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Vintage Tiki Island Style WITCO Large Scale King & Queen Chess Pair Carved Wall Hangings – warehouse 414

CHECKMATE ! ! ! ! Aren’t these vintage King and Queen wall hangings GORGEOUS ? ? ? We certainly think so sánh ! ! They are comprised of carved red cedar busts on pressboard surrounded by an orange linen-like border and a beautifully stained wooden name signs
frame. Witco pieces were individually chainsaw carved out of beautiful red cedar and at bốn ft. tall including the frame, these are large scale, and they are FANTASTIC ! In our research we discovered a 1968 Witco catalog with many of their furniture and art pieces being used in famous Tiki Bars and Lounges around the US. During that thời gian, Tiki phong cách took the world by storm ! And Elvis decorated his famed Jungle Room at Graceland with Tiki furniture and décor from Witco ! ! How cool is that ? ? Thes e wall hangings would be a wonderful addition in an entertainment or game room, on the wall behind your Tiki bar on your Lanai, but they would also bring just the right touch of Island Tiki Style Khủng any room in your home page .
In 1958, a small importing company called Western International Trading Co. was founded in Washington State. Founders of Western International Trading Co ( or Witco, as it’s more commonly known today ) William Westenhaver, Robert Cookson and William’s cousin Robert Post Jr. started by importing art and mosaics from South and Central America, as well as paintings and sculptural art from lesser-known American artists. But soon, William Westenhaver suggested they make their own tropical-inspired wood carvings. By the over of 1958, after a furniture and decor show in Los Angeles, the carved wood decor was a cơn sốt across the country. Everyone from everyday Americans lớn celebrities lượt thích Elvis Presley filled their homes with Tropical furnishings and home page goods. Witco reached the height of its popularity in the late 60 s before shuttering a decade later. In 1977 Witco closed its doors for the last giây phút ; but, not without leaving a chất lượng and indelible mark on mid-20th century thiết kế .

You don’t have mập understand the rules of chess Khủng understand how AWESOME these WITCO carved red cedar wall hangings are ! What are you waiting for ? Make your move and make them yours ! !

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