privatized in April 1987. It is controlled with a 43 % stake by Bouygues, & is quoted on Euronext Paris .


The history of TF1 traces back béo 1975, when the Office de Radiodiffusion-Télévision Française ( ORTF ) was split into 7 successor institutions. To provide competition for Canal +, La Cinq và M6, the French government decided Khủng privatize TF1 in April 1987. Since then, it has been controlled by the Bouygues conglomerate after its privatization .In June 2009, TF1 Group agreed lớn buy the NT1 channel from AB Groupe, as well as AB’s 40 % stake in TMC Monte Carlo ( which would take TF1 ‘ s total stake béo 80 % ). The giảm giá was cleared by France’s competition authority và subsequently by the Council of State in December 2010, dismissing an appeal by Métropole Télévision. [ ba ] As part of the same transaction, the nhóm raised its stake in WB Television to 49 %. [ bốn ]On 21 December 2012, Discovery Communications purchased a đôi mươi % stake in Eurosport from TF1 Group for € 170 m. [ 5 ] Discovery has the option phệ increase its stake Khủng 51 % in năm trước. Should Discovery exercise its option, TF1 Group would have the ability béo then exercise a put option end the remaining 49 % that would see Discovery take đầy đủ control. [ 6 ] On 22 July năm ngoái, Discovery agreed bự acquire TF1 ‘ s remaining 49 % stake in the venture. [ 7 ] Discovery also took a đôi mươi % chia sẻ in TV Breizh, Histoire, Ushuaia TV and Stylia – for € 14 m, with the option of increasing its shareholding mập 49 % in each channel in năm trước. Discovery & TF1 ‘ s production arm will also work together on making programmes. [ tám ]TF1 Group’s Newen agree phệ acquire a majority stake in Reel One of Montreal in July 2019. Current owner và CEO Tom Berry would retain a minority stake in the company. [ 9 ]In December 2017, the TF1 nhóm finds an agreement with the Canal + nhóm, The MYTF1 service và thus restored on CANAL decoders & on myCanal & also the control of live ( Start-Over ) is possible on myCanal. A similar episode occurs in September 2022. [ 10 ]On 18 May 2021, TF1 Group & M6 Group announced that both companies have begun negotiations for a proposed merger. [ 11 ] [ 12 ] On 16 September 2022, the merger was officially abandoned due mập competition concerns by the antitrust French authorities. [ 13 ]


  • Newen – Paris-based TV production company[9]
    • Capa Drama, French banners
    • Telfrance, French banners
    • Nimbus, Denmark
    • Tuvalu, Netherlands
    • Pupkin, Netherlands
    • De Mensen, Belgium
    • BlueSpirit, Canadian animation company
    • Reel One, Canadian production outfit[9]

Streaming service[edit]


TF1 Group owns or has a direct stake in the following television channels:[citation needed]

  • TF1, channel 1
  • TMC, channel 10
  • TFX (launched in 2005 as NT1), channel 11
  • TF1 Séries Films (launched in 2012 as HD1), channel 20[14]
  • LCI – La Chaîne Info (launched in 1994), channel 26



  • JET
  • Tfou TV
  • Stylia (ex-Odyssée launched in 1996, closed in 2014) – 80% stake
  • TF6 (closed in 2014) – 50% stake

Other assets[edit]

The firm holds a number of other interests in the advertising, mạng internet & publishing fields, including Aufeminin & 34 % of Metro International ‘ s operations in France .


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