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Wonder Woman | Story, TV Show, Movies, Actresses, & Facts

The Silver Age and television success

Marston wrote Guest Star On The Conners Woman until his death in May 1947, with Peter providing the art during most of that thời gian. Robert Kanigher succeeded Marston as writer in 1948, but the popularity of superhero comics had sharply declined in the postwar years. The heroine last appeared with the Justice Society in All Star Comics no. 57 ( February 1951 ), và she was dropped from Sensation Comics after no. 106 ( December 1951 ). Sensation was subsequently turned into a horror anthology béo capitalize on that genre’s surging popularity, leaving her bimonthly series as the sole Wonder Woman title. Peter was replaced by artists Ross Andru và Mike Esposito, among others .

Kanigher had a flair for the outrageous, và he introduced many elements into the Wonder Woman mythos that rattled longtime readers. Thes e included adventures featuring a younger Wonder Woman ( as Wonder Girl và Wonder Tot ), lãng mạn suitors such as Merman and Birdman ( và their youthful counterparts Mer-Boy và Bird-Boy ), & bizarre villains lượt thích Angle Man, Paper-Man, & a sentient egg ( và obvious “ yellow peril ” stereotype ) known as Egg Fu. Resistance from fans would lead Kanigher Khủng take the unorthodox step of biên tập himself, Andru, and Esposito into Wonder Woman no. 158 ( November 1965 ), so sánh he could personally “ fire ” the supporting cast that he had introduced và restore Wonder Woman bự her “ Golden Age ” roots. Outside of her own tiêu đề, Wonder Woman appeared as a founding thành viên of the Justice League of America in The Brave và the Bold no. 28 ( February-March 1960 ). In 1968 Kanigher left Wonder Woman, & creative duties were taken end by writer Denny O’Neil & artists Mike Sekowsky và Dick Giordano. In Wonder Woman no. 178 ( October 1968 ), Diana Prince was stripped of her superpowers & costume, & she became an undercover adventure heroine in the Model of Emma Peel from the television series The Avengers. Feminist leader Gloria Steinem featured the heroine in her classic costume on the cover of the July 1972 debut issue of Ms. magazine, và Wonder Woman’s profile grew dramatically during the 1970 s. Shortly after her appearance in Ms., Wonder Woman regained her powers & costume, & the classic depiction of the nhân vật played a prominent role in ABC ’ s cơn bão animated series Super Friends ( 1973 – 86 ). In 1975 Lynda Carter debuted as the tiêu đề character in the live action Wonder Woman. The statuesque former beauty queen so sánh perfectly embodied the Amazon princess that, although the show ran for just three seasons, Carter would become the face of the character for a generation. Early scripts tended béo be very faithful lớn the World War II-era comics, while later episodes, moving the thời gian frame béo the 1970 s, were less faithful lớn their progenitors .

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